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I am Jewish. I am a mutant. I want people to know who and what I am.

xxxxx Pryde of the X-Men.


xxxxx Kitty is short (only 5'2") and wiry, strong in an unassuming, unapparent way – lean muscle tone but a softness in her face that routinely makes people underestimate her. Open and friendly features, big expressive brown eyes and a resting expression that often looks like she's about to smile. She has an eclectic sense of fashion that's mostly cobbled together from her friends – she loves to be comfortable, first, colorful second, and for her clothes to show off her love for the stars. Has highly textured curly hair for a White People – her battle to tame the frizz and curls into something manageable and loved is ongoing.


xxxxx To most mutants in NYC, a friendly face at both mutant community and Jewish community events who has been more active at protests since ~2020. People affiliated with the Xavier's school know her as one of Many Alumni that do not achieve escape velocity of the school, and is often around for X-Men Reasons. Known to be helpful, and often volunteers her uncanny mutant ability of Owning a Car in New York to help people move. To other scientists, a brilliant astrophysicist that would go so far if only she stopped talking about mutants all the time on Twitter and actually finish her dissertation.


xxxxx Katherine “Kitty” Pryde is the only child of Carmen Pryde and his ex-wife Theresa, Jewish Americans of Polish and Russian origin, and the only grandchild of several Holocaust survivors. She grew up in the upper middle class suburb of Deerfield, IL, with access to extracurriculars, good public schools, and robust Jewish community.

xxxxx When she was ten, Kitty was kidnapped after school by members of a Chicago based criminal organization, and held hostage for several weeks. At the time she was told this was to motivate her father's participation in a large operation. After her eventual release, she began taking self-defense classes and never stopped.

xxxxx Kitty's mutant manifestation was triggered by a nightmare flashback to this ordeal, where upon waking she found she had fallen – but not from the top of a Chicago skyscraper, but through her bed and the floors of her house into the basement. She was recruited personally by Charles Xavier to join his school to learn to control her powers. Once she was out of the house, her mother filed for divorce – in the same year, Kitty learned that her father had deliberately arranged for a longer kidnapping to try and compel ransom money out of Kitty's grandparents. All of this knowledge coincided with the death of her grandfather, Holocaust survivor Samuel Prydeman, and Kitty was compelled to speak in his place at a meeting of survivors that year in Carmen's place. All this personal turmoil messed heavily with her ability to manage her mutation at the beginning of her time at Xaviers. In spite of all this, Kitty excelled academically over the next four years. She was salutatorian and class president of her graduating class before matriculating at Columbia.

xxxxx After hearing about the rescue of her classmate Jackson Holland by the X-Men, Kitty was quietly fascinated by the vigilante group. She joined the team in 2013, but was discouraged from joining the other team her friends and former classmates were on. Beyond a brief period in 2017 Kitty spent traveling, she has been exclusively New York based for her near decade with the X-Men. She began PhD studies in astrophysics at NYU in 2018, focused on the search for exoplanets.

xxxxx After the death of her friend Dawson Allred in late 2020, Kitty became much more active in NYC mutant rights protests, to the detriment of her studies. After a particularly high profile incident after a Free Jackson Holland protest in 2022, she was compelled to register as part of the conditions of remaining in her academic program. Currently, she is juggling the completion of her dissertation with her duties as an X-Man, her obligations to her community, the logistics of dating Wanted Terrorist Leonid Concepcion, and the emotional turmoil of her father moving to NYC.


xxxxx walks through walls.


xxxxx Proficient in close-quarters combat, particularly Krav Maga and other hand-to-hand techniques, with strong influences from martial arts training. Hates guns, but knows how to use small handguns and pistols. Does not fence…. but knows kendo. Was a talented dancer once, and still has that flexibility.

xxxxx English native speaker, fluent in Japanese and Modern Hebrew, waning conversational fluency in Russian, and a few phrases of Yiddish. Actively learning ASL

xxxxx double major in astrophysics and computer science. Not a hacker or a robot or AI developer, but a strong scientific coder, highly internet fluent.

xxxxx Not quite as cool as some of her other teammates in a crisis, but she's up there in level headed competence.


Solar System: home

  • Charles - Planet X -- the gravity of this potential planet might explain the unusual orbits of those Kuiper objects.
  • Dawson
  • Jax - B[e] star: extremely luminous, beautifully blue; distinctive forbidden neutral lines in its spectrum.
  • Leo - binary planet: two planetary-mass objects orbiting each other.

Orion–Cygnus Arm: close, and closer everyday

Milky Way: distant neighbours

  • Akihiro
  • Dusk - 2I/Borisov: rogue comet, visiting from somewhere else and speeding away from here.
  • Michael Xavier - Neutron star: by the time we cane perceive it, this star is already collapsing.
  • Steve
  • Scott - Carbon star: a red giant near the end of its lifetime.

Space Debris: problems to be solved

  • Lucien - Unidentified Flying Object: absolute conspiracy theory bullshit. but like, it would be neat if it was a spaceship, one of these times
  • Carmen - StarLink: whatever good it does is not worth ruining the night sky
  • Robbie - what is that, anyway?
  • Random facts you think are worth knowing about your character.
  • And more random facts!
  • And more.

Katepryde2.png Kitty1.jpg Kitty-fc-1.jpg

Katherine Anne Pryde
Codename Shadowcat
Birthdate June 13th, 1994
Birthplace Deerfield, Illinois
Species Mutant
Affiliation X-Men
Alignment Tired Good
Powers Intangibility
Occupation Grad Student
Registration Status Registered (7Am)
Face Claim Ilana Degann
Pronouns she/her
RP Hooks
Fight Like a Girl - Trained in a variety of martial arts, Kitty's favourite way to burn off steam is in the dojo. She's always down for a friendly (or not-so-friendly) scrap.
Am Yisrael Chai - Has lived in New York for most of a decade and is active in the Jewish community, particularly the parts that are mutant-friendly, queer-friendly, and generally radical. If your character is Jewish in this city, they'll meet her sooner or later, if they haven't already.
Internet Scientist - An active threader of Science Twitter, Kitty has become notorious in some internet circles for Making Everything About Mutant Rights. One of the few out mutant scientists in astrophysics. If your character is an early career scientist with a web presence, they have probably read one of her threads.
To me, my X-Men - Member of the vigilantes known as the X-Men: while still a secret team, the team and its membership are a loosely open secret in New York's mutant community. Need a rescue? She's a superhero, and friends with a lot more.
Family Matters - Her father has a reputation in Chicago and is growing one in New York as The Guy to know to make money disappear, reappear, and look good to the IRS no matter where it came from. Kitty doesn't want to be a crime accountant heiress, but the last name Pryde is uncommon enough that people might make the connection anyway.
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