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xxxxxFormerly homeless kid from Newark. He's pretty much the Invisible Man. Sometimes he jokes he's the ghost of dirty laundry because joking is better than being depressed. He enrolled at Xavier's in December 2014 and has been a student there since.


xxxxxJack was the only child born to a couple living in Newark, New Jersey. His life was pretty normal and uneventful for the most part. Other than moving to the suburbs and out of the city when he was five, nothing too exciting happened to him. He made friends, enjoyed sports like football and swimming, and was generally one of the popular guys at school. When his mutant powers kicked a few weeks after his 13th birthday, he was initially thrilled and a little scared. It started with little bits of telekinesis he played with privately. He even used it to give a few helpful nudges when he was playing football with his friends. He was getting a little paler too but he chalked it up to just needing to eat better and get some more sun. Then one morning about three months after his telekinetic powers first manifested things went bad. He woke up and went about his usual morning routine without thinking anything was wrong. He went out for his morning run like always. When he got home, he found his parents freaking out. He was unaware that he'd become invisible and his parents hadn't seen him in the morning like he believed they did and they assumed he was missing. His attempts to assure his parents he was not missing only made things worse. His religious mother assumed he was a demon. His father was a little more reasonable until Jack tried to explain that he thought he was a mutant. Jack's father had always had nothing good to say about mutants and the idea that his son was one started a fight. And when the idea of trying to find some government lab or prison to turn Jack over to came up, Jack bolted. He waited until dark to sneak back and gather up some things before taking to the streets. Since he had an uncle back in Newark, Jack made his way back to the city he was born in to seek help. This turned out to not be a very good idea since his uncle was as prejudiced against mutants as his father. Jack ended up homeless for about 3 years, getting by with pickpocketing and shoplifting food when he needed to. He bounced around the city, finding shelter where it was available. When a fight with some other homeless teens led to one trying to shoot Jack, he decided it was time to pick up and head somewhere else. Hearing a rumor that things in New York might be easier despite current events, the invisible teen snuck onto a train to make his way to the Big Apple.


xxxxxJack's powers have two parts:

Invisibility: The first half of Jack's power is easily the most notable. Or least depending on your point of view. Jack is completely invisible all the time and there's no off switch. Visible light, infra-red, ultraviolet, none of it can see him. He can see himself but others can't. This ability doesn't extend to other objects however. This means anything he's holding, his clothes, and anything that splatters on him will stay visible and if he wants to be completely undetected he has to do his best Magic Mike impression. Food just disappears when he puts it in his mouth and things like lost blood or cut hair will become visible about an hour or two after being removed from him and losing what makes the rest of him invisible.

Telekinesis: The other half of Jack's powers were actually the first to manifest. He's got a low level telekinetic ability that allows him to lift and move some objects with his mind. He can't do anything like throwing a tank or stopping huge waves but he could easily lift a person off the ground if he focused on doing it but it wouldn't be for too long or anything like flight. If he really pushed himself he could do things like flip over a smaller car (as in roll it over as opposed something like tossing it into the air) but it would wear him out pretty quickly and he'd certainly need to rest up after doing it. Usually he sticks to manipulating smaller objects and throwing things with his TK. It's not a power he has the best control over and if he's especially stressed it won't work as well or he could accidentally send things flying around with too much or too little force. Fine control takes concentration and focus and he still needs to put work into it. Using his telekinesis too much can sometimes cause nosebleeds. He can also tire himself out with a lot of TK-usage, needing to rest and eat to recharge after. In the worst cases, he could even pass out after using his telekinesis too much or for too long. He may improve with practice and training but that's yet to be seen.

  • Football - Jack used to play it a lot and he was pretty good. He's quick on his feet and has good reflexes, perfect for catching passes and evading tackles on the way to the end zone. He's a bit out of practice but he's still good at the game. He knows plays, strategies, and is still in generally good shape.
  • Spanish - As well as speaking English, Jack speaks Spanish very well.
  • Brawler - Not really a prize fighter but Jack can hold his own in a scrape. Between what was normally picked up roughhousing with friends and what he learned living on the streets, Jack can take on at least two guys of similar size and skill and come out on top. His invisibility gives him an advantage in most physical altercations as well.
  • Sneaking - Jack's always been quiet and good at getting around unnoticed but since his powers kicked in, he's gotten much better at moving around without being noticed. He's not exactly a ninja but he's pretty good at getting around almost silently and not drawing attention to himself.
  • Urban Survival - Having been homeless as long as he has, Jack's learned how to get by on the streets. He knows how to recognize dangerous areas and safe ones, the best types of places to look for food and the types of shelters that can be trusted. He can easily figure out places to stay warm and how to avoid drawing too much attention from cops or anyone that would harass or bother a homeless person too much.


  • Shane - Shark 1! Owner of the best cafe and club in the city and someone who helped me open up and stop being such an idiot. One of the most awesome people I know.
  • B - Shark 2! Shane's twin and tech genius! Not sure B likes me that much but I think they're cool.
  • Kaine - Shark 3 but not related to the other two. One of my best friends at Xavier's. Movie buff but too many pierced...everything.
  • Rasa - Very smart and good about helping me not overthink things. Gives great advice.
  • Ash - It's complicated. He's hot, I like him, I want to get to know him better and try the dating thing more but I'm not sure if he feels the same way. At least he's a good friend.
  • Micah - One of Shane and B's Dad's and a teacher. He's the one that convinced me to enroll at Xavier's and rescued me from the streets. I owe him a lot.
  • Jackson - B and Shane's other dad and another teacher. He's just awesome and saved my butt. He's kind of inspiring and I owe him a lot too. And he can make me visible too, even if its only for a little short while.
  • Lia - My other best friend. Sure, she's...unique but its part of what makes her fun to be around.
  • Faelan - He can do the invisible thing too. But better than me. And it comes with an off switch. Kind of look up to him. He offered to help train me so I'm looking forward to it.
  • Rictor - He's my adviser. He's got some cool powers and so far he seems like a great guy. Offered to help me train and to talk if I needed to.
  • Dusk - His wings are just plain awesome. And he's been a pretty chill guy every time I've met him.
  • Billy - He gave me a coat and he's one of my teachers. He's a pretty nice guy and has the smallest dog I've ever seen. I think that dog might want to bite me.
  • Liv - We started off a little rough but we get along now. She doesn't really get the whole 'obvious mutant' thing but she's not as bad as some of the others. Her powers are cool too.
  • Sergio - My new roommate and a pretty awesome guy. He's got some telepathic ghosty powers but I worry about him sometimes. He's one of the few people that knows what I look like under the perma-ghost.


  • Anole - My former roommate. He's green and his powers are pretty interesting. He's cute too. I liked having him as a roommate most of the time even if we didn't seem like we gt along. It sucks that he left the school and how they treat mutants like me and him.
  • Laura - Ran into her a few times. Turns out she's a mutant too and used to be a cop. Her power is confusing.
  • Hanna - Owns the bakery and gave me free delicious treats.
  • Ion - He's cool even if he's a little weird. I like his bike but getting on it with him is a questionable idea. I should try to see how he's been.
  • Flicker - He lives at the Commons and he seems like a nice enough guy. Don't know him that well though.
  • Doug - We've run into each other a few times. Literally. He knows Micah.
  • Peter - He's a cool dork. And cute. He's part of the reason I ended up at the school too.
  • Eric - A cop and a mutant. And in charge of a whole squad of mutant cops! Shane says he creeps on people. He's the first cop I ever met that I didn't dislike immediately.


  • Smoke Girl - Never got her name. Maybe I should have let Shane kick her ass. Might do it myself if I run into her again.
  • Knife Woman - Don't know her name, but she attacked Jax. Don't want to run into her again but I'll be ready for a fight or to run if I do.
  • Arrow Woman - Don't know her name either. She shot me with a freaking arrow. Wish I sent I right back at her.
  • Diamond Jerk - Didn't get a name but the guy's a jerk.


  • Lyric - I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me either. We have a lot of trouble communicating because of my stupid perma-ghost. I'm just going to try to be nice and hope I don't tick her off or offend her. Still feel bad about our first meeting.
  • Daken - Apparently he's Wolverine's son? He's stalkery and kind of creepy and I'm pretty sure he's dangerous. But he gave me some cash and hasn't actually hurt or tried to hurt me. I have no idea what this guy's deal is.
  • Wing Lady - Might be Daken's girlfriend? But Dusk and Micah seem okay with her and she didn't sound pleased with some of what I mentioned Daken doing. So maybe she's okay.
  • Hailey - Shadow powers. Possibly secondary rudeness powers. She's Lia's roommate and picks on her or something sometimes. Definitely not cool.
  • Jack has a phobia of needles.
  • Jack tends to speak quietly
  • He's taken up origami, slowly learning from books and the internet
  • Jack is a fan of mystery and detective novels and movies.
  • He's considering a career as a private investigator for after he graduates.

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Jack Griffen Raynes
Codename None
Birthdate 1997-12-30
Birthplace Newark, NJ
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's
Alignment Neutral Good
Powers Always on Invisibility and Low Level Telekinesis
Occupation Student
Registration Status Unregistered
Played By Luke Mitchell (When Visible)
RP Hooks
Student - Jack's a student at Xavier's.
Boo! - People sometimes mistake Jack for a ghost haunting various locations.
Fight Clubber - Jack often attends the fight club. While he doesn't like fighting, he does rather well.
Sporty - Jack's a fan of football and will happily play a game of it or various other sports when the weather permits.
Amateur Detective - Got a mystery that needs solving? Lose something? Jack will be happy to try his hand at some detective work.
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