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Prepare to be assimilated.

xxxxxAcerbic and rude enough to be a native New Yorker. His accent gives him away as a transplant, though from where it's indeterminate.


xxxxxTall but not overly so, Hive stands just above average at 5'11". His lanky frame is sparsely padded with ropy muscles, leaving him shy of either scrawny or athletic. His features are angular; sharp nose, sharp chin, sharp cheekbones. His eyes are wide and dark, with a distinct epicanthic fold, a tendency to remain at half-mast, and semi-permanent raccoon shadows that often give his expression a tired look. Despite his age wrinkles are etching themselves into his face, crow's feet crinkling by his eyes and scowl lines pressed by his wide mouth. There's a bronze cast to his skin that leaves it on the tanner side of the spectrum in all seasons. His hair is a messy scruff, fuzzy and black and left to hang shaggy around pierced ears with single small gold hoops.


xxxxxFor the small niche of people who actually follow architecture, gaining a good deal of reputation and prominence in the architecture world for his bold style & prioritization of actually livable urban design.

xxxxxOutside of that, unlikely for most people to have heard of him at all unless they are coming out of the Prometheus Labs, where he's grown a somewhat mythological reputation for his part in the Raid Team, as alternately a boogeyman (to the guards) or an oddly omnipotent herald of impending freedom (to the labrats) -- although in both cases people are far more likely to know him/know OF him as a disembodied voice in their heads and fairly unlikely to connect that immediately to his name or face.


xxxxxBorn in Thailand. Moved to Montreal. College at Cornell. Columbia for grad school. Started his own architecture firm in SoHo after building the politically controversial but architecturally lauded Mendel Clinic.


xxxxxHive is a telepath. He's not a very good one, though. You probably don't want him in your head; he lacks finesse and his mental touches range anywhere from abrasive to actively painful in their harshness.


xxxxxBS in architecture, MS in civil engineering, and professionally he is pretty damn good at what he does. Outside of work his skillset is kind of lacking. A whooole lot of gaming. Pretty adroit cook. Native Thai speaker, fluent in French, has picked up a generous smattering of languages from the eclectic crew he hangs out with (and often shares a brain with.)



  • Ash - Lost puppy. Needs pets. Feels ungrounded, for an earthbender.
  • B - Brilliant, but lost. Feels like blood in fresh clean earth.
  • Bruce - Sangha? Feels like the patter of rainfall on leaves.
  • Dusk - More alive than most. Feels like Cat purring on our chest.
  • Dawson - Soulmate. Keeps me grounded. Feels like home.
  • Ian - Dark like summer night. Felt like stars and campfire, and then like nothing.
  • Jackson - Would follow into hell. Frequently do. Feels like the sun glinting off a fresh snowfall.
  • Jim - Utterly useless drinking buddy. Attracts bullets. Feels like deep roots in deep earth.
  • Kyle - Sick fuck. Would like to scrub that taste clean.
  • Lucien - Gentleman bastard. Gonna go ahead and repress that feeling.
  • Matt - A refined kind of sugar. Feels like eating twinkies for breakfast.
  • Ryan - Rockstar even before he was famous. Feels like earning bruises in a mosh pit.
  • Shane - All heart. Feels like whitewater.
  • Steve - Yeesh. Feels disorienting.

Yet to be assimilated

  • Emma - Owe her a lot.
  • Iolaus - An "ally". Definitely crazy.
  • Isra - Geekhaus Auxiliary. Quiet, but fierce.
  • Malthus - To watch.
  • Melinda - Like a shoulder angel in his brain.
  • Merit - Wired.
  • Mirror - Best pray they never slip their leash.
  • Murphy - Giant headache.
  • Sarah - Jax-lite?
  • Tag - Gaming buddy. Light enough to carry.
  • Has one tattoo. A very small black lotus flower on his thigh; it's not in any particularly titillating place but the paucity of people he disrobes around means it's rarely ever seen anyway.
  • Keeps a fairly predictable workday schedule when he isn't onsite or at meetings. Hangs out at Montagues for his morning coffee, stays there working on his laptop a few hours, heads in to his office around lunch, works there till late afternoon, heads to Evolve to finish working over lots of coffee there until generally whenever Flicker gets done work or class.
  • When he's in good enough health for it, enjoys camping and fishing and rock climbing and pick-up basketball with his roommates.
  • Good enough health for it has occasionally been out of reach, due to the malfunctioning Promethean brainchip buried in his skull and the subsequent tumor that followed it.
  • Spends probably Too Much Time engaged in cutthroat space capitalism in EVE Online. Cuts many throats.
  • Also spends too much time playing Ingress, though at least that gets him out of the house. Is a die-hard member of the NYC Resistance.
Jetsadayut Suphamongkhon
Codename Hive
Birthdate November 13, 1989
Species Mutant
Affiliation Inner Circle
Alignment Anti-Assimilationist
Powers Telepathy
Occupation Architect
RP Hooks
Night Owl - The city's quieter when it's half asleep.
Web of Trust - Has been in MANY people's heads. Knows many people's secrets. Usually keeps them, though.
Anti-Activist - Extremely outspoken about his mutancy. Terrible at following up with the requisite DoGooder-ness, though.
Game On - Tabletop, not sportsball. Huge fan of board games, and roleplaying games. Card games, too. For some reason his friends don't like poker with him, though.
Lab Rat - There's folks out there experimenting on mutants. He knows this firsthand.
Samadhi - Buddhist born and raised, he is always happy to find community with others who share his path.

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