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i'm not your door, but i might be my own.



xxxxxshort and plump, with a crop of thick dark hair in a state of near-perpetual muss. sriyani is round faced, big eyes, wide mouth, often read as cheerful even when they are not intending this -- just a resting kind of pleasantness about them (and it does not hurt that they are extremely frequently smiling!) habitually extremely energetic, frequently bouncy, frequently darting even when the situation does not require Going Fast.


xxxxxFor Highly Mobile and Highly Gregarious reasons, the most frequently encountered of the m-kids (a group of teenage superheroes, extremely popular with young mutants online, post a lot of videos of their superheroing escapades as well as upbeat/silly/fun posts about Young Mutant Life). almost certainly at xavier's, most students have heard of sriyani (and the m-kids generally) -- whether or not they've seen any m-kids videos, many xavier students have been on adventures with them and there has been a LOT of gossip around the school about the xavier/m-kids teamups, which were great fun and very successful... until they really, really weren't.


xxxxxa little bit spoiled, a little bit chaotic; now a little bit traumatized.


xxxxxopens many doors.


xxxxxjack of many dabblings, master of no.



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Prasadani Sriyani Manel Weddikkara
Codename None
Birthdate 5 december 2008
Birthplace new haven, ct, usa
Species mutant
Affiliation m-kids, prometheus
Alignment adventuresome
Powers anywhere key
Occupation guinea pig, superhero emeritus
Registration Status None
Faceclaim None
RP Hooks
open door policy - have somewhere you are longing to see? someONE you are missing? homesick? curious about faraway places? just bored and want to get away from it all? sriyani can probably get you... well, if not there, at least you'll probably fail interestingly. they're always down for skipping town for adventure and happy to help you with your travel/visit home/curiousity/adventure/playing hooky needs.
doors closed and locked - jailed in prometheus following ill-advised attempt to rescue two x-kids from the most heavily secured of the prometheus labs, they have recently joined the ranks of labrat community. keen to make friends within the lab, likely keen to build community with other ex-labrats outside.
semi-saddha - very laissez-faire in their buddhism, though culturally it is of high importance to them, they have not given it much thought in terms of what it means in terms of any spiritual or philosophical place in their life. would likely be Highly Interested to eventually speak to other buddhists who have given this thought, especially other theravadans, especially ones who are not their parents, from who these discussions are mostly an irritation.
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