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Burn your white flags; refuse to surrender.

xxxxxAgreeable but unapologetic, Scramble tends to speak her mind move on.


xxxxxBorn in Chicago, the middle child of aging radicals, Scramble grew up steeped in the culture of black power, mutual aid, and resistance to oppression. She was close to her younger sister Asha, who was born profoundly deaf, and so learned ASL from a fairly early age. The family relocated to Washington D.C. when she was young, where her father worked as an elevator technician and her mother as a nurse.

xxxxxToward the end of her freshman year in college, her powers began to manifest, which eventually landed her in a Prometheus facility, subjected to extensive study and experimentation. Though the experience was awful and traumatic, it also gave her a control and understand of her abilities she had not possessed before, and probably would not have developed on her own initiative due to ethical considerations.

xxxxxIn the spring of 2009, a group of former Prometheans, lead by Jackson Holland, liberated her and her fellow inmates. After this she returned home for a time, but found life with her family -- especially her parents -- extremely difficult to tolerate. Their radical solidarity did not extend to the persecution of mutants, not even their own child. She left them for good and moved to New York, where she attended CUNY to continue her education.

xxxxxBetween her studies and a series of terrible retail jobs, she trained with Jax's team and participated on some of their raids. Even after she got her degree, she struggled to find work, and has gradually grown more disillusioned with the social, political, and economic status quo (granted, she was never particularly impressed with it to begin with).

xxxxxShe dated, and eventually became engaged to Peace, a fellow Promethean. Alas, this was not to last, as Peace died in a Prometheus raid in 2013. Over the years, she has grown close to several members of the Brotherhood of Mutants, especially J.C. and Dusk, and has shown strong indications of aligning with the ideals and methods of that organization.


xxxxxScramble drives people crazy.

xxxxxHer powers interferes with the chemical balance of other people's brains, and can cause a vast range of symptoms: amnesia, hallucination, dissociation, depersonalization, compulsion, mania, depression, and delusion. These effects are short-term, and can last anywhere from an hour to a day (though she can influence the duration, it's by no means precise and varies from person to person). She can control what kind of symptoms her targets manifest and the severity, but not the precise way in which it presents (e.g. she can cause someone to hallucinate, and even influence how disturbing it is, but can't control the /contents/ of their hallucinations).

xxxxxUnfortunately, her own brain's ability to maintain chemical equilibrium is extremely poor, and she can only effectly remain sane by making other people less so. The range of this power is pretty short -- about a meter -- and though she does not need to touch her target, skin contact does decrease the amount she needs to concentrate on it.


xxxxxScramble is one of those rare people who actually does well in a traditional western academic setting, which for some reason most people find surprising. Her formal education is in chemical engineering, with a particular interest in green manufacturing. Though she has absolutely zero work experience in her field, she is a decent garage chemist. Broadly read and generally tech savvy in a nerdy Millennial sort of way, she can usually find out what she needs to know with reason.

xxxxxShe is a competent hand-to-hand fighter, having studied both Aikido and Judo and participated in Fight Club as well as trained with Jax's raid team. Like many New Yorkers who have survived both zombie outbreaks, she is pretty decent at fighting with improvised melee weapons, although she favors long knives and generally carries a wakizashi and a tanto. She is fluent in English and ASL, speaks rough but serviceable Spanish, and is slowly learning Mandarin.

xxxxxShe's a pretty good swing dancer and enjoys many kinds of improvisational dance. Also, she has mad gaming skills.


Sisters and Brothers

  • B - Tinyshark sibling is a /wizard/. Wish we saw that grin more.
  • Dusk - Fight together, play together, fuck together.
  • Ion - Crazy and wonderful and bright.
  • Isra - Beautiful, brilliant, and fierce.
  • Julie - Don't let people in easy, but she gives her all.
  • Natalie - Mad skills. Community-minded. Pretty cute for a white girl.
  • Regan - Lady Mastermind got it all going on up there.
  • Taylor - Little brother ain't so little anymore. Gettng so damned wise!


  • Eric - Fuck that guy and fuck the rest of the police, too.

And everything in between

  • Ellin - Identical triplet cheerleaders. Kinda spacy, but they're alright.
  • She does a sweet Garnet cosplay.
  • She wears a gold ring with a black star sapphire on her left ring finger.
  • She actually draws her power from white tears.

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Nia Mirembe Washington
Codename Scramble
Birthdate 1991-09-11
Birthplace Chicago
Species Mutant
Affiliation Brotherhood of Mutants
Alignment Chaotic
Powers Crazymaking
Occupation Chemical Process Engineer/Terrorist
Registration Status None
Played By Wakeema Hollis
RP Hooks
Game On! - Scramble loves gaming and can often be found at various arcades, Geekhaus, Commonhaus, or her own haus getting her game on with fellow nerds.
Deaf Heart - She is active in the local deaf community and likes to hang out with people who sign.
Promethean - She's very close to many other ex-lab rats, and will go pretty far out of her way to assist them even if she doesn't personally know them.
Rock Hound - Minerology is one of her hobbies, and she collects precious and semi-precious gems.
Unstable - Not just mentally, although that probably doesn't help. She rarely holds down a job for more than a few months, and tends to bounce around different residences for that reason.
I Want You to Hit Me As Hard As You Can - She is a regular participant in Fight Club, and known for leaving her opponents with pretty unpleasant symptoms if she's not well enough to un-crazy them afterwards. Yes, she's heard all of your Fight Club jokes.
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