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I'm Looking for Hope

xxxxxThe founder and headmaster of Xavier's School for Gifted Younger has taught, mentored, protected, cared for, befriended, or employed (most often a combination) a statistically significant portion of the New York mutant community in the last 40 years. The rest of the world knows him as the venerable philanthropist and x-geneticist Dr. Charles Xavier, but to many mutants in his orbit he is simply The Professor.


xxxxxAn elderly white man who is almost always seen in one of his numerous custom wheelchairs (both manual and powered). He has pale blue-gray eyes, a smooth bald head, and stands around 5'8" when he stands (which he does very rarely, with either braces and crutches or another person's support). On most schools days he wears a range of Donegal tweed suits skillfully tailored for better comfort and drape in a seated arrangement, but he favors more businesslike black, gray, and navy suits when out in the world. On weekends and holidays, he dresses down to soft button-down shirts, slacks, and cardigans. He speaks with a delicate English (received) accent and projects a sense of calm self-assurance.


xxxxxHis fame is very contextual, but for those who pay attention to such things, he is known as a billionaire philanthropist with a particular interest in mutant rights. In the field of genetics, he is a world-renowned expert in the X-gene who has penned countless papers and dozens of books the subject. In high society, he is well-liked as a charming gentleman scholar from old money. In certain circles of the mutant community in New York (XS alumni, staff, and others who have connections to the school) and small pockets of the Utopian diaspora around the world, he is known as a powerful telepath and elder of the mutants rights movement. The rest of the mutant community regards him as a wealthy human ally, his dedication to mutant rights activism commonly attributed to a closeted mutant family member, though there are always rumors in some quarters the family member in question is himself.


xxxxxBorn into wealth and privilege, Charles Xavier focused his scientific studies on the mystery of the powerful telepathic abilities he manifested as a child. In 1973, he proposed the idea of an unknown genetic factor that triggers remarkable leaps in evolution, though his thesis on the subject garnered very little attention at the time. The trajectory of his life was forever altered when in 1975 he met and befriended another mutant, Erik Lensherr.

xxxxxTwo men gathered more mutants to them, sheltering them at Xavier Mansion in Westchester, New York, and eventually founded a mutant homeland on an island in the Atlantic. They called their nation "Utopia", and for the few short years it existed, it was an almost self-sufficient, largely egalitarian, and wholly communistic society. When the United States sent a naval taskforce to subdue what they called a rogue state, Utopia tried to evacuate but still lost dozens of lives when the ships brought the full force of their bombardment to bear. In the chaos of their last stand, Charles was badly wounded and rendered paraplegic.

xxxxxCharles, Erik, and a handful of Utopians returned to Westchester and gradually built their community back up and fostered the beginnings of the mutant rights movement. As the historic but anonymous Subjects X and Y, they helped Moira isolate and sequence the X-gene and later founded Genetic Equality and the Mutant Liberation Front. Despite their love and respect for one another, Charles and Erik came to disagree on the best way to secure a safe and free future for their people. After Erik departed Xavier Mansion (with a few members of their little family), Charles founded Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, a middle and high school dedicated to helping mutant children who need shelter, education, or assistance learning to control their powers.


xxxxxHe is an absurdly powerful telepath.


Science: Mostly biology, especially genetics, and he is one of the leading experts in the field of x-genetics. Beyond those, he has a particular interest in nuclear physics, magnetism, and neurology.

History: Mostly European and Near-Eastern, with a specific focus on mytho-historical elements like legendary heroes he suspect may have been early mutants.

Teaching: He has a master's degree and decades of experience in secondary education. He favors the Socratic approach and tends to assign a lot of optional reading.

Computer Operation: Actually much more tech savvy than most of his students, though he's not great at picking the Right Emoji.

Driving/piloting: Can drive manual and automatic cars and buses, and also operate airplanes (inc. the Blackbird) with adaptive controls.

Sports: He is a strong swimmer and uses this as his main form of exercise. He loves horseback riding and still indulges occasionally. He also practices yoga and is a decent fencer.

Languages: In descending order of fluency, he speaks English, French, German, Yiddish, Scots, Latin, Arabic, ancient Greek, Spanish, and Biblical Hebrew.


We'll Walk Hand-in Hand

I'm Not Mad, I'm Disappointed

  • Erik -'re better than this...

Now I'm Mad

  • Erik -'ve crossed the line...


  • Dawson - You deserved so much better
  • Erik - dear friend...
  • Jax - Why couldn't you listen?
  • Hive - Don't repeat my mistakes
  • Polaris - You deserve so much better


  • Erik - ...please come home
  • He is a (not particularly strict) vegetarian and an (extremely white) Zen Buddhist
  • He has kept a succession of cats named Greymalkin for almost 40 years
  • He has perhaps startlingly eclectic musical tastes from overhearing songs stuck in other people's heads

[[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]]

Charles Francis Xavier
Codename Professor X
Birthdate July 13th, 1950
Birthplace Salem Center, New York
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's
Alignment Why Can't We All Just Get Along?
Powers Telepathy
Occupation Headmaster/teacher/geneticist
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Faceclaim Patrick Stewart
RP Hooks
Welcome to My School - The founder and headmaster of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, he cares deeply about the well-being of his faculty, staff, and students. Keeping abreast of their individual lives is harder now than than when the school was smaller, but he still tries to show friendly interest when given the opportunity.
Fancy a Game? - He is an enthusiastic and competent chess player, though not actually an extraordinarily skilled one. Offering a game is a surefire way to get on his good side, or at least hold his complete attention for a while.
The Key to Evolution - A brilliant and widely respected geneticist, he and Moira MacTaggert pioneered the study of the X-gene. He's always happy to talk to students and researchers with an interest in his field, and getting him to talk about genetics is a great way to sidetrack him in class (or just about anywhere else).
Join Me for a Cuppa - He drinks tea constantly, but is also fond of coffee and enjoys sharing a cup with anyone who comes calling.
Back in My Day... - An old man who has lived an eventful life, he rarely volunteers personal stories but can easily be coaxed into talking about the early days of the mutant community he helped to build. He might even show you his (extensive) photo albums.
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