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Sweet Greens

xxxxxThe youngest of her family, Kieow has a tendency to behave like everyone's kid sister. Life has not been kind to this physical mutant, so while she seems sweet, she's got a lot of strength at the core of her.


xxxxxKieow half human half plant. Her appearance and shape remain the same - that of a teenage Thai girl, but her flesh is variable, depending entirely on what plants she's recently had contact with. The transition can be slow, so she doesn't change at the drop of a hat and tries to settle on something manageable for the day and the environment and the needs of the day. She can and often sports leaves anywhere skin is exposed to the sun, but also tries to make herself look as cute as possible.


xxxxxKieow's a recent addition to Xavier's school, having arrived when she was ill, frail, and struggling with English. With the help of her brothers, she managed to bounce back with a better grasp of English as well. When one of her brothers died (killed by Guardian robots in New York City), she disappeared from school for a while.


xxxxxKieow is the youngest of eight children and not the first mutant in her family. Born in rural Thailand, her family made the trek to Bangkok when their father couldn't continue to fish for a living. He had fallen ill too many times, taking a toll on his physical strength and financial wellbeing. In Bangkok, mother found work that could support the family better and being closer to extended family helped both parents keep an eye on their horde of youngins. Her father never fully recovered and passed away a few years after the move.

xxxxxAs Kieow grew older, going to school became more difficult for her. In primary school, many of her classmates lived nearby and welcomed her readily, but when she started lower secondary (middle school in the US), things got worse for her. Other students from farther away communities began to oppose her receiving additional education. It seemed logical to the kids that she be allowed to attend to a point, but she would be taking valuable seats from other more worthy (read: normal looking) students. Parents began to get involved, polarizing their district against her. They believed that it was time for "the freak" to stay at home and stop flaunting her abnormal nature.

xxxxxWhen the pandemic hit in early 2020, Kieow was hit harder than anyone else in her family. The human aspects of her physiology shut down, leaving her mute and breathless, living like a plant, in soil and water. When she never seemed to recover, her eldest brother(s) in the US worked together to get her to New York to be cured and enrolled in school at Xavier's.


xxxxxThis girl is a plant - mostly. She has a hybrid cellular structure that resembles human physiological systems. She has fibrous bones instead of calcified tissue, both chlorophyll and blood in her veins to both oxygenate and feed her systems, and root type flesh on her feet and in her mouth (primarily her tongue) that allow her to absorb nutrients in more ways than one.

xxxxxKieow also has a bit of a secondary mutation where she can encourage plant growth, but it is minimal at best, letting her save plants almost gone from poor care or environmental issues, making her about as effective as a grow lamp or fertilizer.


xxxxxKieow is a fantastic cook and makes candies from malted barley for fun. She's very handy at surviving in tropical environments because of the camping trips she took with her friends when she was smaller. And can definitely do underwater basket weaving, but prefers to work with dry materials. She can now speak English fluently!



  • Hive - Eldest Brother Bua - trusted implicitly and never tries to pull any shit on him because he's kind of a telepath and would know anyway.
  • Dawson - Eldest Brother Fon - gone but never forgotten.
  • Lily - Sister - Brought in by relation to Dawson, so still new and untested.


  • Astrid - Roommate - has a chill personality despite blowing up sometimes.
  • Isolde - Has a lot of words, it seems.
  • ... - ...
  • Kelawini - Seems like good people.
  • K.C. - May not speak expressively, but definitely has goodness in there. Fon taught her.
  • Marcus - Quiet, but nice and a very lovely blue.
  • Naomi - Seems shy, but also likes gardening. It's a good start.
  • Tomas - please no.


  • Jax - Part time babysitter, part time freedom fighter.
  • Tian-Shin - Saved my butt from that terrible person.
  • Matt - The other teacher in a wheelchair(?) - helps Bua keep his head together.


  • Steve - Captain Hotpants. Haven't met him in person yet, but...
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Sumalee "Kieow" Suphamongkhon
Codename None
Birthdate April 18, 2007
Birthplace Thailand
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's School
Alignment None
Powers Not easy being green
Occupation Student
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Faceclaim Narikunn "Frung" Ketprapakorn
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