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Mir Veln Zey Iberkern

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xxxxx5'3" and skinny, Wendy is easy to overlook. A young Chinese woman with straight black hair a bit past shoulder length. She has a small heart-shaped face, pale skin, dark eyes with a distinct epicanthal fold, a button nose, and tends to dress conservatively.


xxxxxWithin Prometheus has a reputation for being extremely levelheaded and rational -- though this is mainly in comparison to her hotheaded best friend Polaris, who she's often seen in company with.

xxxxxHas a bit of infamy in the anarchist community for a string of quite successful ecoterrorist attacks on various sites (pipelines, fracking sites, etc.) before her arrest and subsequent disappearance. There was a briefly intense "Justice For The Keystone Duo" campaign carried out by some of their comrades to figure out where she and her BFF Lorna Dane aka Polaris had vanished to that has subsequently dwindled to just a pair of very dedicated friends still fervently trying to keep up a fund and get answers from the government.


xxxxxThe only child of Taiwanese immigrants, Wendy grew up comfortably middle-class in Baltimore, one parent an anatomy professor at Johns Hopkins and one a horticulturist at the Baltimore City Conservatory. Though her family was Jewish they were also wary of the Baltimore city public school system and, not wanting their daughter to go to a "bad school" (equal parts the genuine underfunding of the city schools and a fear of exposure to too many black students) they enrolled her in Catholic schools for her education. A bright and curious student, she was not all that invested in academics but tended to coast in most classes on aptitude alone. It wasn't that she didn't like learning, far from it; she just didn't like /classrooms/, school, far preferring to soak up information from the natural world around her or the interesting people she met.

In high school she was enrolled in an all-girls catholic school where she became fast friends with Lorna Dane, initially bonding over Lorna's interest in Judaism, a thing which rendered them both kind of outsiders in the predominately Catholic environment. Only kind of, though; both of them were good at /capitalizing/ on this status, not exactly The Popular Kids but adept at collecting themselves their own cheerfully close-knit group of Rebel Girl Squad to make it through high school with (although their Teenage Rebellion consisted largely of such scandalous activities as asking too many questions in class, political activism, protests, and occasionally sneaking way too much junk food on their weekend camping trips.)

She stayed close to several of her high school friends once she went off to college, heading to UMBC to study ecology -- less out of a keen academic interest and more out of a vague sense that given her acute interest in Saving The Planet, she /ought/ to study something relevant. It was honestly kind of a relief when Lorna -- now calling herself Polaris -- turned back up in her life the summer after sophomore year, when she was staying on campus during a minor falling out with her parents over her burgeoning queer identiy. Polaris had a more /active/ idea of how to save the world and enlisted Wendy's help for a Road Trip Of Terrorism, heading off around the country to sabotage pipelines and fracking sites. They had a pretty good run of it, too; what started out as a summertime project turned, with Wendy's planning, into a drawn-out operation that lasted the better part of a year and was /successful/ at shutting down a few operations and drawing enough attention to a few more to get them stalled a good while. Things caught up with them in Montana, though; one incautious comrade and one arrest later, and the two of them wound up in Prometheus, where they've been ever since.


xxxxxIntuitive analysis.


xxxxxEven apart from her powers, Wendy has a keen analytical mind, quick to spot patterns in things, in groups, in behaviors, quick to spot how things work and puzzle them out. It's a bit of a chicken/egg question whether this came from her own curiosity or long use of her powers but regardless, she's great at taking things apart and figuring out how to put them back together -- or at watching a group of people and learning how to read the room.

She loves plants and is a competent gardener. She has solid first aid skills. She's extremely handy, quite mechanically inclined, able to fix a wide range of appliances or hack together her own given the right tools and parts. She's adventurous and athletic, though poor in the realm of Team Sports and more inclined toward outdoor pursuits -- hiking, climbing, swimming, biking, kayaking.





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Wendy Ho
Codename None
Birthdate 25 Elul 5754 / September 1, 1994
Birthplace Baltimore, MD
Species Mutant
Affiliation Prometheus
Alignment Questioning
Powers Intuitive Analysis
Occupation Labrat
RP Hooks
Prometheus Bound - Until recently imprisoned in the Maine Prometheus facility; she was been a labrat at various labs for the better part of four years.
Smash the State - People don't always think it given her quiet and conservative outward appearance, but Wendy is an anarchist and a fan of taking a very direct approach to direct action.
Flights of Fancy - Practices (and is working up to performing with) a circus arts troop at Chimaera Arts; often around the warehouse and happy to mingle.
Tzedek tzedek tirdof - Much of her thoughts and activism around liberation is thoroughly grounded in her Judaism; she has been getting very involved with NYC Jewish community since her escape from the labs.
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