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Shaking things up!

xxxxxCalls herself a 'hacktivist', but not unironically.


xxxxxSkye is biracial, East Asian and Caucasian, and the blend of her features can be difficult to place for those who are unfamiliar with people of mixed backgrounds. She's 5'6", fine-boned but not slight, though not what most people would call curvy, either. Her eyes are dark brown, her hair silky black and currently just about shoulder length.


xxxxxAmong hackers and conspiracy theorists on certain corners of the internet, she's known as a pretty solid source of information and a reliable programmer. Among residents of the East Village, Lower East Side, and Flushing, as that weird tech girl who lives in a van. Among men of wealth and a particular inclination, as a freelance escort who works hard to keep her clients happy. Among Prometheans and those close to them, as a dedicated ally whose own mother's long stint in the labs and inability to adjust afterwards is what brought her to NYC.


xxxxxHer father was one of the early researcher at Prometheus, and her mother one of its first subjects. When the project started going wrong, her mother tried to expose it and was forcibly confined to the research facility. When Skye started suspecting foul play, her father arranged for her to be removed to foster care.



xxxxxSkye will rock your world.


xxxxxAnd also read your email.




  • Coming soon.

And everything in between

  • Coming soon.
  • She's pretty into fantasy, especially Harry Potter
  • Her mother is the only person in her life who calls her by any variation on her birth name
  • Cute, fuzzy animals are her greatest weakness

[[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]]

Daisy Xinyun Johnson
Codename Quake
Birthdate 1992-07-02
Birthplace Jiegao, China
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Defiant
Powers Vibration control
Occupation Hacker, hustler, hooker, thief
Registration Status Not registered
Played By Chloe Bennet
RP Hooks
Give me a Lever and a Place to Park - Living out of a van in New York City, Skye moves around a lot, parking wherever she can get away with it. Sometimes this turns out really inconvenient for other people.
Tinfoil Helmet - Skye will happily talk about all the nefarious deeds she thinks various governments are up to. Depending on who you are, you might either think she's paranoid or woke (or both).
Digital Robin Hood - Why should rich people have all the bandwidth? Skye regularly spreads login information for secured wi-fi hotspots, sets up botnets to provide free cloud services to people in the area, and 'liberates' electronic equipment for the use of the needy.
Dutiful Daughter - She puts a lot of energy into helping her mother adjust to life outside of Prometheus, physically, emotionally, and financially. Because of this, she often has occasion to encounter other Prometheans who run in the same circles.
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