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I want you to hit me as hard as you can.

xxxxxRun out of a Brotherhood safehouse in the Lower East Side. A weekly gathering of mutants to fight and practice their combat skills in a supportive relatively safe environment.


xxxxxAfter the NYPD's mutant fight ring, some of the survivors had some extra anger to burn. Thinking that a safe place for mutants to practice actual real combat skills -- more in depth than the tamer self-defence courses offered at Xavier's -- would be beneficial to many mutants, who are often faced with violence in their everday lives, Shane and B set out to create a space to do just that.

xxxxxA chance encounter with Regan procured them a space where they could do this, in the basement of a mutant safehouse in the Lower East Side.

Involved Characters
  • Organizers & security (ICly, need one of these people to vouch for you to be allowed in -- do NOT assume that just because you are friends with one of them OR in the Brotherhood you can join Fight Club! Fight club is NOT a Brotherhood affiliated activity!)
  • All attendees need to be vouched for by one of the folks running the place, so befriending one of them is the best way to score an invite.
  • Fight Club is srs business. Anyone will be thrown out with extreme prejudice if they start conflict outside the actual matches -- it is intended to be a SAFE and SUPPORTIVE environment for all participants. Bigotry and general douchebagginess are not welcome.
  • Fight Club always takes place with one or more mutant healers in attendance -- it's intended to allow mutants to practice combat without too much risk of being permanently crippled or killed. You'll still likely leave with fresh scars; the healers triage, only exerting as much energy as it takes to bring injuries down to a safe and stable level and then patch up the rest with normal first-aid practices.
  • Fights must stop immediately when any participant calls for a stop, taps out, goes unconscious, etc. Even so and even with healers on hand there's always some level of risk. Though they endeavor not to maim or kill anyone, there's always a danger.
  • Though the house where fight club takes place is a Brotherhood safehouse, its Brotherhood ties are not generally known by those outside the Brotherhood -- ICly, it's just known as a mutant-friendly home.
  • For XS students, keep in mind that Fight Club is definitely NOT an approved extracurricular activity of any kind -- it was, in fact, started by a couple students who were annoyed at the restrictive nature of Xavier's self-defense classes. Students still need to follow applicable sign-out rules and curfew rules; the administration does not grant exceptions for going into the city for Fight Club. This doesn't mean students can't go, it just means they'll need to find a more lenient teacher willing to be the one to sign them out/give them permission, because the administration as a policy does not. Though attending Fight Club is not against any school rules, much of the administration also disapproves of it strongly and students are likely to get Disapproving Lectures (but no actual punishment) if it's found out they've been attending.
  • XS teachers are probably likely to get Disapproving Lectures for attending, too.
  • Fight Club is something of an open secret in the mutant community. They aren't at all circumspect about its existence -- thought actual attendance is heavily vetted and restricted to people who have demonstrated they are both WILLING and CAPABLE of engaging safely. This means people who start random fights, who refuse to stop after their opponent wants, etc, are kept out -- it also means mutants who have poor control of their abilities cannot come! This is not a place to train HOW to use your powers in the first place!
  • Fight Club is very much looked down on among Respectable Mutants. There's a lot of controversy about its existence in the community -- PLENTY of mutants who feel like it ought to be canceled, PLENTY of mutants who are extremely critical of it and anyone who attends, PLENTY of mutants who frequently bring up things like the existence of Fight Club to derisively attack mutants for contributing to violent anti-mutant stereotypes.
  • There's a very active betting pool that happens around the Fight Club matches! Ion and Daiki run the books, and a chunk of their profits go to paying the group of healers and metamutants who help keep Fight Club a safe and controlled environment.
TP Contacts

xxxxxShane and B are the points of contact if you want to get involved in Fight Club.

Fight Club
Status Active
Type Combat
Risk-Level Mild
(Estimated) Dates Indefinite
Location BoM Safehouse, Lower East Side
Affected Factions All
TP GMs Shane, Sebastian
TP Hooks
The First Rule - Actually no the twins talk about Fight Club ALL the time. If you're a mutant and not a douchebag it's pretty easy to hear about it.
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