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And I'll gladly stand up...

xxxxxThe daughter of long-term NY senator Magda Carruthers, Elliott is a recently returned naval Lt. Commander. Commended for her VALOR in defeating mutant pirates on the high seas while serving on the USS Enterprise, she is basically the newest posterchild for the WAR ON TERROR Mutants.


xxxxxDark brown hair has been cut to shoulder-length, though it is generally kept tied back off her face. Her features are clean and symmetrical; a strong jaw, wide mouth, wide nose, deep brown eyes set into her tan skin. Though she has curves, she has muscles more prominently, chiseled hard and strong onto her frame. Average height for a woman, she carries herself tall, a confidence in her bearing that gives her a presence height cannot.


xxxxxCharismatic mayor of New York City. Leans heavily into cultivating a moderate political appearance; supports many progressive social platforms when it comes to tackling poverty, women's rights, LGBT rights, but takes a Tough On Crime platform that in recent times has included pushing for stronger laws cracking down on mutants. Naval officer commended for her valor against MUTANT PIRATES on the high seas. More recently, spokesperson of the pro-registration Human First campaign.


xxxxxBorn into the family of district attorney (later Senator) Magda Carruthers, her father an engineering professor at Columbia, Elliott's life growing up was cushy. Pleasant. Her family -- mother, father, three younger brothers -- were close, their circumstances more than comfortable. Elliott excelled in school, continued on to an electrical engineering degree while in ROTC at Columbia. Joined the Navy. One of very few women in the country to ever be awarded the Silver Star. Lost her leg battling mutant pirates.

Pretty typical all-American girl.


xxxxxSwashing buckles. Buckling swashes. Cursing like a sailor.



  • Chloe - Ray of sunshine.
  • Deanna - Fighter. Needs to pick her battles.
  • Lucien - Warmth and charm and preparation on top?


  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • Emma - Potential?
  • Iolaus - Well-intentioned. Naive. Pleasant neighbor.
  • Murphy - Shit-fucker.

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Elliott May Carruthers
Codename None
Birthdate 17 July, 1986
Species Human
Affiliation Friends of Humanity
Alignment Patriotic
Powers Swashbuckling
Occupation Mayor
RP Hooks
God & Country - Good Catholic. Good military girl. Runs in appropriately wholesome circles.
Rehab - For her leg, not for drugs. Lost a leg to PIRATES. Working on getting back to her former active lifestyle. Probably a long slog.
Techie - EE major. Kind of a nerd underneath the military-rough.
Political Family - Current NYC mayor. Senator's daughter. Familiar face in political circles.
Yes, SIR - Lt. Commander in the navy and highly decorated WAR HERO; tends to expect the appropriate respect when in military circles. Doesn't care much for it outside of them.
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