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Cassy is happy go lucky, outgoing and extroverted. She has a short attention span and rarely plans things out in any great detail, which has resulted in her taking up all kinds of fads and short lived hobbies. Despite her poor planning she has a knack for seeming confident and self assured, mostly due to quick thinking and boundless optimism. She loves true crime stories, urban legends and gothic horror.


Cassy is five foot six with pale skin, freckles, green eyes and red hair. She's got a slim build and tends to wear a mix of electronica band t-shirts or t-shirts from animes, mesh tops (either over or under the t-shirts) and pleated skirts. To accessorize she favors brightly colored cheap plastic jewelry, bangles on her arms and necklaces mostly.


Cassy is a new student at Xavier's.


Cassandra Villeneuve was born and raised in the nicer parts of Las Angeles. Her mother Ivy is a criminal defense attorney at a prestigious law firm which mostly deals with celebrity clients and more criminally minded clients who can afford the eye watering fees. While her father Brian is a former TV magician whose show was cancelled part way through the second season and now spends his time as a stay at home dad that occasionally has a cameo role in B-movies or late night cable shows.

As an only child growing up in a nice house with a pool her early years were largely uneventful and by and large happy. Her Mom was often busy with work and not around as much as she would like, but her Dad was at home most days and always willing to spend time with her. Her family could afford great schools, healthcare and all the after school hobbies she could dream of. Practically every other month her interests would shift and she'd be asking for ballet classes or to spend Summer at a circus skills camp. For the most part her unhappiest memories were the little things, fights with friends and arguments with her parents (often about wasting money by wanting to quit classes that had already been paid for).

Things only started to change around the time of her thirteenth birthday. Her Mom lost a case for a violent gang leader and started receiving death threats. Security was fitted around the house, her parents insisted she take self defense classes and for a while police cars would park up outside after some of the more credible threats. Cassy started getting migraines almost constantly which the family doctor assumed was stress related, her parents hired a child therapist and found the time for a few family vacations, but still they gradually got worse. Medication didn't seem to help and while the therapy was good for her there was no end to the discomfort.

Of course the one thing no-one suggested they check for was the X-gene, because that's not something which happens to good girls with well off parents. After nine months of pain her parents got back from a work dinner and found Cassy collapsed in the garden in the middle of a patch of devastation. Plants dead, the fish in the pond boiled alive, the neighbors dogs still barking uncontrollably and the neighborhood scattered with dead birds. While her dad was busy and Cassy was blissfully unconscious her Mom calmly set to sorting things out. A few calls later and the whole family was taking a vacation to an out of the way farm house, the family doctor was on his way there and discreet contractors were booked to clean up and fix the garden. Within twenty four hours any evidence was gone and tests for the X-gene had been sent off under an assumed name.

When Cassy finally woke up she found she could do strange things with sound, hear things she shouldn't possibly be able to hear and her world suddenly changed. The gene test results seemed a little irrelevant in light of her new abilities but fear of causing any more disasters left her unwilling to experiment further with her new talents.

It didn't take much research to find out about Xaviers, not with her families connections and money, and get in touch. Her family could more than afford the fees and she desperately needed the help, so the enrollment process was fairly rapid. While the paperwork was being processed she spent most of her time alone in an unfamiliar farm, trying to do anything but think about this new 'gift' she'd been given.


Sound Generation & Perception - Cassy is able to generate sounds up to 180 decibels for a sustained period of time and has a vastly improved ability to hear sounds. The sounds she generates and perceives can be in both infra-sound & ultrasound ranges, although she needs to concentrate to detect or generate sounds outside the range a regular human could.

Her hearing is sensitive enough she can hear whispers as if they were conversations and regular conversations as if shouted. While the sounds she can produce are loud enough to damage eardrums (in regular frequencies), cause changes to blood pressure and respiratory rates that cause dizziness and chest troubles (with infra-sound) or cause cavitation in liquids that can kill living cells (with ultrasound). She can typically only generate sounds within a single frequency range at once.

Her ability works by causing all the cells of her body vibrate and also to detect sound vibrations around her. This does mean that her ability is quite easy to detect visually, especially as she innately uses her mutation to communicate. She is still able to physically speak, but the part of her brain which controls her vocal cords are tapped into the part which controls her mutation. When using ultrasound these vibrations actually cause her vision to blur slightly. Using her ability she can create just about any sound she can imagine, even copying voices or whole tracks of music, although matching specific people does require practice.

The sounds she produces behave exactly as regular sounds would once she has created them. This means she can't direct them in specific directions, making aggressive uses of her power very dangerous for other people. And while she is largely immune to direct damage caused as a result of sound the sounds she produces do block out other quieter sounds and she has no protection from the consequences of those sounds on her immediate environment. So if she generates ultrasound underwater there is a risk she could raise the temperature in the water enough to hurt herself.

Vibrations from sound may also damage delicate electronics on her person, especially when using powerful ultrasound. Her mutation does also burn quite a lot of energy and frequent use will cause low blood sugar, dizzy spells and eventually blackouts as her body burns through all the available energy although she can reduce the risk by eating high levels of sugar before, during and after power use.

Skills & Resources


Educated - Having been to a variety of good schools Cassy has an above average education. She's not academically gifted enough to be ahead of her year in anything, but she's certainly not behind in any particular subjects.

Magic Tricks - Growing up with a TV Magician for a Dad has meant Cassy knows more than her fair share of magic tricks. She's especially fond of card tricks (and card games in general) and other sleight of hand tricks using small objects. While she's unlikely to become a professional herself her abilities are on a par with a skilled amateur.

Gymnastics and Dance - Cassy has taken a bunch of different dance classes, circus skills and gymnastics classes. She hasn't stuck with any particular area for long, but knows the basics and can tell the different styles apart.

Self Defence - After her family started receiving threats Cassy was forced to take self defence classes. Due to the circumstances the classes also included information on how to avoid being kidnapped and how to act in those situations. She's not especially good at it, but can protect herself a little bit better than a typical girl her age.


Xavier's School Student - As a student at Xavier's Cassy has access to educational resources, supplies and a fairly safe place to train her abilities and skills.

Family Connections - Between the people her Mom knows from work and the media connections her Dad has Cassy can indirectly get access to goods and services that might be harder to obtain. Typically it's just useful for getting concern tickets and autographs, but her parents are protective enough that in an emergency she might be able to get a good lawyer or a doctor willing to carry out off the book treatment no questions asked.

Pocket Money - Coming from a fairly well off family Cassy gets a pretty decent allowance. She gets enough money to buy clothing, music and head out to the cinema largely as and when she likes.



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And everything in between

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Cassy occasionally jokes that her hearing is so good that she can tell when people are lying by listening to changes in their vocal patterns. When she was younger she appeared in an episode of her Dads TV show. He did a trick which involved making her disappear inside a box. She still has the same box as part of her collection of magic tricks & memorabilia.

Note - When the game moved to Discord Cassy got rebooted back to a year 0 start point.


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Full Name
Codename Cascade
Birthdate 2005-06-13
Birthplace Los Angeles, CA
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's Student
Alignment Chaotic Good
Powers Sound Generation & Perception
Occupation Student
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Played By None
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