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xxxxxCautious but curious audiokinetic trying to figure out what convictions and community could look like, now. Is paying attention to everything behind that book or earbuds, but only fifteen percent chance of speaking if not spoken to.


xxxxxEcho is 5'8" and, though she attained this height around two years ago, moves as though she is slightly surprised that she takes up space and is trying not to. Her collarbone-length black hair is straight and thick, seen primarily as an obstacle to detangle or get out of her glasses (tortoiseshell acetate, but importantly, with nosepads). There is a tentative air about her expressions, but she smiles often, if not fully. While her build has softened from childhood athleticism, she retains muscle mostly in her thighs and glutes. She dresses simply, solid shirts and jeans most of the time.


xxxxxNew to Xavier's (sophomore) as of late February 2023, nothing much to speak of yet. Has probably loosened up the most in band.


xxxxxEcho was born Clarissa Ziyin Lin on January 23, 2007 to Chinese immigrant parents. She had a classic sheltered middle-class life in the suburb of Eden Prairie, full of little activities (in order of longevity: piano, Chinese dance, Chinese school, even hockey) and the anxieties of growing up in a fairly white neighborhood and having a domineering and unsympathetic mother.

xxxxxPersistent tensions turned hard in middle school when academic expectations and Clarissa's desire to fit in increased. Her powers kicked in to cover up freezing during a piano recital, and at first, being a mutant seemed fun; a trick to read while "practicing", a sense of being, like in a favorite fantasy novel, someone else. She confided in six-years-younger sister Candace, who would always keep a secret for her, and then her best friend, who first floated the idea of the name "Echo", but never planned on telling her parents, until it started uncontrollably manifesting whenever she tried to prove something in an argument.

xxxxxThings calmed into an icy silence at home after a replay shook the window glass, but during her freshman year the entire class started hearing their teachers' voices during tests; she was pulled out of school after cheating accusations and lost touch with her friends. After a semester of online school, her parents outsourced the problem to a private Catholic boarding school the next year, but she got expelled from that one too. Her parents reached out to Xavier's after hearing about some mutant alums; after learning it could be a more permanent solution, they made it clear that though they would support her financially, they wanted her home as little as possible. Seemed a good time to start calling herself something different; Echo, meet Xavier's.


xxxxxEcho is an audiokinetic who can perfectly reproduce sounds she's heard (audible, 20 Hz to 20 kHz). Can only cut out background noise if she was focused on the sound. A useful memory aid, as long as she can remember that it happened (a bit of a circular problem). Passively, she has immunity to cochlear damage from audible soundwaves as well as perfect pitch. Her controlled powers are currently limited to reproducing things exactly as heard (in volume and direction relative to her) centered within a 10-foot radius from her; uncontrolled, they might Get Loud.


xxxxxPiano (good, classically trained and decent at playing by ear); horn (decent for a high schooler); balance and body awareness (lots of childhood dance); skating (confident); Mandarin Chinese (conversational); baking (breadth but not depth).



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Ziyin "Echo" Lin 林紫音
Codename None
Birthdate 01/23/2007
Birthplace Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's School
Alignment None
Powers Perfect replay audiokinetic
Occupation Student
Registration Status Underage
Faceclaim None
RP Hooks
1, 2, 3, 4 - Echo likes the music room and her powers go well with it. Can help you clean up your recordings and hear your errors. A future in conducting, if nudged.
you know nothing - Xavier's is a huge change for this pretty sheltered teen. More mutants, obviously; more people of color, more religions, more regional backgrounds. Would like to learn how you see the world, so she can figure out how to see hers.
sugar, butter, flour - Likes to bake, will definitely offer you pieces of cake. Your partner in trying to recreate that bakery's specialty or your grandma's recipe.
earth day - Was really enjoying earth science before all that schooling interruption, something to explore?
angelica, eliza - Has been largely cut off from her 10-year-old sister and has questions about the possible futures. Might ask you questions about being mutant siblings.
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