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my war will not consume me, for there is nothing left to be consumed.

xxxxx The MASTER of MAGNETISM. You've probably heard of him.


xxxxxA white man of indeterminate old age, Erik looks to be in his late 60s upon first glance. His bone-white hair catches less interest now than when he was young, now that there are a handful of silver-gray strands hidden sprinkled in among the rest. He has a large nose and hooded, watery blue eyes sunk deep into a square face. He’s imposing despite his age, as gravity has yet to shave any inches off his six-foot even frame. The number ‘214782’ is tattooed in large, black font on the inside of his left forearm. He favors high collars on his shirts, fine tailoring in his suits, and rich reds and purples in his dress. He typically wears some jewelry on his person – a slim gold band on his right ring finger, a steel ring on a chain tucked under his clothes, and typically a steel chain watch-band-like bracelet on his left wrist.

xxxxxHe has an accent from everywhere and nowhere. In English he sounds almost pan-European, touched with an Israeli inflection and occasional British pronunciations of words; in the various Continental European tongues he sounds more distinctly German, but still unclear.


xxxxx Famously the former leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, a terrorist mutant supremacy group. Well-known for the 2015 attack at Liberty Island. Rumour mill attributes all sorts of extraneous terror to him prior to his arrest, some actually committed by the Brotherhood and some not. People either fear him, stan him, or both. "Magneto Was Right" shirts are not uncommon sights at mutant rights protests. Reasonably well-known to be a Jewish Holocaust survivor, though some historians argue about the legitimacy of this claim.

xxxxx To most of his current Brotherhood, Magneto is an almost mythic figure that Regan rallied them around when she was recruiting post Liberty Island. Now that he's returned, opinions may differ. Members of the Brotherhood old guard may remember him as a vaguely unstable leader that considered far fewer opinions than he does now.

xxxxx To a small subsect of Utopians and older mutants in the New York community, he is remembered as a farmer, carpenter, and leader of the mutant separatist movement, as well as husband to Charles Xavier.

xxxxx To a small number of Xavier's graduates and X-Men, he is Michael Xavier, Charles' cousin called in to assist with students who have powers that a magnetokinetic is well-suited to containing. These infrequent visits ended entirely by 2012, but were never any sort of frequent. For most of the X-Men, he's a terrorist brought down by a small part of the 2015 team.


xxxxxVery little is publicly known about Magneto's early life. In his past manifestos he has alluded to his experiences in Auschwitz, though no survivors of that camp nor the records recall an 'Erik Lehnsherr' ever interred there. That, plus the tattoo on his left arm, are occasionally subjects of hot debate in historian circles.

xxxxxLongtime members of the mutant community may remember Erik from the founding of organizations like Genetic Equality New York, before he ran off to start the Mutant Liberation Front and then the Brotherhood. Even older members might remember him from the failed "Utopia" mutant island experiment in the 80s.

xxxxxWhat is more publicly known is his rise to national prominence in the mid-90s as the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, a terrorist group dedicated to protecting mutants by any means necessary. His attack on Liberty Island was well-covered and reported by various news outlets, as was his subsequent arrest.


xxxxxMaster of Magnetism.


Speaks German, Yiddish, English, Polish, French, Modern Hebrew, Romani Sinte, some Spanish, Ukrainian, and Russian.

A fighter with more than just his powers. Has experience in construction and farming in addition to terrorism. Drives stick.

Metalworker and blacksmith, hobby artist.

Despite his cantankerous contempt for mobile telephones, back in the day Erik was astute at understanding technology and computers; along with Charles and the technopath currently haunting Cerebro, he designed and built the most advanced supercomputer on the planet. Still is able to quickly understand larger/older pieces of technology – the interference with his senses from the plethora of smaller devices makes it difficult for him to do much more than brick them.



  • Charles - I gave you my word, Charles. Come what may, I will be true to it.
  • Polaris - She deserves better. She always has.
  • DJ - As a boy, I believed. As a boy, I turned my back on God forever.
  • Hive - As our kind stands on the precipice of extinction itself and gazes into the abyss... You united the mutant race.


  • Ash - Just look at what we have made.
  • Akihiro - The time for subtlety is passing.
  • Carnage - We ask for wolves to guard the den, and lo, it's wolves that we've raised.
  • Dusk - They're sickly. They're starving. They're familiar.
  • Heather - There were lessons to be learned. Lessons about desperation and ruthlessness.
  • Ion - A town is like a living thing. It has a heartbeat, a nervous system, a pulse.
  • Isra
  • Leo - See to your patients, doctor. I will see to our enemies.
  • Scramble - My anger... my indignation... might have gotten the better of me.
  • Mystique - There's just what I want and how I'll get it.
  • Regan - The war's the only thing we can be sure of.

Children of the Atom

  • Anahita - I am no hero.
  • Jax - Our roles are nothing more than how the times choose to cast us.
  • Lucien - While I already know how this encounter will end, I control how this day will be remembered.
  • Spencer - I've spent my life fighting so you would never have to.
  • Taylor - A self-loathing man might see this as deserved punishment. Me... I think the coffee's not terrible.

Misguided Dreamers


  • Malthus - I told you once before, Nazi... I am your better!

  • Prefers whiskey -- his favourite is Hakushu single malt.
  • Has no fewer than five passports, all 'legal', all under different names.
  • Makes weapons the slow way, including Jax's sword.


Plasticchess.png Dawn-of-x-magneto.jpeg Magnetowasright.jpeg Dressforoccassion.webp Sirian.webp

Erik Magnus Lehnsherr
Codename Magneto
Birthdate January 30th, 1929
Birthplace Nuremberg, Germany
Species Homo Superior
Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants
Alignment Never Again
Powers Magnetokinesis
Occupation Terrorist
Registration Status Unregistered
Faceclaim Ian McKellan
RP Hooks
Peace Was Never An Option - Founder and leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. A fan of violent, direct action for mutant rights, he's probably interested in you if you have something to say and something you can do for the cause.
L'dor Vador - An Auschwitz survivor of loose faith, Erik does have some attachment to his religion, if not to any god. Had been seen in past lives and under other names as intermittently participating in survivors advocacy and networking, and went consistently to at least Yom Kippur services in the years before his arrest.
Fancy A Game? - A middling chess player, it is nonetheless his favorite game. A board is almost always set outside his cabin on Ascension Island, and Brothers are welcome to play with him should they catch him at rest.
When I Was a Young Man... - Erik's been alive for nearly a century. He can tell you about all sorts of history -- he was there for most of it.
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