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slowly and surely your senses will cease to resist.

xxxxxA freak's freak, from powers to face.


xxxxxShe's a beanpole of a teenager, 5' 7", still growing, and gangly. Light green eyes are framed by jet-black scales that cover her entire forehead and cheekbones, giving her an intimidating look even when she's smiling. The scales are present other places, most notably her shoulderblades, but she usually covers them up. She wears a lot of black, dark purple, green, and silver. Her hair is in locs -- unlike her brother's hair, her locs don't move.


xxxxx XS Sophomore. Well-known to be a mind stealer before she even started school. Rumours only grew from there, particularly among the students who did not go missing with her in 2020. One of only a few obviously mutant kids at school -- if the mind control doesn't drive folks off, the scales tend to. Well-known to be Lael's little sister, who is very protective of her. Prickly to those who stare -- while she will not actually mind control you out of her way, she definitely is not quashing the rumours that she has done that to other kids. Theatre and band kids know her as an exceptionally talented and dedicated percussionist, and budding orchestrator.


xxxxx The last children of Sarah and Abednego Winters, Naomi grew up being praised by her parents just for being 'normal'. While her favorite brother (who had Cool Eyes and Moving Hair! So Cool!) was shipped off to their grandmothers, Naomi was kept around as a testament to the town of Helen that the Winters were still normal, not a family of mutants. During the tourist season she was able to escape to the woods to hang out with her brother and his friends, but during social events in town Naomi was kept close by.

When she was 11, her grandmother died and shit hit the fan at home. Lael started hearing voices - everyone's voices - and soon ran away from home. Naomi managed to keep in contact with him during this time, intermittantly and mostly on the school wifi. She did a lot of Googling of her brother's symptoms, concluding with him in time that a) he was probably experiencing telepathy and b) hey, isn't NYC full of mutants? She sent him a link to Evolve Cafe's website, which lead eventually to Lael enrolling at Xavier's.

With Lael safely away at that school in New York, Naomi got to focus on her own problems. For the first years of her life, Naomi had chronically dry skin, particularly on her face, that hardly responded to moisturizers. Around her 12th birthday, these patches began to change into patches of keratin, snake-like jet-black scales. Her body is now covered in patches of these scales, most notably on her forehead and cheekbones but also on her shoulder blades. Now, she looked a little bit more like her snake brother.

She was expecting anger from her parents, and was met with tears at first. But then she asked them not to be mad, and suddenly they weren't. During the lockdown of COVID-19 in Helen, she tested the limits of her new powers, and once New York City was inoculated in April, Naomi flew out to meet her brother in Westchester, and enroll at Xavier's for the coming fall.


xxxxx Naomi steals your mind.

more information:

xxxxxNaomi can persuade anyone to do anything for her, almost. Lots of caveats that she is still figuring it out - people have to be able to hear her, for one. Right now, her power seems to be limited to actions someone can take in the next hour. People under the influence of her mutation think they have come up with the idea themselves, usually - but it will seem reasonable in their remembering of it. She can't make them forget they helped her.

As she comes up on the limits of her powers, Naomi could one day force someone to do something wildly opposed to their own desires - but she's not quite there yet. She can't ever convince someone to hurt themselves or others if that desire doesn't exist already. Same with taking actions in direct opposition to their morality. The stronger the target's opposition to an action, the more strain it takes on Naomi to persuade them, to the point of her giving up or (in extreme cases) fainting.

People with stronger psionic resistance, like telepaths, are more resistant to her influence. For those with experience with telepaths tromping around in their heads, they are able to recognize they are being influenced, whether or not they try to fight it.

It's usually a conscious choice to activate her powers now - in the beginning, they activated automatically when Naomi was scared or angry. Still does, sometimes. To get better control, Naomi has been trying to ritualize the process - she has a notebook full of phrases she's trying out, to come up with one that she always uses with her powers. She thinks it would be cool to have a catchphrase, and she would be less likely to use her powers unintentionally. The use of her power comes with a physiological cue - green eyes glowing emerald and pupils narrowing into slits like her brother.


xxxxxby no means a hacker, Naomi is just good at digging up old shit online. Wayback machine, specific search engine commands. A Zoomer who knows how to torrent. Talented percussionist. Pretty damn good at make-up.


we been through hell...


y'all went before us,

y'all missed the field trip,

y'all met us there.

  • youngest of four siblings - Ezekial, Hannah, then Lael.
XS Schedule
Fall 2023
  • Art: Introductory Theory and Composition
  • Language: French 7
  • PE: Self-Defense
  • Extracurricular: Xavier's Players (Pit Band)
Spring 2023
  • Computer Science: Robotics
  • Language: French 6
  • Mathematics: Trig/Precalc (3/3)
  • History: AP World History (3/3)
  • Science: Evolution
  • Extracurricular: Xavier's Players (Pit Band)
Winter 2022-2023
  • Art: Band
  • Language: French 5
  • Mathematics: Trig/Precalc (2/3)
  • History: AP World History (2/3)
  • Science: Biology
  • PE: Principles of Fitness
  • Extracurricular: Xavier's Players (Pit Band)
Fall 2022
  • Art: Band
  • Language: French 4
  • Mathematics: Trig/Precalc (1/3)
  • English: Playwriting
  • Ethics: Power and Social Responsibility
  • History: AP World History (1/3)
Summer 2022
  • PE: Swimming
  • Ethics: The Ethics of Power
Spring 2022
  • Art: Band
  • English: The Old Testament
  • Language: French 3
  • Mathematics: Geometry (3/3)
  • Voc. Tech: Puppetry and Props
  • Extracurriculars: Xavier's Players (Pit Band)
Winter 2021-2022
  • Art: Band
  • Language: French 2
  • Mathematics: Geometry (2/3)
  • Health: Thriving in Community
  • Extracurriculars: Xavier's Players (Pit Band)
Fall 2021
  • Art: Band
  • Language: French 1
  • Health: Teen Health Matters
  • Mathematics: Geometry (1/3)
  • PE: Yoga as Meditation
  • English: Expository Writing

middle school: 2020-2021
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • Introduction to Instrumental Music
  • Algebra
  • Extracurriculars: Xavier's Players (Pit Band), The Lightning Thief


Willowsmith1.jpeg [[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]]

Naomi Winters
Codename n/a
Birthdate 7/16/2007
Birthplace Helen, Georgia
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's, Prometheus
Alignment TikTok Teen
Powers Silver Tongue
Occupation Student, Labrat
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Faceclaim Willow Smith
RP Hooks
snakeskin - .
drumming song - A very talented drummer, Naomi is proficient with almost every percussion instrument in the Xavier's music room and learning how to write ochestrations. She is down to jam as well as fix your original songs.
born this way(?) - Recently out as queer at Xavier's via dating Harm, and not trying to hide it in Jail. Has a lot of questions about this part of her life still, and how to navigate queerness along with her other marginalizations. Are you Black and queer? A freak and queer? She wants to talk to you.
want a souvenir from hell? - Went to another dimension and is currently in mutant torture science jail. Swears she's not doing this on purpose, but damn does she got stories now.
trust in me - Also, her power is mind control. Sometimes, this is a ethical nightmare. Sometimes, it's very helpful.
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