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Be wicked, and lovely, and don't live in fear.

xxxxxNew resident at Mount Sinai, recently finished her doctorate in neuroprosthetics to help along her cyborg army. To go with the mutant army she already has. Current leader of the Brotherhood. Doing her part to work for a brighter future. Possibly because that future is on fire.


xxxxxTall and lean, Regan stands 5'10" of wiry-tough musculature. A physique chiseled down to hard muscle and hard bones, there is a softening padding of curves at chest and hips, adding femininity to what would otherwise be a rugged build. Her blonde hair is worn long and straight. Her eyes are a cool ice-blue, the dominant feature in a fair face narrow and given to symmetry. Small sharp nose, small sharp chin, high sharp cheekbones.


xxxxxWhat (if anything) might others have heard about your character? It's okay if this is 'nothing'. This can also be specific to their faction (maybe they're class clown at their school!) or specific to a niche field (maybe you'd have heard of them if you know a lot about particle physics or cross country skiing, but not otherwise!)


xxxxxIt would be convenient to say that Regan's criminal proclivities stemmed from a hard upbringing, a life-changing tragedy, a formative experience that pushed her away from the straight and narrow. Convenient but entirely untrue; Regan's early life was not just smooth but remarkably idyllic. Her family would have called themselves solidly upper-middle-class; /most/ of the country would have called them rich. The younger of two girls, Regan's childhood had everything a childhood /should/ have. Excellent schooling, plenty of friends, a lovely large house in a lovely large neighbourhood. Swimming pool in the backyard, yearly family vacations. Even doting parents to counterbalance the frequent sibling rivalry between her and her older sister. They lived not just comfortably but plush.

In school Regan excelled. In her early years she did not, bright but terminally un/interested/ in classes; it took until middle school for her to realise that classes /now/ meant more success /later/ and then she applied herself with a will.

Even the manifesting of her powers was less chaotic than it might otherwise have been -- both her older sister and her father share a very similar powerset, and their experiences and guidance prepared her for dealing with the sudden onset much more smoothly than many young mutants. She was pulled out of school, given private tutors for two years instead while she learned to cope, but she finished the last two years of high school at a traditional private school. Graduation at 17 took her out to the East Coast to continue her studies at Harvard.

That plan fell through in her very first semester, though, when an incident at a party outed her as a mutant and the school quietly /encouraged/ her to leave. It was, really, her first overt experience with any kind of discrimination; her life had been remarkably sheltered from such and her powers easy enough to hide. She transferred to MIT, but did not do so /happily/; her attention turned more and more towards actually following the growing social forces influencing mutant rights in the country.

It was a fellow college student who started her en route to the Brotherhood, kind of inadvertently, an earnest idealistic classmate who brought her to the school's small mutant student alliance.

She came and listened to their frequent circular discussions on mutant rights, baked cookies for their bake sales, held signs at their rallies, and, after a semester of this, decided that it was all quite terminally stupid.

If mutants /were/ going to change things, they should /change things/. Her studies grew more broad, her practice with her powers more focused. And now she sought /out/ others, not of the idealistic college-hippie type but those actually working in broader scopes than just campus to influence the course of the country.

Regan was in her junior year when she fell in with the Brotherhood, finding their shapeshifting second-in-command when she overheard her /thoughts/ during a rather public trial of a rather public mutant. Regan wasted no time introducing herself, and even less in insinuating her way into their ranks. She proved herself /useful/, first; sharp mind and sharp powers; it took her years to work her way up higher in their ranks, but they were years she was willing to spend to learn from those already there. She moved to New York upon graduation, to stay closer to their main base of operations outside the city.

The Brotherhood, of late, has grown a good deal more scattered in the wake of Magneto's imprisonment. Regan has been steadily changing that. She still keeps up appearances of normal wholesome life! She has very recently finished her M.D./Ph.D. at Columbia and is soon starting her residency at Mount Sinai. Between that and the terrorism, she probably does not find a lot of time for sleep.


xxxxxRegan is an illusionist. Her power lets her project extremely convincing illusions into others' minds. Her illusions affect all five senses and come with a subtle vein of hypnotic suggestion, rendering most people more prone to accepting them as reality even in situations where they should clearly be Not Real. People with extremely strong will will be less prone to accepting blatantly unrealistic things as fact, even if they are still affected by seeing them; people with innate immunity to psionic powers (or mutant powers as a whole) will be unaffected by her illusions. Standard means of resisting telepathic prying, though -- including shielding-type defenses by other psionically powered people -- have little to no effect on the realism of her illusions.

Additionally, Regan has a very weak form of telepathy; she can pick up on thoughts that are being actively thought at her, and with focus on a single individual, she can read their thoughts, though this will be easily resisted by those who are versed in psionic defense. This telepathy extends only to reading thoughts, which she often does to try and get a feel for what kinds of things a subject will be more disposed to believe. Outside of the immediate illusions that she creates, she has no further power to affect people mentally (planting ideas, altering memories, etc.); the mental effect of her illusions last only as long as she is projecting them and she cannot use them to implant any sort of long-term effects. The memory of her illusions will remain just as ordinary memories do, however, so provided her subjects never realize that what they experienced was not real, she can and does use them to influence people by deception.

Her illusions do have the power to injure, but only in limited scope; their power of suggestion is such that if, for example, she drowned someone in illusion, their body would fail to breathe; she can also trap people in very complex illusions, rendering them effectively comatose by imprisoning their minds. Her illusions can never create any sort of lasting damage, though (bleeding, bruises, stabbing); they can only work in limited ways to arrest body functions. The fact that they do arrest body functions, though (if she shoots someone in the heart, their heart will stop; if she suffocates them, they'll stop breathing, etc.) means that if someone dies while under the influence of her illusions, they will stay dead. If they survive until the illusions stop taking effect, they will have no physical damage past whatever damage comes of depriving the body of oxygen (for example) for however long it lasted.

Regan's powers work by default in an area of effect. She can plant illusions in people within about a 30 yard range. By default, her illusions affect anyone within this range, including Regan herself; because the illusions are an area-of-affect thing, they are no more or less taxing for how many people happen to be around (e.g., if she illusions a bird, anyone near enough will see the bird and it is just as strenuous whether she's the only one around to see, or whether it is a giant auditorium full of people.) The size and complexity of the illusions, however, ARE more taxing -- illusioning a bird is easier than illusioning a flock of birds, and all of these are far easier than making the auditorium suddenly seem to be the MOON.

Additionally taxing is illusioning things that are completely contrary to real life. Though it is the same size and complexity of illusion, illusioning a pigeon in Central Park is a trivial matter she could do without a thought; making that same pigeon into a pigeon-sized neon purple dragon would be more exhausting, not for the size of the illusion but for the energy it takes to convince all the people around that this illusion is real. For this reason, illusioning certain things in crowds ARE more taxing (where the crowd in and of itself wouldn't be) -- it might be very simple for her to entertain a three-year-old with any number of fantastical things that they don't know are fantastical, but extending the same powers of suggestion to a whole crowd of people increases the strain of having to convince each individual mind that the illusions are reality.

Contrastingly, people's willingness to entertain her illusions also makes them simpler even when they know they are not real -- if her party full of friends is aware of her powers and wants her house to be a spaceship, it is less draining than if they are aware but unwilling victims of sudden partyspaceship.



  • B - So much bite. Needs to unleash it.
  • Dusk - So much passion. Needs to focus it.
  • Eric - A useful back door to the system.
  • Kay - So much fire. Sometimes, the world needs to burn.
  • Ion - A spark of life.


  • Coming Soon


Potentially Useful

  • Peter - Brilliant and idealistic. But young.
  • Shane - Spirited.


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Regan Wyngarde
Codename Lady Mastermind
Birthdate November 17, 1986
Species Mutant
Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants
Alignment Skewed
Powers Illusionist
Occupation BoM Leader. Doctoral student.
RP Hooks
Sisterhood - A longterm and dedicated member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, Regan is always on the lookout for potential new family.
Wetware - Biomedical engineer, recently received her doctorate in neuroprosthetics. Probably keen on improving your brain.
Fight Night - Helps run a weekly fight club at a BoM safehouse in the Lower East Side. Keen on training mutants to be more combat-ready.
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