From X-Men: rEvolution
Two types of people laugh at the law: those that break it and those that make it.

xxxxxFriendly Neighborhood Cop Next Door.


xxxxx5'11" and athletic, Jake doesn't stand out in a crowd. Light skinned, hazel-grey a smattering of freckles, dark brown hair that he keeps cut short, a neatly cropped beard and mustache. A sprinkling of tattoos.




xxxxxJake is a born New Yorker. He grew up the oldest of three in a comfortable middle-class home, extremely close to his brother and sister, the child of a civil rights lawyer and a university librarian. His early life was comfortable, as these things go. Not luxury, not poor; he did OK in school, did OK in sports, occasionally dabbled in side hobbies here and there that his parents indulged. Attended church and Sunday school with a minimum of complaining. Summers at camp. Ice skating and fencing and tennis lessons that never went anywhere, saxophone and krav maga lessons that did. Graduated solidly around the middle of his class and continued on, as expected, to college. It seemed like he should have been on track to a quiet respectable white-collar job when he finished; it startled everyone in his family when he elected instead to join the NYPD. His liberal parents were flustered and a little bit thrown by the decision (after all, they'd only just put up a Black Lives Matter sign in their front yard!) but, overall, supportive of his decision to Help The Community. Jake has gotten no less determined in the intervening years to help the community -- but a lot of time spent on reddit and eventually falling in with the Purifiers has given him a more narrow view of who The Community is.

His parents have, also, traded out their yard sign for a Blue Lives Matter one. It made dinner conversation less stilted.




xxxxxVery adept with firearms and at close quarters combat. A skilled saxophone player. Great with animals. Knows the city intimately. Licensed motorcycle driver.




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Jake Finneas Kinney
Codename None
Birthdate 22 April, 1992
Birthplace Brooklyn, NY
Species Human
Affiliation NYPD
Alignment Thin Blue Line
Powers None
Occupation Cop
RP Hooks
Boys in Blue - Been a cop for many years. May show up if you're on the receiving or perpetrating end of a crime.
Puppy love - An ardent dog lover, volunteers with local shelters and is frequently found in the company of his own k9 companion.
Smooth Moves - Loves jazz music and swing dancing and can be found where there is music or social dance nights. Occasionally participating in jamming, himself.
Communion - Wouldn't call himself devout, but a faithful and very social Catholic who is found weekly at Mass and frequently at community social events.
St. Michael - Also there's that small thing where in his spare time he's part of a gang of mutant-killing fascist bikers. Minor detail.
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