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xxxxxStriking and noticeable, Nessie is a hard person to overlook. From the waist up she is more or less human-shaped -- though her leanly muscled curve-less body provides no real context clues as to gender. Where she does have skin -- arms, torso, face -- it is lightly tanned, her face narrow and hairless though a hard-shelled carapace armors her skull. Her eyes are large and solid black -- all three pairs of them, two where one might expect and two beady smaller pairs nestled along the edge of the carapace.

The lower half of her body does not resemble most humans' at all. A long lateral abdomen and a long segemented spike-tipped tail, both shelled in hard armor as well; she walks on four multi-jointed claw-tipped legs, another pair of pincer-limbs down near where her waist joins the shelled body. Overall more arachnoid than human in form and movement, even among mutant community she tends to stand out.




xxxxxBorn a scorpion, still a scorpion.


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Vanessa Grace Pelayo
Codename None
Birthdate February 3, 2004
Birthplace Queens, NY
Species Mutant
Affiliation Morlocks
Alignment None
Powers Scorpionish
Registration Status n/a
Played By None
RP Hooks
Good Eyes - A talented hand with a sketchbook, with a particular affinity for portraiture.
Monstrous Love - Has a strong affinity for other particularly monstrous mutants and will generally go out of her way to befriend them. Conversely, has a strong distrust for humans as well as human-passing mutants, and generally has a much higher bar before she will accept that they are OK to risk befriending.
RP Hook - Explanation.
RP Hook - Explanation.
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