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everything to everyone

xxxxxNot as cynical as he often sounds. EMS just does that to a person.


xxxxx5'9", built compact and lean-muscled, short dark hair and warm tan skin often peppered with an changeable smattering of scars. He has warm brown eyes, wide-set in a round face of wide features; large mouth, blunt nose, a resting expression that most people tend to parse as Serious


xxxxxAround both the X-Men and Prometheus, a reputation as a solid -- nigh-indispensable -- teammate, always there in a pinch, quiet and hardworking, invaluable backup, a veritable swiss army knife of usefulness who seems perpetually ready to step up to bat in an emergency.

xxxxxAmong Xavier's students, a quietly helpful and nonjudgmental presence who has been around to help many newly-manifested teenagers navigate the stormy waters of Oh Fuck I'm A Mutant Now What. Patient, understanding, extremely insightful about wtf a wide range of powers DO. Not A Teacher, so that probably helps with many kids' opinions of him.

xxxxxA mainstay at weekly Fight Club. Never fights, just patches up the fighters.

xxxxxDoesn't have much of a reputation outside of being everyone's Emergency Contact. Quiet? Helpful? Real useful when shit's hitting the fan? Lots of people like him generically, not many people think about him outside of emergencies.


xxxxxYour character's background.


xxxxxDetects, analyses, and copies mutant powers.


xxxxxGood in emergencies.



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Joshua León Alazraki Salinas
Codename None
Birthdate Oct. 20, 1990
Birthplace Tucson, AZ
Species Mutant
Affiliation Prometheus/X-Men
Alignment Balanced
Powers Mimic
Occupation Paramedic
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Faceclaim None
RP Hooks
deus ex - His ability makes him kind of a grab-bag of usefulness. Over the years it means people have come to depend on him when they need something, and often forget about him outside of those times. He's made his peace with that... mostly.
no passport needed - Teleportation is by far the power he loves the best. When he's off work he adores zipping off around the globe, and is happy to bring travel companions with him.
fire from the gods - got out of the Prometheus labs in 2010 after a stay of several years; has been a dedicated member of Jax & Ryan's team ever since.
achrayut - An observant member of the local Jewish community and always glad to connect with others.
New York's Best - A career paramedic, even when he's not in X-Uniform he may well turn up to save you.
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