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Spencer Isaac Attali Holland-Zedner
Codename None
Birthdate September 13, 2005
Species Mutant
Affiliation Citizens
Alignment Excitable
Powers Teleportation
Occupation Moral Support

xxxxxYoungest (adopted) son of Jackson and Micah, adopted brother to Shane and B. Often found in the company of one or more of them. Actually, he's found a lot of places. Accidentally.


xxxxxSmall and skinny, with a floppy expanse of mousy brown hair, a faint smattering of freckles, and wide grey-brown eyes. Spencer is an exuberant child, prone to an overabundance of energy and a lot of very bright smiling. His pale skin is generally peppered with a generous sprinkling of scrapes and scars, the byproduct of an overactive childhood.


xxxxxChattery, endlessly curious, brightly exuberant, Spencer is -- well. Nine. He's very fond of science, very short on attention span, and he thinks pretty much all mutant powers are the coolest mutant powers. He might not yet grasp how superlatives work.


xxxxxTeleportation. Rather powerful teleportation. Spencer can teleport himself or things that he touches to -- almost anywhere, much to the chagrin of his father, who frequently wishes to install a GPS tracker under his skin. Unfortunately, his young age means that he's not very /good/ at this; things tend to just /vanish/ every now and then when he's touching them while also being excited or distracted, which is most of the time. He tends to vanish every now and then, like when he's bored at school and decides it's time to drop in on his brothers or father. Even if they're at school. Or work. If he's teleporting to people or places he's familiar with he can usually get there pretty adeptly, but if he's startled or scared or excited or Just Exploring, sometimes he ends up accidentally in strange places. Like across town. Or across the country.

xxxxxHe also has the bad habit of only teleporting part of the things he's touching, which means attempting to teleport other people any great distance, although he is technically capable of it, is usually a rather dire health hazard.

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