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We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

xxxxxCheerful, bubbly, still starry-eyed despite the trials the city's gone through. Usually keen on trying to help other people find that cheer, too, which can lead to a tendency to be kind of meddlesome when she thinks people need cheering-up.


xxxxxMaya's had a pleasantly charmed life, born the third of four children to an Indian immigrant couple -- both parents doctors, they're not rich but have certainly never been hurting for money. She did well in school but didn't have the stomach for the years of med school her parents (and older sister, and older brother) went through; instead as the black sheep of the family, she went into the (flighty!) career of music. Not so much as a professional musician as as a music teacher; she has a love for children and a love for spreading cheer and these things worked great together.

xxxxxShe teaches currently at LaGuardia High School in their instrumental program, and volunteers on the side with a small after-school program she started to help bring the arts to underfunded schools. An unfortunate mishap while searching for her missing sister got her stuck in a Prometheus cage, which is not what she planned to do with her summer.


xxxxxMaya can cook Indian food like a boss. She is fluent in Bengali and Spanish, and is pretty good at yoga. Her real talents lie in music, where she plays piano (excellently), cello (pretty well!), and a whole range of other instruments commonly found throughout your average music program at your average American high school. She dabbles in composing, but teaching is her real love.

xxxxxShe has a B.F.A. from Juilliard, and a Master's on top of that with a focus on education; she's only been teaching for a year and a half, since graduating, but she loves it.

xxxxxShe knows Manhattan like the back of her hand and is pretty excellent at bike repair from riding her bike around everywhere.


Sweet Dreams

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Maya Mukhopadhyay
Codename None
Birthdate February 14, 1993
Species Mutant
Affiliation Prometheus
Alignment Daydreamer
Occupation Music Teacher
RP Hooks
Music Maker - Maya is a high-school music teacher, but also gives private tutoring on the side, primarily in piano and cello.
Puppy Love - Often found in the company of her very affable Bernese Mountain Dog, Ratri.
I <3 New York! - Really, she does. New Yorker born and bred and almost always up for showing a newcomer around or pointing out all her favourite hidden gems of hangout spots.
Share the Road - Bikes all over creation. Is a potentially annoying proponent of everyone else doing the same.
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