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If I leave my grin behind, remind me that we're all mad here, and it's okay.

xxxxxbby biker, burgeoning rockstar, source of many grey hairs around the senior x-staff.


xxxxxIt is impossible to mistake this individual for anything but a mutant. There's a rather amphibious look to this youth, from webbed fingers to the slitted gills that line the sides of the neck and ripple down the sides of the throat. They sport skin a deep blue, with a tendency to gleam and prone to shifting lighter or darker in shade at times.

Small and sleekly compact, diminutive height -- standing an inch or two shy of five feet -- and slender build lends a frail overall appearance. Pixieish features only add to that impression -- face drawn in androgynous lines of elfin delicacy, narrow features dominated by overlarge solid-black eyes that are set far too deep above high cheekbones; between lack of eyebrows or lashes, though, and the black eyes and slightly flattened nose and the outlined ridges that take the place of normal ears on his head, there's an uncanny-valley kind of surreality to the youth's facial composition. The enormous black eyes bear a second clear set of lids that close sideways beneath the regular pair. In lieu of regular hair a spiky mess of black, harder and pokier than normal human hair, crowns the top of the odd water-demon head.

In build otherwise, the youth is streamlined-sleek, whipcord-lean limbs that end in flat webbed hands and feet. In telling contrast to the delicacy of build, webbed fingers and webbed toes both end in dagger-sharp claws, black and pointed and small -- at least when fully retracted. Their smile proves just as telling, rows of razor-sharp shark-teeth gleaming white behind the curve of blue lips. Despite the fragility of appearance, there is a strength belied in movement, sure and powerful with an animal sort of grace.


xxxxxAt Xavier's, has a rep as a rude acerbic asshole, often wildly inappropriate; while a student had a disciplinary record ten miles long, seems to be continuing that trend as the X-Men racking the most bench time for Poor Behavior and Failure To Respect Authority. His reputation has grown more colourful and exaggerated since graduation; he rarely confirms which of the ludicrous stories are true or not. Among the most monstrous visible mutants in the student body, he has a quieter rep as a warm and passionate advocate among a staff that is often slanted in favour of the human-passing residents.

In the mutant community at large, though, quite well-known as the owner of Evolve Cafe, one of the most popular community gathering spots around by virtue of being one of the only community gathering spots around. Usually has free food for those who need it, or meeting spaces for those who can't find it elsewhere.


xxxxxThe older son by four minutes, and boy does he not let Sebastian forget it. He and his twin were born in rural Montana to a Vietnamese immigrant couple; neither their parents nor their tiny town were prepared for the blue children. It made their family life strained, to say the least. Their early life consisted of a lot of cages and little socialization. Shane blames this for his people skills today, when he bothers to blame anything.

Recent years have found them adopted by an artist in New York. It was kind of an arrangement of convenience, to begin with, but has actually turned into the closest thing to family Shane's had.


xxxxxShane is pretty obviously adapted for aquatic life. He's got gills running down his sides and the sides of his neck, sharp teeth, sharp claws on his webbed fingers and webbed toes. He's built small and streamlined, and a good deal more cartilaginous than most people.

Also he's blue. That's probably the easiest thing to notice.


xxxxxThough very bright, Shane has been pretty careless and neglectful with his schooling; it's made his academic knowledge base kind of spotty. When it comes to language, though, he has a gift; he picks up new tongues with ease and his language classes at school have been the one place he cruises through with ease. His native tongue is Vietnamese; in school he's studied Spanish (which he gets plenty of regular practice in, around New York) and Russian (less applicable on a daily basis but kind of a fun challenge.) He's picked up Japanese from his boyfriend, is studying sign language with Dusk, and is starting to acquire bits of French from hanging out with the Tessiers all the time and Thai from Hive. xxxxxOutside of this, he plays violin very well; he studies in school, he studies privately with Ryan Black, and has aspirations of turning this into a career some day. xxxxxHe is extremely athletic and has gotten a lot of practice with combat, both from Prometheus and from the cops' fighting ring and from his own fight club. He is on his school's fencing team and rock climbing club and archery club and he enjoys riding, hiking -- and swimming, of course. He's a capable tracker and excellent hunter, with claws and teeth rather than manmade weapons. xxxxxHe's also, lately, gotten kind of a bit of practice in the business world since opening his own cafe. He also makes a mean cup of coffee.



  • B - My better half.
  • Jackson - The light at the end of a very dark tunnel.
  • Spencer - Junior badass.
  • Daiki - <3'd even without the powers.
  • Peter - ... kind of beautiful.
  • Dusk - The perfect storm.
  • Hive - Doesn't ask questions because he already knows the answers.
  • Ryan - ROLE MODEL.
  • Rasa - So many faces. <3 them all. ... mostly.
  • Anole - Can we KEEP HIM?
  • Isra - Beautiful monster.
  • Melinda - Safe harbor.
  • Jim - Troublemagnet. Entertaining.



  • Ivan - Friend-by-proxy. Might remove the by-proxy part if he stops treating me like I'm going to eat him.
  • Iolaus - Helps out Shelby. Helps out everyone. Could give a physical any time.
  • Kisha - Go go gadget deathwish!
  • Kay - Smoking hot.
  • Eric - :|
XS Schedule
Spring Term, 2011
  • Health & Human Development
  • Mathematics: Remedial
  • English: Remedial
  • Psionic Self-Defense (failed)
Summer Term, 2011
  • Mathematics: Remedial
  • English: Remedial
  • Ethics: The Ethics of Power
  • Self-Defense
Fall Term, 2011
  • Ethics: Power and Social Responsibility
  • Science: Animal Behavior
  • English: Creative Nonfiction
  • History: Pre-Colonial Africa
  • Mathematics: Algebra
  • Language: Spanish I
  • Sport: Fencing
Winter Term, 2012
  • Ethics: Bioethics: Humanity in the Post-Genomic Era
  • History: Modern Africa
  • Mathematics: Algebra
  • Language: Spanish II
  • English: Asian-American Literature
  • Sport: Swimming & Diving (noncompetitive)
Spring Term, 2012
  • Mathematics: Algebra (failed)
  • Language: Spanish III
  • History: China: The Last Dynasty (failed)
  • Science: Disease and Medicine in the United States
  • Phys. Ed: Yoga as Meditation
Summer Term, 2012
  • Mathematics: Algebra
  • English: Expository Writing (failed)
  • Phys. Ed: Psionic Self-Defense
  • Phys. Ed: Self-Defense
Fall Term, 2012
  • Religion: Faith and Doubt
  • Language: Spanish IV
  • Mathematics: Geometry (failed)
  • History: History: U.S., Colonialism - 1861
  • Science: Biology (failed)
  • Sport: Fencing
  • Extracurricular: Rock Climbing Society
Winter Term, 2013
  • Mathematics: Geometry
  • Language: Spanish V
  • Science: Biology
  • History: U.S., 1861-1941
  • Science: Introductory Astronomy
  • Self-Defense
Spring Term, 2013
  • Mathematics: Geometry (failed)
  • Language: Spanish VI
  • Science: Biology (failed)
  • History: U.S., 1941-Present (failed)
  • English: Creative Writing: Poetry (failed)
  • Art (Musical): Orchestra
  • Extracurricular: Rock Climbing Society
  • Extracurricular: Archery Club
Summer Term, 2013
  • Mathematics: Geometry
  • Science: Biology
  • History: U.S., 1941-Present
  • English: Creative Writing: Poetry
  • Language: Russian I
Fall Term, 2013
  • Mathematics: Geometry
  • Health: Human Sexuality
  • Language: Russian II
  • Science: AP Environmental Science
  • History: Japan: Tradition to Modernity
  • Art (Theatre): Costuming
  • Sport: Fencing Suspended, on disciplinary probation.
  • Extracurricular: Astronomy Club Suspended, on disciplinary probation.
  • Extracurricular: Archery Club Suspended, on disciplinary probation.
Winter Term, 2014
  • Mathematics: Trig/Precalc (failed)
  • Language: Russian III
  • Science: AP Environmental Science
  • English: The Art of Protest: Revolutionary Writings
  • Religion: The Old Testament
  • Art (Music): Orchestra
Spring Term, 2014
  • Mathematics: Trig/Precalc
  • Language: Russian IV
  • Science: AP Environmental Science
  • Religion: The New Testament
  • Computer Science: Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • English: Utopias and Dystopias in Literature
Fall Term, 2014-15
  • Mathematics: Trig/Precalc
  • Computer Science: Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • English: AP Language and Composition
  • English: African-American Literature
  • Science: Intermediate Astronomy
  • Ethics: Nonviolence and Moral Leadership
  • Sport: Fencing
  • Extracurricular: Archery Club
  • Extracurricular: Astronomy Club
  • Extracurricular: Rock Climbing Society
Winter Term, 2014-15
  • Mathematics: Trig/Precalc
  • Computer Science: Algorithms and Data Structures
  • English: AP Language and Composition
  • English: Play Writing
  • Science: Advanced Astronomy
  • Ethics: The Ethics of Power
  • Sport: Swimming & Diving (Non-competitive)
  • Extracurricular: Archery Club
  • Extracurricular: Astronomy Club
  • Extracurricular: Rock Climbing Society
Spring Term, 2015
  • Art (Visual): Color and Light
  • English: Expository Writing
  • English: AP Language and Composition
  • Mathematics: Basic Finance 2: Small Business Finance
  • Philosophy et al: Law and Morality
  • Language: Spanish Literature: Magical Realism and Reality
  • Sport: Gymnastics (Non-competitive)
  • Extracurricular: Orchestra
  • Extracurricular: Archery Club
  • Extracurricular: Astronomy Club
  • Extracurricular: Rock Climbing Society
  • Volunteers on a Red Cross Disaster Action Team ever since they helped out his apartment building in the wake of its bombing. Spends a lot of time handling client paperwork because a toothy clawed shark is not always the most reassuring face to see for people who've just lost their homes.
  • As a child, was in the very first batch of mutants taken in when Prometheus was founded. Actually kind of liked it there when the project first started.
  • Has actually died (and been resurrected by a good friend Karrie) two times; KIND OF didn't tell his dads about one of these due to a desire to keep them from fretting since in the middle of zombies they had a lot on their plates already.
  • Is in the middle of EXPERIMENTING with religion. Not really entirely sure of what his spiritual beliefs are so he's dabbling in immersing himself in many different religions one after the other. Is starting with things that his family and friends practice, so started off with Shinto and Buddhism and is now dabbling in various incarnations of Christianity.
  • Gets the bulk of his (usually rather overdressy) wardrobe from a respected fashion designer who was his first dad after being freed from Prometheus.
Shane Lanh Holland
Codename None
Birthdate March 21, 1998
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's School
Alignment Evening
Powers Sharky
Occupation Music Student (Juilliard, Junior)
RP Hooks
Out and Proud - Shane can't exactly BE closeted. But he could be less In Your Face about it.
Classically Speaking - For all his brashness, when it comes to music he likes it more refined. He's been studying violin with a musician neighbor while 'B learns guitar. He's attending Juilliard for college to pursue music seriously.
Mayhem - Together with his twin, Shane organizes a weekly mutant-focused fight club in the Lower East Side. Invite-only, but good for those looking to brush up on their combat skills.
Tiny Businessman - Owns Evolve, a mutant-friendly nightclub and cafe in the Lower East Side.
lowercase x - Among the newest of the team -- or, well, not quite The Team yet, but getting there! Shane is in training to be an X-Man, much to his father's chagrin.
Mongrel pup - In the continuing vein of Trying To Give His Dad Early Grey Hairs, is a new-minted member of the Mutant Mongrels MC. Often found tooling around in a loud and visible pack of mutant bikers on his shiny blue and silver hoverbike.
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