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xxxxxVivacious and outgoing, Chloe doesn't tend to strike people as a criminal. But that's the way she likes it.


xxxxxChloe is a just-above-average 5'7" of height, but her lean hard long-limbed build and confident stance make the most of it. Thick dark brown-black curls frame an oval face. Her medium brown skin is largely unblemished, and there's an even symmetry to her features.




xxxxxGrowing up in a run-down crime-riddled neighborhood in Brooklyn, some might say Chloe's life was not all that full of opportunity. Chloe would disagree -- she /found/ herself opportunities, in the form they presented themselves in. Falling in from a young age with her elder brother's gang, she didn't have an abundance of formal schooling but educated herself nevertheless in things she found more useful; carjacking, breaking & entering, pickpocketing. It landed her in short stints in juvie twice, but seemed overall preferable to the life of grinding poverty found all around her.

xxxxxAs she got older, her skills got more honed. Graduating from petty crimes to more serious ones, lifting expensive jewels and arts from rich people, hiring herself out for corporate thefts, she got more adept in her field and more adept at not getting /caught/. She had a brief period of idleness on the occassion of her pregnancy at 24, but while some might have settled /down/ with a child, she turned right back to work.

xxxxxShe always expected if harm did come to her family it would be from one of the marks she ripped off, or one of the criminals she dealth with in fencing the items, but in the end it was more stupid and senseless than that. Her daughter was stopping at a convenience store on her way home from school when the store was held up; the ensuing altercation between the police and the woman -- a mutant who could control metal -- left her daughter dead at the age of ten.

xxxxxChloe did not take this well. But her life had been given more to action than brooding. She called up her best friend, who returned home to offer her support, and together the both of them sought out the Friends of Humanity, believing that the world was not doing enough to keep mutants in check. In the intervening couple of years, they've been working together to remedy that. Violently, if necessary.


xxxxxChloe's life has been long involved with crime. She could boost a car before she could legally drive one, could pickpocket with ease long before that, and has since moved on to heftier targets. She's skilled at lockpicking, safecracking, and navigating security systems; she's also pretty adept at adopting new personas and /talking/ her way out of trouble.

xxxxxThough she can defend herself quick-and-dirty with fists or knives when necessary, physically she's not so much of a heavy-hitter as she is /quick/ and agile, good at climbing, rappelling, and a dose of acrobatics good for getting in and around buildings unnoticed. She is exceptionally skilled in archery; though some consider it an /impractical/ method of attack she considers it a quiet and elegant one.

xxxxxShe's as fluent in Spanish as she is English, and knows her way decently around a kitchen. She has a rather developed appreciation for art and antiquities and a fair knowledge of /history/ that stems from that, more than one would expect from someone with barely any formal education but perhaps not more then one would expect from a professional thief who often has to deal in rare goods.




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Chloe Raquel Walker
Codename None
Birthdate Feb 29, 1976
Species Human
Affiliation Friends of Humanity
Alignment Friendly
Powers None
Occupation Thief
RP Hooks
Friendly - Rather dedicated to the Friends in their less public more violent ventures.
Discerning Eye - Frequents museums and art galleries, and has a small collection of fine art herself.
Light Fingers - Helps finance her own life and the Friends' accounts with a little bit (okay, a lot) of thieving.
Unleashed - Her pet Rottweiler Saeta is large but friendly and will probably lick you far more readily than bite you, generally.
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