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Everything is fine!
Elie Tessier
Codename None
Birthdate November 1, 1975
Species Mutant
Affiliation Prometheus
Alignment Tessier
Powers Gaslighting
Occupation Lab Manager
Registration Status 0A

xxxxxThe long-thought-dead (they also don't know how this keeps happening!) matriarch of the Tessier family (yes, oh gods, it's Another One.) Currently a lab manager at the Lassiter Research Facility.


xxxxxConventionally attractive by European standards. When she stands up straight, her willowy frame and compelling bearing make her seem taller than her five foot seven. Her hair is fine, light brown with a subtle wave that tousles easily. Her skin is light, pale but easily flushed, with a few long-faded old scars. There is an intensity to her bright green eyes that only accentuates the warm energy she seems to bring to her interactions.


xxxxxElie is brilliant, and like many brilliant people who go through awful experiences, her very intelligence has poisoned her with profound existential horror that she attempts to keep at bay by throwing herself into her passions, which change frequently and intensely. She tends to throw herself deeply into the things she cares about -- whether that is her interests, her studies, her relationships; when she cares about something she cares fiercely, though, conversely, when she decides someone or something is not good for her or her loved ones she can be hostile with an equal passion. She is keenly and ruthlessly manipulative, though she insists--perhaps even believes--that she means well, and knows what’s best for those she loves. When she puts her mind to it, she is exceptionally charming, persuasive, and most of all, disarming. By both personality and the influence of her mutation, people often tend to find her at the least personable, if not quite magnetic.


xxxxxElie has the ability to make people believe that things are normal, no matter what the situation is. In its passive/ambient state, this power can work to convince people that situations that would otherwise be upsetting/disturbing/morally objectionable/somewhat bizarre are normal & to accept them without great upset or worry. It will not convince people to accept situations that are immediately life threatening/harmful to them, but could convince people to remain bystanders in situations that are harmful to others, where they would otherwise object or intervene. If Elie herself is engaging with someone, though, the focused power of her ability is able to convince people to accept even direct harm to themselves as a normal and acceptable course of action. Note that her power does not convince someone that bizarre and upsetting things are not happening -- they will 100% notice that their house is on fire! They just will not interpret that as a situation that requires action. A shift of perspective, not a shift of seeing reality entirely. This is fine.

xxxxxThis power works automatically and always, even on herself, on everyone who is in her physical presence – strongly and immediately within approximately a thousand square feet (~2 bedroom apartment, say), waning to a still compelling but less strong pull at the distance of an average 4 bedroom house, and fading out entirely by the time it reaches about a (short) city block. This power works on everyone within her range with or without active interaction with her, but grows intensely more compelling for people she is interacting with and focusing her attention on.

xxxxxWhile Elie is not able to turn on and off her power -- is not even aware of what her power is or does! -- it does have some level of alignment with her own worldview. Probably, you won't think the house being on fire is Fine, Actually unless she also thinks the house being on fire is Fine, Actually, also. Probably you won't think her hurting you is Fine, Actually, unless she thinks it's Fine, Actually, too. So it's probably not so bad, right? Probably it'll turn out fine in the end.

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