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”Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you -you’re cool, and *fuck you*, I’m out!” -Scarface, Half-Baked (1988)

xxxxx“You ah… you wanna help out a strugglin’ teen?”


xxxxxA 5’8”, tan, tomboyish street rat with a messed up grin. Normally in a t-shirt and jeans (or hiking pants) she has a duffel bag in case of traveling full of clothing and personal valuables.


xxxxxIgnored by most of Staten Island for her reputation a troublemaker. Either a troublemaker or a full blown criminal. Those who have to deal with her have to handle an obnoxious, rude teenager who has problems with authority, helpful or otherwise.


xxxxxBorn Avery Caroline Moreli, she was the younger sister of 3 older brothers. Her mother Amelia was a struggling artist trying to pitch in to help her family while her father was originally part of a mob family. Her mother kept him from exposing it to her and her brothers, if not tried to rid of it entirely. When Avery was 7, her mother had died in a drive-by shooting, leaving her father to do whatever he wanted. Her brothers, Keith, Oliver, and Arthur all had rackets they worked in by their strengths. Keith was stoic, so he made a good corner boy and smuggler. Oliver was good with finances and investments, so he dealt with laundering, counterfeiting, and debt collection. Arthur was quick, nimble, not afraid to stab someone just in case, so he dealt with theft, extortion, and the main leads in shakedowns. Granted they didn’t start this until they were individually 13, but this led to more damage in childhood the younger the Moreli was. Avery thought of no other way for her life, and just laughed off all the trauma caused in her childhood by being her brothers muscle.

When Avery had just turned 16, there was the Brooklyn Incident. It was her powers manifested. Her and her brothers we’re going to trade in seven kilograms of cocaine for 7 million dollars to the bigger crime family’s of Staten Island in Brooklyn, and it was going to be their big break. But it went wrong, as it bound to happen. Avery and Keith didn’t kill anyone, but Oliver and Arthur most certainly finished the job for them with knife wounds and bullet holes in their wake. Her father wasn’t happy with this outcome, and Avery took the blame as she was practically his punching bag after her mother’s death due to her resemblance both physically and in personality. And after he had threatened her to the cops and grabbed her by the neck, she stabbed him and knocked him unconscious. He later died in the hospital after she ran away.

  • Wind-Manipulation: Avery can create and control winds, along with its temperature. Currently, what she feels comfortable with is a breeze and if she tries to start a windstorm or a a tornado bigger than three feet, it will take all of her energy to do so (a tornado enough is tiring). It takes way too much for her to able to just summon a windstorm for 30 seconds, comparable to running 5 miles on how much stress it causes her. It completely stops when she stops controlling it. She doesn’t really have much control over it, her emotions getting the better of her and causing the wind to act up even if there were no winds around.

In her future, she’d probably be able to summon a windstorm for 5-7 minutes and a tornado the size of a small skyscraper but that takes training, training she doesn’t know how to start.

  • Sickle-Hands: It’s like a muscle in her body that can be used or not. The sickle transformation is hypothesised to happen due to any iron in her body going to her hands, her fingers melding together, and stretching out her hand into a sickle with the width compensating for the length. It has to happen quickly or pain will spike up from the process, making it feel like your hand is being crushed and broken under five-tons of pressure. After her hands become sickles, they feel numb starting at the wrist, almost non-existent, having her learn the proper distance for them for safety reasons
  • Bilingual: Speaks English and Italian
  • Quick and nimble due to her build
  • Good with fighting with her hands and knives
  • Knowledge on many subjects she taught herself about (space, history, sociology being the three major ones)
  • Knows how to lie out of a situation and how to call out a lie.
  • Her brothers
  • Major crime families of Staten Island she can go to for help
  • People originally on her father’s payroll


  • Shane


  • N/A

And everything in between

  • N/A
  • Avery is Jewish, though non-practicing besides holidays.
  • Avery has an IQ of 150.
  • Borowski was her mother’s maiden name.
  • Avery grew up in New Dorp, Staten Island.
  • Avery has had a record of 20 detentions, 2 in-school suspensions, and five months in juvenile detention before getting kicked out of her old school.
  • Avery would probably eat a whole box of Cheez-its while watching David Lynch’s The Elephant Man.
  • She is an avid listener of Will Wood, Msc DeMarco, Jack Stauber, and other musicians like them in the weird/chill factor.

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Avery Caroline Moreli/Borowski
Codename Red Havoc/Borowski
Birthdate 02/02/07
Birthplace Staten Island, New York
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Powers Sickle-Hands, Wind Manipulation
Occupation Former-crime family associate
Registration Status N/A, not old enough
Faceclaim Isabel Jones
RP Hooks
RP Hook - Fighting.
RP Hook - Arguments.
RP Hook - Teenage Stupidity.
RP Hook - Crimes.
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