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Music is the one true language of the world.

Alex is a former student of Xavier's. He is now a teacher and an auxiliary member of the X-Men team.


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Normally he is quiet when he first meets a person, unless something about them catches his attention. But once he opens up to someone nothing is sacred. He is a flirt, he's notorious for being sassy and at time just outright insane with his mannerisms. Even his enemies are thrown for loops when he decides to be open on the field.


Born and raised in Owensboro, Kentucky, Alexander had a mostly normal life. He was the gay son of a single lesbian mother. This made him a prime target for bullies most of his school-life. That is until his mutant powers kicked in. At that point his bullies avoided him for fear of his "condition" being contagious. Despite all this he had a passion for music. He loved to sing and would go on to join his school's choir and take voice lessons that his mother would manage to sign him up for through her limited connections. His mother's family highly disapproved of him being a singer as men in their family usually worked with their hands, carpenters and farmers and the such. His freshman year of High School his mother was able to enroll and transfer him to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. It was there that he learned to control his and harness his powers and eventually graduate. He never joined the X-Men as a full member, preferring to be an auxiliary member an staying out of harms way unless absolutely needed. After graduation Alexander decided to go to NYC for a while to try out new thing. He spent some time working for a young mutants suicide hotline, where he talked to people in need. After that he spent some time back in his hometown, helping his mother with thing. Eventually he returned to Salem Center and ended up working at Sinkers and Suds, where he works a server. When he isn't working at S&S he teaches Choir at Xavier's. Being that it was a passion of his growing up, he figured it was only right that he help teach those that shared his passion.


Alex’s body manufactures threads of silk identical to those of a spider. It is emitted from the pores of his skin. It’s actually made from protein, just like a spider’s silk. In addition to emitting the threads he has the ability to control the directions and motions of the threads via tiny prehensile muscles around his pores. These muscles are what also allows him from constantly emitting the threads. The threads are rather weak on their own. But due to the amount being emitted, they can support his weight. With the prehensile muscles he’s able to weave them together to make thicker, more sturdy, threads, that are almost cable-like when done right. The threads are sticky, allowing him to catch opponents. When done correctly, he can manipulate his threads into forms like personal shields, barriers to block off an area for protection, and so forth. Being a chemical compound, if Alex consumes certain of proteins or milks, his threads will be affected. For instance, if he drinks goat milk his threads will take on a harder consistency, making them almost bullet proof. The main drawback to this power is that uses proteins from Spindle’s body. The bigger and more extravagant use of his power, the more protein he uses. This can result in weaker threads, fatigue, and even loss of consciousness due to no energy. This is the reason for his suit having multiple pockets and compartments, to carry all kinds of protein.


Alexander is a singer. He took choir lessons from fourth grade all the way till he joined Xavier's. While not an expert fighter, Alexander does know how to fight thanks to his time being bullied. And he's pretty decent with computers, by no means is he a computer wiz, but he does know a thing or two.



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Full Name
Alexander Magnus
Alexander Magnus.jpg
Codename Spindle
Birthdate March 6th, 1986
Birthplace Owensboro, KY
Species Homosuperier
Affiliation Xavier's/X-Men
Alignment Chaotic Neutral/Good
Powers Spider Silk
Occupation Teacher and Server
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Played By ChameleonKnight
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