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''Call Time in Fifteen''

xxxxxOpinionated and sincere, Melinda Chylds is the kind of leading lady that may take some getting used to. She isn't shy, per se, but she doesn't always know exactly how to approach each new person or situation. She tends to stand back and observe until her natural exuberance nudges her toward action. Her manner is abrupt and genuine, with tendencies toward hyperbole. Quite often she has the misfortune of being stuck in her own head, but only until she opens her mouth, expresses herself and receives feedback.


xxxxxMelinda has two parents, one sister and a cat, all of whom reside in suburbia Ohio. Mel made her way to NYC after high school to attend college and pursue a career in Broadway. She found herself taking more to serving drinks as a barista, than standing in lines at cast calls and hoping. Her time in New York began to revolve more around her part time jobs, night life, and roommates rather than her supposed career. Her dreams met new competition when she started volunteering at a soup kitchen and food shelter on the weekends.

xxxxxIt was then that Mel started falling in with new friends, ones that challenged her to greater acts of service and activism and ones that introduced her to movers and shakers in the theater world. Around the same time that she became indispensable at the Montague Café, she also began landing parts in off-Broadway shows. Her first lead was secured in a revival of The Unsinkable Molly Brown, followed soon after by a genderqueer rendition of Guys and Dolls. Her performances were curtailed by the Covid-19 Pandemic, bringing her back to Montagues, her passion for roasting beans, and a new title of owner/manager.

  • Alma - Ryan's protective friend
  • B - Drive embodied, changing the world through SCIENCE, could use some more good in her life
  • Dawson - Good soul always in the periphery of Hive, now ... in the background
  • Desi - Matt and Luci's sister, I'm not very close
  • Dusk - Gives the best hugs and a great time, on his schedule whenever he'll have me
  • Gaétan - Matt and Luci's brother, I'm not very close
  • Hive - Once an unrequited love, now a constant and appreciated presence
  • Isra - Dusk's winged partner, always full of stars
  • Jax - Sugary veneer with live wires under the surface, a strong source of family. Makes me a better person
  • Lucien - Inspiration and support - if I were ever half as talented as him, I'd blow them all away
  • Matt - Grounded but flying, sincere but playful, blunt and kind - Can't imagine Luci without him
  • Murphy - Resolved a hole in my head, only wish I could help him as well
  • Peter - Poor kid has been through so much - needs to put down the weight of the world
  • Ryan - A shining star, surprisingly human when everything else is bright lights in dark rooms
  • Sarah - Employee
  • Shane - Passion embodied with the sense to pace himself
  • Spencer - This kid is going places. Literally. With Robots. Enthusiasm embodied
  • Steve - A wall of muscle with kind eyes. Wouldn't hurt him to take care of himself every once in a while
  • Tag - former roommate, but definitely a kind of kid brother I'd do anything for
  • Tian-shin - that kid brother's actual older sister. Sensible but stressed
Melinda Erica Chylds
Birthdate February 23, 1988
Species Human
Affiliation Citizen
Alignment Neutral Good
Occupation Barista/Manager
RP Hooks
Coffee and Tea Me! - Mel is the manager at a small SoHo Hot Beverage Spot called Montague's. Feel free to snag her if you want someone to serve up drinks and/or advice or if you're looking for a job.
Soupy Shoes - Like to feed the homeless or wish to be fed? Melinda's a regular with local soup kitchen/shelter, Helping Hands Homeless Coalition in Chelsea.
Dramatic! - I'm looking to figure out something theater related, but don't have this really solidified in my mind yet, so page me and we can talk!

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