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I Must Go On Standing

xxxxxRasa Djalili has a good heart hidden in there somewhere, but has spent a number of years being disbelieved, overexamined, second guessed -- and what’s worse, informed of what ze is feeling based on what hir mutation displays.  Hir incomplete thoughts are often  interpreted incorrectly, leaving hir frustrated, angry, depressed and more intense, whether in seeking privacy or seeking to be understood.  Ze is more likely to calm and reasonable when hir skin is completely covered and able to hide hir emotions.  When uncovered, ze tends to act defensively.


xxxxxRasa had a pretty normal childhood, raised as the only child to a pair of first generation American Persians.  Hir parents treated hir well and let hir run wild with the other children hir age.  When puberty started to show on Rasa’s young body, hir parents found themselves taking hir to every doctor they could, spending lots of time and money keeping hir in hospitals, mistaking hir manifestation of mutant powers as an illness at first.  Rasa’s parents, now carriing the stigma of being carriers of the x gene, opted to move to a new city, disguising Rasa and hir mother in burqas to hide as conservative religious sorts.

xxxxxWhile Rasa rejoiced at being able to be treated as a female, ze did not at all enjoy being locked away in hir room for days on end, outside of school.  After a time, ze attracted the attention of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngters and ended up enrolled the winter of hir freshman year.  In the beginning, ze had time to grow and come out of hir shell a little before the outside world started creeping in.  Little by little, hir world started twisting and changing, becoming unrecognizeable from that tiny bedroom ze was trapped in for so many years.

xxxxxIt started off distant - hir friends were kidnapped.  Ze tried to confront a demon to get them back and only tainted hirself.  It got worse - someone took hir boyfriend.  They stole hir and hir friends away, but hir teachers managed to bring them back.  Then came zombies and death so great that the whole world stood still as they tried to deal with it.  Some type of magic remained, twisted and lively, strange and wonderful, none of their numbers at school reduced and dreams started coming true.  When things started to calm, someone burned down hir second home with hir inside.  Ze was stolen away and reduced before hir first home was violated and attacked.

xxxxxOn the eve of graduation, the future started invading dreams.  Rasa's showed a world where ze was closely associated with a man ze once feared above all.  What's worse, is that ze was helping him.  Hir last dream featured hir sacrificing a friend to protect what ze was working on.  All of this has left hir deeply confused, upset, and worried for the future.

Rasa Djalili
Birthdate June 21, 1997
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's
Alignment Chaotic Good
Powers Touch based Telepathy / Metamorph
Occupation Student

xxxxxRasa has a problem with thought transparency.  A metamorph with touch telepathy, ze has a tendency toward displaying all of hir thoughts and feelings on hir skin.  Ze can literally change hir appearance to match what ze is thinking or feeling.  When blushing, ze blushes all over hir body.  When feeling hurt, pains appear as red spots, spikes, or stiffer or harder bits of bulging muscle, depending on the ailment.  Sicknesses can be localized colorations or wide spread greens.  While this may be useful for diagnosing a problem, Rasa has an active imagination and nervousness could look a lot like worms squirming around under hir skin.  When depressed, hir limbs are heavier in weight and larger and more cumbersome to use.  Any time ze tries to concentrate /hard/ on something in particular, to try and express something in specific, the words ze is thinking of become written across hir skin - usually around hir face and hands, but also across hir torso.  Ze is at the point where ze will often write words on hir hands rather than speaking, especially when wishing to remain calm and focused.

xxxxxRasa was born male, but as how ze thinks about hirself affects hir body, ze tends to appear very feminine, in hir curves and small chest.  Ze retains male reproductive organs at this time as ze hates doctors and figures when ze really feels really, really female, they’ll go away on their own.  Hir powers have already arrested most masculine development, including facial and body hair, keeping hir androgynous for the most part.

xxxxxRasa has to eat often and exercise to maintain hir equilibrium.  Hunger shows itself very quickly, turning hir gaunt and spindly.  Ze needs proteins more than anything, so is constantly ingesting nuts to maintain hir weight.



  • B - All polite, all heart, nerves below the surface.  Touched, got gills (useless?), thicker skin.
  • Ivan - would touch, any time.  Safe.
  • Jackson - Supportive, needs support.
  • Kurt - Wise. Touched, keeping the tail, parts of wall climbing.
  • Logan - Experienced.  Touched, good strategies.
  • Peter - Trouble magnet.  Touched, keeping chitin, strength, parts of wall climbing.
  • Shane - All mouth, all hands, too much heart.  Don't think he lets anyone actually touch him.  Touched, got gills (useless?), thicker skin, headfucked by Hive.


  • Faelan - Flitty
  • Jim - good sense of humor.  Touched, got a good prank out of it.
  • Kisha - Smart, good with computers, strong.


  • Hive - ... Touched - teledistant, clusterfuck'd.  Gained - callouses.
  • Goblin - ................ Pounced, have HUNGER, ANGER, gigantic GREEN FORM.
  • Norman Osborn - Understands... his problem.  Gave it to me.

High School Schedule
XS Schedule

Winter Term, 2013

  • Science: Biology
  • Health & Human Development: Health & Human Development
  • Mathematics: Geometry
  • History: AP U.S. History
  • English: Gender Roles in Modern World Fiction
  • Phys. Ed: Self-Defense
  • Extracurricular: Art

Spring Term, 2013

  • Arts: Visual: Introductory Painting
  • Philosophy, Ethics, and Religion: Power and Social Responsibility
  • Mathematics: Geometry
  • History: AP U.S. History
  • English: Expository Writing
  • Phys. Ed: Self-Defense
  • Extracurricular: Sparring
  • Extracurricular: Danger Room

Summer Term, 2013

  • Philosophy, Ethics, and Religion: Humanity in the Post-Genomic Era
  • Language: Russian I
  • Science: Anatomy & Physiology
  • History: AP U.S. History
  • English: AP English Literature & Composition 
  • Mathematics: Geometry
  • Extracurricular: Sparring
  • Extracurricular: Danger Room
  • Extracurricular: Free Running

Fall Term, 2013

  • Health: Human Sexuality
  • Philosophy, Ethics, and Religion: Proof and Persuasion
  • Language: Russian II
  • Science: Chemistry
  • History: Japan, Tradition to Modernity
  • English: AP English Literature & Composition 
  • Extracurricular: Sparring
  • Extracurricular: Danger Room
  • Extracurricular: Free Running

O-ALEXA-MEADE-MILK-570.jpeg [1]

Winter Term, 2014

  • Computer Science: Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • Mathematics: Trigonometry & Precalculus
  • Language: Russian III
  • Science: Evolution
  • Physical Education: Acrobatics and You: The Physical Element of the Circus Arts
  • English: AP English Literature & Composition 
  • Extracurricular: Sparring
  • Extracurricular: Danger Room
  • Extracurricular: Free Running

Spring Term, 2014

  • Computer Science: Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • English: Middle Eastern Literature
  • Language: Russian IV
  • Mathematics: Trigonometry & Precalculus
  • Philosophy & Ethics: The Ethics of Power
  • Physical Education: Psionic Self Defense
  • EC: Peer Tutoring
  • EC: Tabletop Society

Summer Term, 2014

  • Art: Visual: Intermediate Painting
  • English: Graphic Narrative /Literary Comics
  • History: Law and American Society
  • Mathematics: Trigonometry & Precalculus
  • Language: Russian V
  • Science: Electronics

Fall Term, 2014

  • Language: Russian - VII
  • Math: AP Calculus AB
  • Philosophy & Ethics: Nonviolence and Moral Leadership
  • Physical Education: Intermediate Fitness
  • Science: The Brain and You
  • Social Studies: Citizenship: Health and Legal Systems

Winter Term, 2014

  • Art: Visual: Advanced Painting
  • Computer Science: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics and Programming
  • English: The Art of Protest: Revolutionary Writings
  • Language: Russian VII
  • Math: AP Calculus AB
  • Physical Education: Intermediate Fitness

Spring Term, 2015

  • English: Utopias and Dystopias in Literature
  • Math: AP Calculus AB
  • Language: Russian Literature
  • Art: Fundamentals of Acting
  • Philosophy & Ethics: Law and Morality
  • Computer Science: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics and Programming


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