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Dramatis Personae

Nessie, Gaétan, Kelawini, Nanami, Charles, Cassy


"Eh, you sure this story legit?" (precipitated by an important discovery.)


The Fourth Estate

<XAV> Auditorium - XS Grounds

"... but if there is, like, a pattern of creepy old men starting these weird like -- whip... spike... beating -- club for his triple-X-Men or Brotherhood of Sexy Mutants or whatever don't you think people should know before they send their kids to school or off to become terrorists or whatever the cover story is, this is important." Nessie's voice is hushed but very earnest, all her eyes wide. "Anyway you're the best video editor here and we need a quick turnaround before he hears about this because he hears about everything and we have to get this to press -- um -- I mean not press but out -- you know what I mean! You can do it, right?"

Halfway back in the seats, one splinted ankle propped casually up on an armrest in the row in front of him, Gaétan was watching the rehearsal in progress down on the stage below. Was. Somewhere in the middle of Nessie's chatter his attention has been fully captured, evident in the slow slide of both his feet firmly to the ground, the slow twist of his posture in his seat to face the other student, even if his expression doesn't much change from an ambiguous pensiveness. The pen he's holding waggles quick between his first two fingers, tapping at the corner of his mouth -- helpfully, this at least partially obscures the way it is trying hard not to twitch. One eyebrow lifts, when she's done speaking. "Catch me after rehearsal, yeah?" He's turning back forward, only as an afterthought rolling his head to the side to add: "-- My name does not go anywhere on this shit."


<XAV> Conservatory - Xavier's School

"I'll do it!" Kelawini leaps up from where she'd been sitting on the broad low bough of the banyan tree in the Conservatory, which looks almost deliberately shaped as seating. "Well, me and Nanami. We hacked a Sentinel on the other side, you think this is gonna be hard?" She straightens to her full height, "You guys' video gon show up in everyone's email." It's very much an afterthought when she narrows her eyes just a little suspiciously at her roommate. "Eh, you sure this story legit?"

"Cassy heard it herself," Nessie answers, like this is incontrovertible evidence, "you know she hears everything. Besides, it's my job to keep the people informed." She bounces slightly on her deceptively spindly-looking legs, flashing her roomate a grateful smile as she turns to scurry off again. "Thanks, you guys are basically like wizards and this is important news I need this to go off without a hitch!"


<XAV> Nessie and Kelawini's Dorm - Xavier's School

"You wen get da kine, ya?" Nanami is looking down at Kelawini's phone, not for the first time. She doesn't actually wait for confirmation -- she's watched it already. She did not ask if this was legit on Nessie's approach, eyes wide and hand over her mouth to (unsuccessfully) stifle her amusement, but she is earnest and intent now, here, sitting across from Kelawini with hand outstretched. It is, as it always is, intense at the first grasp of their hands. A ripple that becomes a tidal wave, cascading out through the school over and through all the computers, phones, signals it can find. The video goes with it, coasting along with Nanami's delighted amusement, embedding itself anonymously into every inbox it can reach.

Kelawini watches the video with as much glee this time as when she first saw it, and she's no less eager than Nanami when their hands join. "We send out da kine, dem sukebe pau get big head!" Her easy optimistic prediction seems to bear out, at least at first. The wave piles higher with each device they engulf, and for a moment riding at its crest they're on top of the world. And then the wave breaks hard and uneven, blasting data helter-skelter through formidable firewalls and out, well beyond the school's network. For a moment every electronic device in the mansion goes haywire and then dark. "Aiya!" She's pressing the heel of one hand into a throbbing eye socket, the pain still faintly sensible to Nanami even after they jerked their hands back as one. "Ho, we wen jam up."


<XAV> Headmaster's Office - Xavier's School

Professor Charles Xavier is not amused. He made tea in what would be stony silence to most students, but Cassy could hear his teeth grind periodically. Now he's just gazing at her impassively from behind his steepled fingers. "Young lady," he says, finally, his voice gentle but grave. "I hope you do not need to be told that your prank was both disrespectful and highly unwise. I have been an educator long enough to accept insults to my own person as a sort of occupational hazard. But in seeking to ridicule me, you and your accomplices have destroyed school as well as personal property out in the surrounding communities, drawing potentially dangerous attention." He puts his hands down, expression unchanged. "What do you have to say for yourself, before I decide on disciplinary action?"

"What do you mean a prank?" Cassy wonders. No stranger to being sent to see authority figures. "We were trying to convey the news. Did it get sensationalised in the process? Perhaps. But we were trying to stay true to the First Amendment. Freedom of the press and freedom of speech. I thought your singing was good." <<Don't think about talent shows. Don't think about talent shows.>> "I admit the damage was... regrettable. But it was never intended! Why would be break stuff when we wanted people to see the story?"

She shakes her head. "We get told in ethics class we should be honest and tell the truth. But when we do it's disrespectful because it's not the truth you wanted us to share..."


During study period Wednesday, a giant EMP rippled through Xavier's and part of the surrounding town and county. Communications through Salem Center and parts of Westchester were briefly disrupted and many electronic devices crashed -- some permanently damaged. Throughout Xavier's School itself, all cellphones, electronic devices, communications, were down for the day, the full extent of the damage taking days to sort through.

The truly bizarre aftermath of the damage, though, was a video deposited into the inbox of every person in the blast zone which soon went viral as communications in the surrounding area came back online -- a quite well produced and musically catchy, if somewhat baffling, video -- clearly made by teenagers with too much time on their hands -- featuring the headmaster of the local prestigious Xavier's School for the Gifted and set to Ryan Black's hit song "Master", a pop song notable for its risque S&M lyrics about Magneto (quite controversial as it was released shortly in the wake of the Liberty Island incident.) The video heavily insinuates that Professor Charles Xavier (a fan of the song) must therefore be the head of a secret cult of kinksters and has in short order spawned a new meme conjecturing what outlandish nonsense their own teachers must be up to based on what songs they have been listening to lately.