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Avec plaisir.

xxxxxWould be a misanthrope if he didn't find humanity so fascinating. Has a strong moral compass, really, it is just calibrated at right angles to most people's.


xxxxxDirty blonde hair is arranged in artfully tousled disarray to frame classically masculine features. Cheekbones are set high, strikingly emerald-green eyes set deep and fringed with thick lashes, jaw strong, nose straight. His skin is tanned lightly, and without visible blemish. Just over six feet of height is filled out by a muscular physique, strong and broad. He carries himself with an easy grace, and a confidence that, occasionally, borders on arrogance.


xxxxxFor aficionados of the stage, known for headlining some Broadway roles both musical and non; has a small but ardent base of devotees among musical theatre nerds specifically; is particularly notable for his latest role as Steve Rogers in "Captain America: The Musical", which opened in September 2021 on Broadway to wild critical acclaim and has won him prominence even outside of theatre circles. Before that was known for headlining the role of The Faun in, Lost!, a musical for which he won a Tony for Best Lead Actor. Has branched out very successfully into the world of voice acting; most prominently, playing Loki in Disney's new animated musical Thor -- a role that got all the more notoriety when real Asgardians appeared on Earth shortly before its release.

xxxxxFor those who move in Extremely Wealthy/Powerful circles is better-known albeit in a low key way -- around Hellfire Club types, known as a very quietly helpful Person Who Knows People. Always seems to have the right contacts and information to make business and social transactions go just a little bit smoother. Has a firm reputation in those same circles as being an uncannily good person to talk to to quietly fix problems. Owns a luxury hotel in Queens that is very popular with folks from corporate tycoons to mob bosses.


xxxxxThe second of five children, largely by different fathers, born in Montreal though transplanted to New York during one of his mother's string of failed marriages. Home life was shitty. Left it around the beginning of his teenage years when his mutation developed.

He's since found his way into a number of roles -- both onstage and off. He has been enjoying wild success on Broadway. Opened a very fancy hotel in Queens where the glitterati can occasionally be found rubbing shoulders with the who's who of the successful criminal underworld. For the right price, will probably make your unfortunate problems go away, though who knows what you'll owe him down the road in return.


xxxxxLucien will mess with your head.



  • Clint - We are what we are, and what we are is an illusion.
  • Daiki - A cover is nice, but the cover is not the book.
  • Fury - Now I sing a different song; one I can depend upon.
  • Jackson - With flour on my hands I'll show them all how goddamn happy I am.
  • Kavalam - Give me clouds, and rain and gray. Give me pain, if that's what's real.
  • Matt - I am the one who's helped you, and if you think that I just don't give a damn, then you just don't know who I am.
  • Sera - Nothing's really left or lost without a trace; nothing's gone forever, only out of place.


  • Anahita - Nothing can exist 'til you dream it first, everyone knows this.
  • Charles - Oh, you gotta keep your head low, if you wanna keep your head.
  • Desi - It's time to try defying gravity.
  • DJ - It's not the love we dreamed of back when we began,
  • Gaétan - Like chaos never happens if it's never seen.
  • Leo - So I ask you: If it's true what they say, I'll be on my way.
  • Ryan - You have your own compass that turns night to day.
  • Sera - Maybe all those things that you love so are waiting in the place where the lost things go.
  • Shane - Nobody else is gonna put it right for me!
  • Spencer - Keep on straight and keep on trying; no Fates are ever gonna cut our string.
  • Steve - So let's start, 'cause you've got an awfully long way to go...


  • B - Nobody but me is going to change my story!
  • Elliott - Don't be fooled by the pink; she is not playing dolls.
  • Hive - Let anger clean the cut out, let love help us heal.
  • Ion - Just make it up as you go; we are improvisando.
  • Joshua - The ground is empty and cold as hell, but we all go together when we go.
  • Kyinha - The best laid plan of the mouse and man is to improvise the things you plan to do.
  • Lily - And we walk strong all together; we will go atone --
  • Marinov - With the chance I've been given, I'm gonna be driven as hell.
  • Mirror - Show 'em the first rate sorcerer you are.
  • Tian-shin - Nothing going going wild in you, you know, you're slowing by the riverside or floating high and blue.
  • Tony - Nothing grows for the wicked -- they reap only what they sow.
  • Wendy - Once and for all something tells me the tide'll be turnin'...
  • Winona - Once and for all there's a fire inside me that won't stop burnin'.


  • Bruce - Ya don't know what you're dealin' with; no, you never did.
  • Chloe - Steel is cold as moonlight.
  • Deanna - Steel is sharper than sight.
  • Emma - So boost me up my ladder, kid...
  • Dawson - But love if your heart lets you; love while you can.
  • Isra - The stars look down when we're abandoned, look down in the heart of night.
  • Melinda - The lives that we just let go by; the dreams we might have missed.
  • Polaris - And love wherever, and whenever, and however we feel --
  • Rasa - Just tighten those shoulders; just clench your jaw till you frown.
  • Tag - Or maybe cool to be a little summer wind; like once through everything and then away again.


  • Elie - I am the one who knows you; I am the one you fear.
  • Eric - Hello, little girl...
  • Erik - When my name is whispered through the pride, is this talk of love or regicide?
  • Kitty - You're so nice; you're not good, you're not bad, you're just nice.
  • Malthus - Off with their heads -- it's my one real milieu.
  • Rasheed - A shining new era is tiptoeing nearer.
  • Recent Acting roles:
    • Onstage:
      • January - December, 2016: Had the headlining role in Pippin at the Music Box theatre.
      • August - November 2017: Starred in an limited run off-broadway production of Breakroom at the Vineyard Theatre, a new play dealing with a news team's decision to publish a whistleblower's story about government corruption, and the fallout that ensues.
      • October 2018-March 2020: Starring role in a new musical, Lost! at the Marquis Theatre, about the adventures of a young girl abducted to a fairyland. Is hard to recognize offstage, as the costuming for his character (only referred to as 'the faun' during the show itself though hardcore fans do know that the faun's name is Ibeonus) involves extremely heavy makeup and prosthetics. (Won Tony for Best Lead Actor - Musical in 2019; the show itself swept the technical awards as well.) During the 2020 Covid-19 Crisis, Lost! was the first Broadway show to voluntarily close before all of Broadway shut down. A pro shot of the show is still available for streaming online.)
        • Lost! Song List
          • Act One:
            • "The Good Daughter" - Mother (Mother worries her ability to connect with her daughter, who is unable to speak to her.)
            • "Lost" - the Girl (The Girl fears she has lost her mother's love, then realizes she is literally lost.)
            • "How Could I Know?" - the Girl (The Girl laments being expected to know how to behave, growing steadily more defiant, not knowing the Faun is following her from the trees.)
            • "Stranger" - the Faun, the Girl (The Faun appears and offers to guide the Girl to safety. "If so you say, surely it's true/But I am no stranger than you")
            • "Green and Growing Things" - the Faun, the Girl, Chorus (The Faun welcomes the Girl to his forest, introducing her to its denizens. The best-known and most iconic number in the show. Show tagline: "You're only as lost as you feel you are, here amongst the green and growing things")
            • "Untapped Potential" - the Faun, the Girl (The Faun teaches the Girl to dance.)
            • "Why Not?" - the Faun, Faeries (The Faun's friends convince him to keep the Girl.)
            • "Mask" - the Girl, the Magpie Queen (The Girl is given an elaborate mask and told she has saved the forest.)
            • "The Faery Fugue" - the Chrous (A banquet is held in the girl's honor, some guests act as though they know her "Come down, come down, to this wild place/Dance and sing, and find your place.")
            • "Changeling" - the Girl (The Girl flees from the Faun, and after seeing her special influence over the forest wonders if she might be the child that he lost, after all. Show tagline: "The world is lush with wonders")
          • Act Two:
            • "Wilder" - Goblins (A band of goblins waylay the Girl. This number is one of the most overtly disturbing in the show, as the goblins discuss eating the girl or stealing her memories so she will join them. "Here on the wilder side of night, who can really say what's right?")
            • "Lost (Reprise)" - the Girl (Fleeing through a dark and frightening wood, the Girl wonders if she can or will be loved as herself.)
            • "Trove" - the Magpie Queen, Magpies (The Magpie Queen shows the Girl her treasures and offers some advice)
            • "Irreplaceable" - the Faun (The Faun realizes maybe he shouldn't kidnap children and pretend they're his dead daughter.)
            • "How Could I Know? (Reprise)" - the Faun (The Faun despairs, not knowing the the Girl is alive and has decided to journey back to him.)
            • "Song of the Earth" - the Alderman (An old tree guy sings about being old and a tree. It's a lovely number but no one knows its relevance to the story.)
            • "Green and Growing Things (Reprise)" - the Faun, the Girl, Chorus (The Faun admits his error and finds healing in the Girl's love. "Before I could not imagine the cost/Now I finally know how much I lost.")
            • "Found" - the Girl, the Faun (The Girl bids the Faun farewell and returns to her world. "Wherever you stray, wherever you roam/May you never lose your way, may you always find a home.")
            • "The Good Mother" - Mother, the Girl (The Girl and her mother finally connect.)
            • "Wild Magic" - Ensemble (The Girl returns to play in her mother's garden, seeing it in the new light of the wonder and magic she had learned in the forest.)
      • July-August 2021: Debut of Captain America: The Musical at the National Theatre in Washington, DC. After a short and highly acclaimed run, the show moved to Broadway.
      • September 2021-December 2023: Headlining role in Captain America: The Musical at the Winter Garden Theatre. (Won Tony for Best Lead Actor - Musical in 2022; the show itself won best musical, best book of a musical, best lighting design, best direction, best featured actor for the musical categories as well.)
    • Voice Acting:
      • 2020 - Undertaking, a Netflix original animated movie about a mortician at the NYC city morgue who goes to the funerals of all the unclaimed people who come through, and their ghosts who try to befriend him. Highly critically acclaimed, little watched, though its fans are very passionate about it.
      • 2021 - Curios - series of vignettes featuring a young man who brings objects to life (the titular Curios) that then follow him around, meddling (to occasionally helpful and occasionally disastrous result) with his life. HBO limited series.
      • 2022 - Theme song & several voices for Netflix series "Many Colors", an anthology series adapting many fairy tales from the Coloured Fairy Books. One season so far, has been renewed for a second.
      • June, 2024 - Disney's Thor; played the Misunderstood "Villain" Loki. Between Lucien's death and dramatic resurrection shortly before the premiere and the appearance of Real Asgardians on Earth during the Brood invasion, became Disney's most successful opening weekend for any animated musical.
      • 2024 - Hazbin Hotel, main cast, Anthony "Angel Dust" & other voices
      • (in development) - cast in a series adaptation of Saga for HBO.
    • Due to his theatre career, has a decent number of easily googleable articles, interviews, etc. about him floating around. Some notable points that are either common knowledge among his fans or easy to pick up through a cursory google search:
      • Spent a while homeless as a teenager; devotes a good amount of time and energy these days to supporting homeless youth services in the city.
      • Speaks openly about his history in sex work while homeless/poor as well as his history with drug addiction; is a strong advocate of more widely available harm reduction services.
      • Known in the industry as kind of a ridiculous workaholic, impossibly organized, impeccably punctual, keeps a nonsense schedule even for an actor.
      • Has a reputation among fans and crew for being fairly personable and engaged.
      • Has quietly sidestepped the question any time his sexuality/relationship /love life (or lack thereof) has come up in an interview; he's an immaculately groomed Broadway actor living in the heart of Greenwich, though, so that hasn't stopped plenty of assumptions.
      • Though he has not made much notice of talking about this in interviews elsewhere, caught the attention of more observant fans (particularly those who are themselves neurodivergent) in what was almost an aside within a more in-depth piece in the runup to the Tonys, that focused on the extremely complex and elaborate costuming and set design for Lost (which ultimately won several technical awards for design.) In it he spoke to the adjustments and considerations that the crew had taken to accommodate an autistic lead actor in a field generally prone to a large degree of uncomfortable sensory input that actors are expected to tolerate.
    • Like his brother, is also a witch; is generally a lot more muted in his witchery than Matt, though.
Lucien Tessier
Codename White Bishop
Birthdate November 3, 1991
Species Mutant
Affiliation Inner Circle
Alignment Tessier
Powers Biochemical Manipulation
Occupation Tessier
Registration Status 0A
Played By Justin Hartley
RP Hooks
Chess, anyone? - He also thinks the motif is pretentious, but it's tradition; as one of the little-known but very powerful Hellfire Club's Inner Circle, he's got his fingers in A Lot of pies and holds a lot of secrets. For a price, he might even know the one you need.
Family - Like most of his sprawling family, deeply clannish. Only marginally related to his siblings by blood, though; though he takes a lot to warm up to people, once he or his siblings have adopted you into their circles he'll probably go to the ends of the earth for you, too.
Green Thumb - Very fond of horticulture. His hotel has quite large and beautiful gardens; he volunteers with a large community gardening effort to spread education, green space and food gardens through the city. Like gardening? Want to learn more about gardening? Need fresh vegetables delivered? There's a good chance you might run into him.

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