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I am Jewish. I am a mutant. I want people to know who and what I am.

xxxxx Pryde of the X-Men.


xxxxxKitty is short and wiry, all muscle tone and curly brown hair. Standing at 5’2”, she stares people down with big brown eyes and a resting scowl daring people to mess with her. Her forehead is big and a point of adolescent anxiety. She used to care a lot about her appearance - these days she lives in athlesiure wear and messy buns, provided her Ashkenaz curls cooperate.


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xxxxxKatherine “Kitty” Pryde is the only child of Carmen and Theresa Pryde, second generation Polish Jewish Americans, and the only grandchild of a Holocaust survivor. She grew up in a upper middle class suburb with access to extracurriculars, good public schools, and Jewish community.

xxxxxShortly after she turned ten, Kitty was kidnapped after school by members of a Chicago based criminal organization. She was held hostage to threaten her father, who to Kitty’s shock was involved in white-collar crime through the bank he worked at. After her return, Kitty was enrolled in self-defence classes.

xxxxxAfter her thirteenth birthday, Kitty began to experience terrible headaches and nightmares of falling through the floor. One day she woke up to find she had fallen through the floor, in the first manifestation of her mutation. She was shortly thereafter recruited to the Xavier School, where she excelled throughout academically. Kitty was fascinated with the X-Men team and joined up as soon as she could.

xxxxxThough her parents wanted her to return to Chicago for university, Kitty stayed in New York, attending Columbia for undergraduate studies and NYU for her PhD in physics. Even though she had lots of college credit from XS, Kitty still took the full four years to graduate as she tried to balance academics with her obligations as an X-Man. She took a year off after graduation from university to travel and try to regain life balance, something she has always struggled with. Currently she is approaching completion of a PhD in astrophysics at NYU.


xxxxx walks through walls.


xxxxx martial artist, trained x-man, accomplished astrophysicist. speaks some Hebrew, Japanese, and Russian. has a car, knows how to drive it.


Solar System: home

  • Charles - (placeholder -- close, but wobbling out of orbit)
  • Isra - (placeholder -- close, but still in need of exploration)
  • Jax - B[e] star: extremely luminous, beautifully blue; distinctive forbidden neutral lines in its spectrum.
  • Leo - binary planet: two planetary-mass objects orbiting each other.

Orion–Cygnus Arm: close, and closer everyday

  • Marinov - (placeholder -- a settling orbit)
  • X-Men - (placeholder -- a trusted defense)
  • Blink - (placeholder -- the potential of a black hole)
  • DJ - (placeholder -- multiversal theory: are we actually alone out here?)
  • Joshua - (placeholder -- some sort of reflection of earth)

Milky Way: distant neighbours

  • Dusk - 2I/Borisov: rogue comet, visiting from somewhere else and speeding away from here.
  • Michael Xavier - Neutron star: by the time we cane perceive it, this star is already collapsing.
  • Robbie - (placeholder -- what is that, anyway?)
  • Scott - Carbon star: a red giant near the end of its lifetime.

Space Debris: problems to be solved

  • Lucien - Unidentified Flying Object: absolute conspiracy theory bullshit
  • Carmen - StarLink: whatever good it does, it's ruins visibility
  • Random facts you think are worth knowing about your character.
  • And more random facts!
  • And more.

Katepryde2.png Kitty1.jpg Kitty-fc-1.jpg

Katherine Anne Pryde
Codename Shadowcat
Birthdate June 13th, 1994
Birthplace Deerfield, Illinois
Species Mutant
Affiliation X-Men
Alignment Tired Good
Powers Intangibility
Occupation Grad Student
Registration Status Mutant, 7Am
Face Claim Ilana Degann
Pronouns she/her
RP Hooks
Fight Like a Girl - A trained martial artist, Kitty's favourite way to burn off steam is in the dojo. She's always down for a friendly (or not-so-friendly) scrap.
Am Yisrael Chai - Has lived in New York for most of a decade and is active in the Jewish community, particularly the parts that are mutant-friendly. If your character is Jewish in this city, they'll meet her sooner or later.
Internet Scientist - An active member of Science Twitter, Kitty has become notorious in some internet circles for Making Everything About Mutant Rights. One of the few out mutant scientists in astrophysics. If your character is an early career scientist with a web presence, they have probably read one of her threads.
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