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"Is everything a joke to you?" "Funny things are."

xxxxxBillionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist.


xxxxxSomewhat of a larger-than-life figure, Tony's presence is made up more of an unflagging confidence than any striking physical features. Tall and fit, he carries his 6'2" of height with the an easy assurance. In his middle age now, he lacks much to show it. A full head of brown hair, piercing blue eyes, neat-trimmed mustache and goatee on a face tanned and unmarred by lines. Despite the playboy reputation, his hands show the rough callouses of someone well used to working with them.


xxxxxOne of the brightest minds of the time. Brilliant inventor. Noted philanthropist. Ego to match his bank account.


xxxxxSee introduction.


xxxxxSee history.

Stark Industries!

xxxxxStark Industries was, under its founder Howard Stark, a pioneering weapons and defense company. Since Tony taking the reins as CEO two decades ago, the company has diversified. A multinational multibillion dollar company with subsidiary companies worldwide, the technological giant has holdings in everything from weapons to energy to biotech. Following Tony Stark's highly publicized disappearance in late 2019 and then return to society in spring of 2020, Stark Industries has divested from their military contracts -- much to shareholders' dismay.

Stark Tower, in Midtown, is Stark Industries' headquarters. The soaring skyscraper houses not just a plethora of offices for Stark Industries and various subsidiary and nonprofit enterprises, but a dozen floors solely dedicated to R&D. On the ground two floors there is, also, a museum dedicated to technological innovations, though many of the real marvels lie in their R&D space. Three days a week, Stark Tower has guided tours of the museum and select parts of R&D open to the public.

Stark Industries once held a number of contracts with the U.S. military, supplying arms and defense. It was an enormous stir in spring of 2020 when, following his kidnapping, Tony announced that Stark would be terminating all military contracts and switching focus away from arms manufacturing.

In the past years, their holdings have diversified widely. Among some of their more noteworthy recent developments:

  • The Sentinel Project: a line of advanced robotics developed to assist first responders, there are several different models of Sentinel robots ranging from Nonthreatening Pleasant Humanoid models deployed as medical bots on ambulances to rather offputting large spider-like bots frequently used as police or search & rescue bots.
  • Stark Tower is powered by a large arc reactor in its basement; visitors to the museum can see it through the floor of one room and learn all about it in the exhibit. The entire tower runs off the sustainable energy produced by this, utilizing no power at all from the regular city grid. As yet the technology has not made it to mass-production status, but Stark Industries is in line to revolutionize energy if it ever does.
  • Visitors to Stark Tower itself can interact with museum exhibits through a startlingly advanced user interface; the AI governing this recognizes voice commands but also can be interacted with through manipulable holographic displays. Tony Stark currently holds the patent on this interactive holographic UI; the technology is expected to hit the market early next year, though as yet is probably prohibitively expensive for most people's personal use.
  • In the more everyday, Stark's automotive division, Wardenclyffe, has released this past year the S1 Roadster, a sleek and powerful fully electric car. The car already has state of the art navigational systems, but the company promises fully automated self-driving vehicles by 2014.
  • A heavy focus on AI and smart buildings has led Stark Industries to be a pioneer in the fields of energy-efficient home and business automation. Tracking and managing everything from heating to water and light consumption to home entertainment and cataloging individuals' personal preferences, Stark's systems are slowly being spread through homes and offices worldwide.
  • Less flashily, Stark Industries and their subsidiary holdings dabble in all kinds of consumer electronics and technology; it is not unlikely that most homes and offices have some Stark tech lying around.

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Anthony Edward Stark
Codename None
Birthdate May 29, 1971
Species Human
Affiliation Science
Alignment Capitalism
Powers $$$
Occupation Stark Industries CEO
Registration Status n/a
RP Hooks
Rich and the Famous - If you haven't been living under a rock, you should know who Stark is.
Boys and their Toys - Lauded as one of the brightest technical minds alive today. Holds dozens of patents personally, thousands under Stark Industries' patent portfolio.
Work Hard/Play Hard - When not in his labs or in endless meetings, still knows how to have a good time. Fond of partying. Perhaps too fond.
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