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xxxxxMost acquaintances describe her as 'weird' (with wildly varying degrees of fondness). She's She's awkward but outgoing, methodical yet scatter-brained. Though not /exactly/ chipper, she has a jittery hypomanic energy that she at times (typically with work or music) channels entirely into intense hyperfocus.


xxxxxHer grandparents run a fairly successful tea plantation in Hualien and her mother was their wild child who became pregnant by a Dutch expatriot within months of going off to college in Taipei. The baby was left in the care of grandparents, aunts, and uncles. She grew up in the lush, green mountains of eastern Taiwan, withheld from school until age 8 due to speech delay. Her difficulty speaking and awkward mannerisms probably didn't help her find acceptance among fellow children, who ostracized her for being a 'foreigner'.

xxxxxGiven her consistently bad grades throughout primary and junior high school, she startled teachers, classmates, and family alike by taking (and acing) the university entrance exam at age 16. Her high score earned her admission to the National Taiwan Univeristy of Science and Technology, where she later graduated with a bachelor's degree in materials science and a scholarship to pursue graduate studies abroad.

xxxxxShe ended up at Columbia University primarily because she had cousins in New York City. Her first semester in the US proved extremely eventful: she landed an internship at Stark Industries kind of by accident, was assigned to a nanoweapon development project where she was basically relegated to fetching coffee and picking up after her superiors (only in part due to security clearance issues), then weathered the zombie outbreak of 2015 holed up with her cousins in Chinatown.


xxxxxA self-taught cellist, she does not read sheet music all that well but can play back anything she hears and create beautiful compositions without much apparent effort. She can barely perform basic arithmetic, but is able to work through complex engineering problems without the aid of computers, calculators, or even pen and paper. In part owing to poor executive functioning, she has developed extremely effective (if idiosyncratic) ways of organizing information. She speaks fluent Mandarin, conversational Taiwanese and English (with a very heavy Chinese accent). Her cooking skills are limited to ramen and rice, but she is extremely knowledgeable about tea (especially Taiwanese oolongs) and brews an excellent cup.



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And everything in between

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  • She has a very active tumblr -- XiaoWuLong -- where she posts about tea, science, cute animals, and neurodiversity.
  • She has two pet rats, Justin (blue with a white blaze, belly, and feet) and Nicodemus (black with white triangle on chest).
  • She is a literal card-carrying lesbian; the card looks like a plastic photo ID printed in Chinese, and someone has stuck a gold star sticker to it.

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Lin Yuehai
Codename None
Birthdate 1996-08-01
Birthplace Hualian, Taiwan
Species Human
Affiliation None
Alignment Chaotic Awkward
Powers Science?
Occupation Grad student/science minion
Registration Status Registered (0)
Played By Kristin Kreuk
RP Hooks
Klutz - Yuehai is super clumsy and will probably knock over your things (or you) while apologizing a lot.
Tea Snob - She just has really high standards, ok? Fortunately, her family sends her /really/ good tea, which she will happily share.
Alien - A recent transplant from Taiwan, she is often amazed by things that seem totally mundane to long-time US residents.
Chatterbox - She talks...kind of a lot. Sometimes out of nervousness, sometimes out of excitement, but often she just seems to enjoy talking to people. Including herself.
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