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Burn for everything you have ever wanted.

xxxxxA transplant from lowland Amazonia via Sao Paulo, Kyinha is driven by a fire quite apart from the abilities his mutation grants him.


xxxxxKyinha appears more or less human in the colder months -- dark brown skin, wavy black hair, and nearly black eyes, with a mix of African, European, and indigenous Brazilian features that strikes most people as devastatingly handsome. Most of the year, however, he is deep, dark, black from head to toe with the exception of his eyes and mouth, which are lit from within by a fiery glow that ranges from reddish-orange to white. This particular shade of black cannot be mistaken for anything like human skin or hair color. It is extremely non-reflective, so that light seems to just fall into it, making it difficult to to discern finer details (such as subtle facial expressions). His body temperature is always higher than human average, ranging from around 40 to 50 degrees Celsius.


xxxxxImmensely famous in Brazil as the son of billionaire CEO Emmanuel da Costa who had been raised by his poor caboclo mother, Kyinha who gained infamy as an environmental activist in his teenage years, dubbed the 'Voz da Varzea', the voice of the lowlands. The emergence of his mutant powers caused him to be ejected from the movement to oppose the damming of the Xingu River, his childhood home. He's less well-known in the U.S., but his surname should still be recognizeable to anyone who pays the least bit of attention international or financial news. At Xavier's he's better known as the hellbeast math/biology teacher who's actually kind of an easy-going nerd, and as one of the more destructive X-Men.




xxxxxHis body stores energy derived from electromagnetic radiation (regardless of source) in his cells and he can use it to generate fire from tiny sparks to explosive blasts. The mechanism for this is not well-understood, but the outwardly effects include converting the surface of his body to minimally reflective black, raising his core temperature up to 50 degrees Celsius, and causing him to emit light from eyes, mouth, and (if highly charged) a faint, fiery halo around his whole body.

xxxxxIn this 'powered' form, he needs half again to twice as much water (varies based on power use and atmospheric conditions) as the average human would to survive; he can subsist on significantly less food, though doing so is not pleasant. He is also immune to extreme temperatures and ionizing electromagnetic radiation (e.g. ultraviolet, x-, and gamma rays), although he still has a human body structure and can be damaged by other types of trauma.

xxxxxHis pyrokinesis can manifest from any part of his body. He can project it outward with significant force, either in a steady stream or as an explosive fireball, but both dissipates in strength with distance. For example, if he held a padlock in his hand and blasted it with fire, he can probably warp it beyond use in short order and even melt it if he continued. If he stood a few steps away and blasted fire at the same lock, it would certainly heat up, but breaking it would take considerably longer. The effective maximum lateral range of his pyrokinesis is 50 meters, although he can take advantage of atmospheric conditions and physics to make it go further (e.g. downwind, or upwards). He has no special control over fires kindled by his abilities.

xxxxxHis powered form is extremely efficient at pulling in energy, but if deprived of light for long enough (duration varies based on how much he had stored inside him and how much he uses), he will revert to his human form. In this state, he has only slightly higher-than-human-average body temperature (just enough to feel like he is always feverish), and his only abilities are absorbing light and moderate tolerance to heat. This usually happens in the depths of winter. Prolonged exposure to extreme cold does not cause him discomfort in his powered form, which automatically burns through its energy reserves to maintain his high body temperature. If it exhausts those reserves reverts him to his human form, however, he becomes vulnerable to cold again, and can rapidly succumb to hypothermia.


xxxxxGrowing up in the varzea of the Xingu river basin, he is an exceptionally strong swimmer and pretty athletic in general. He plays capoeira, primarily for entertainment, although he is able to use it in unarmed combat (or to terrifying effect in combination with his powers). He also enjoys soccer, although he is not that awesome at it by Brazilian standards.

xxxxxHe is skilled at handling small watercraft and piloting fixed wing aircraft, but hilariously bad at driving land vehicles. He has extensive experience navigating and surviving (and keeping other people alive) in both varzea and terra firme rainforests. He also has a knack for operating, fixing, and sabotaging construction equipment.

xxxxxHe has a bachelor's in evolutionary biology and a master's in mathematics. His academic specialty is evolutionary game theory, and he is broadly read in the sciences and humanities, though not an active researcher in any field. His first language is a Nheengatu pidgin (derived from various Tupi languages), but he also speaks fluent Portugese and English, conversational Spanish, and just enough of most major indigenous Xingu languages to be polite.

xxxxxThough not expecially talented, he loves music and can play the berimbau. He also loves food and, while not a great cook, can make reasonably palatable dishes out of pretty random ingredients.



  • Flicker - Humble and dedicated.
  • Jax - So very bright!
  • Matt - I like him so well for knowing him hardly at all.
  • Ororo - Like Yemanja herself.
  • Shane - Passion and compassion both.
  • Tian-shin - The swords, the scales, and eyes wide open.


  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • Coming soon.
  • 'Kyinha' means 'hot pepper' in Nheengatu
  • He's rarely seen without a water bottle
  • His favorite food is açaí na tigela

[[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]]

Roberto da Costa
Codename Sunspot
Birthdate 1990/04/15
Birthplace Tucunaré, Brazil
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's
Alignment Fiery
Powers Pyrokinesis
Occupation Teacher
Registration Status None
Played By None
RP Hooks
Burning Hands - A skilled pyrokinetic, Kyinha strives to wield his fire in a responsible manner. He will still oblige if you ask him for a light, though.
The Dance of War - He is an avid capoeirista and happy to play across different disciplines. Or show off. Or throw down.
Make a Dragon Wanna Retire - Even in his human form, his body temperature is high enough to feel feverish. The powered form he usually takes gives off palpable heat up close, and physical contact feels unpleasantly warm at best.
Son of the Xingu - Growing up in a village that spent almost 1/3 of its time /in/ a river, Kyinha is both a great swimmer and a great lover of water.
Not Like on Big Bang Theory - Though he doesn't go in for fandom paraphenlia, he is actually a giant nerd. Probably the only way in which he can be called 'subtle.'.
By Sea and By Air - He is qualified to pilot fixed-wing aircraft and very experienced with operating small watercraft. While he is /capable/ of driving cars, he's bad enough at it that he avoids it if at all possible.
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