From X-Men: rEvolution
Night gathers, and now my watch begins.

xxxxxBoyish and bright-smiled and winged, but the sharp-clawed bat-wings and wickedly fanged smile put few people in mind of an angel. Dusk tends to live his life with a fierce passion. It's -- hit or miss how much that passion is tempered with any kind of good judgment to guide it, though.


xxxxxDusk is a skinnynerd conglomeration of sharp angles and gangly limbs. His lanky-lean build conspires to make his 5'10" look taller than it actually is, too much longboned limbs with too little flesh to fill them out. His usual pallor is only accentuated by the darkness that surrounds it, a mop of messily curling waves framing his angular face; his jaw is often shadowed too by a dark scruff of beard. His eyes are large, dark as well and given to a reflective shine in low lights. Behind his thin lips, wickedly sharp elongated canines are prominently noticeable, longer in the upper set but no less sharp below. Most notable of all are his wings, enormous and wide and dark as well, ribbed with long fingerbones and tipped with talons at their points; they call to mind a bat in their membranous fuzzy-soft flexibility.


xxxxxKnown among the Brotherhood and Prometheans to be a giant nerd, extremely extroverted and extremely friendly with a tendency to just kind of take any stray under his literal and metaphorical wing and share all the cuddles with them.


xxxxxOnce, was not a vampire. Now, is a vampire.


xxxxxVampire bat.


xxxxxDusk's skillbase is largely nerd-oriented. He will throw down in most combat-oriented video games and has large amounts of minutiae of various roleplay systems practically memorized (though he likes Shadowrun the best) and used to have a fantastically impressive M:tG collection before his home exploded and burned it all up. He's excellent with computers; a freelance webdev by profession and with a keen interest in security by hobby. xxxxxHe's pretty good on a skateboard and can fix his own bike, though homelessness --> Prometheus --> NYC (and a set of wings that can shuttle him around pretty quick) means he's never actually learned to drive. He's fluent in ASL and Spanish and passingly familiar with Thai and Vietnamese. He's also fantastic with a sewing machine; nearly a decade of having to tailor his own clothes to allow for giant wings meant this started out as simply a necessary skill to learn but has evolved into an enjoyable hobby. xxxxxTime spent in Prometheus (and later on the Prometheus raid team and in the Brotherhood) has left him very practiced in combat. Living with (and training with) a pair of telepaths means he has many years of practice guarding his mind from psi-folk, though he has no greater than usual resistance to psionic manipulation or probing from anything more than passing scans.



  • B - These city lights sparkle bright in your eyes.
  • Eric - Hit me you can't hurt me suck my kiss.
  • Kay - I am not your rolling wheels – I am the highway.
  • Ion - My brain is disconnected but my heart is wired.
  • Isra - You are the stars that mystify me.
  • Regan - If you're strong enough, together we can take the world apart.


  • Hive - Are you just a mosaic of thoughts alone?
  • Ian - Walk tall, walk proud, walk far.
  • Jackson - And you throw your love into the air like glitter; swallowing stars, spitting up stardust.
  • Jim - I'm only happy when it rains; I'm only happy when it's complicated.
  • Matt - Instead of stressed, I lie here charmed.
  • Melinda - The only thing that seems to work at all is you.
  • Mirror - I don't want to be anything other than me.
  • Parley - Abstruse and lacking rationale but making so much sense somehow.
  • Ryan - I can lead a nation with a microphone.
  • Skye - Tightly hold your hand, Take a deep breath, give them the finger
  • Shane - These streets they swallow you whole.
  • Tag - Well I dug you up a rainbow.



  • Iolaus - I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies.
  • Lucien - There's more truth in the way that you lie.
  • Has a Youtube channel where he performs songs in ASL. It's not exactly a secret in that, you know, it's videos of him on the internet, but he does not generally actually tell anyone he knows in person of its existence.
  • Was the only hearing member of his immediate family; both parents and both his younger and older siblings are all Deaf. ASL is his native language; he didn't actually even learn to speak (orally) until after starting elementary school.
  • Is a very active Ingress agent on the side of the Resistance. (Agent name: DarkwingDusk)
  • Is Puerto Rican on his mother's side of the family and actually has a huge amount of extended family in the Nuyorican community in the area. The majority don't want anything to do with him, though.
Ryan Avery Holloway
Codename Dusk
Birthdate August 13, 1993
Species Mutant
Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants
Alignment Sanguine
Powers Vampire Bat
Occupation Software Engineer (Webdev)
Registration Status n/a
RP Hooks
Nerd is the Word - Avid gamer, avid programmer. Deeply enmeshed with all things geek.
Carpe Noctem - Looks like a creature of the night and kind of is, by habit. Not cuz of the vampire thing. He gets his best coding done at night.
Bloody-minded - VAMPIRE. Yum. Doesn't glitter in the sun but probably wants to bite you.
Uncaged - Once a Promethean. Now a liberator of other Prometheans.
Fraternal - New-ish minted Brotherhooder; makes up for in passion what he lacks in longevity. Will fight tooth and claw for his Brothers.
Throw Down - Usually found on Friday nights at the Bro'hood safehouse attending Fight Club.
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