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''Well, hell.''

xxxxx Beau is Beau.


xxxxx Beau stands over seven feet tall and is covered in rippling muscles. At a glance most people would assume he’s in his early thirties, between his build and the shaggy beard that covers his face.


xxxxx Down in Georgia everyone considered Beau weird even before his mutation manifested. He didn’t hunt, fish, go mudding, or enjoy church. At Xavier’s he mostly tries to stay out of the way, but will socialize where he can.


xxxxx Born in Ware county and raised off the main highway in Nahunta, Beau was on the fast track to local nepotism and lax standards. Things went sideways when he quickly grew several feet and his muscles started ballooning. One thing lead to another and his new home was the dormitory at Xavier’s.


xxxxx Beau possesses the strength and durability of Herakles, capable of lifting at max seven-thousand pounds over his head. With the exception of adamantium small and medium rounds bounce off his form, while high caliber rounds will make a little more headway.


xxxxxHe used to make some mean scrambled eggs.



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Leonidas Beauregard Thigpen.
Codename None
Birthday 2006-06-17
Birthplace Waycross, Georgia
Species Mutant
Affiliation X-Kid
Alignment Neutral-Good
Powers Stronk
Occupation Student
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Faceclaim Olivier Richters
RP Hooks
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RP Hook - Explanation.
RP Hook - Explanation.
RP Hook - Explanation.
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