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In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous. - Aristotle

xxxxxThe first thing you notice about Rasputin, is, well, ze is a cat. Rasputin is not just any cat, however, ze's a terrorist cat, and has been a member of the BoM since just before the Liberty Island attack. Innately loyal, Rasputin cares about all of hir brothers and sisters in the 'hood, and would do anything for them.


xxxxx Four years ago, Clyde Hendrickson was a fifteen year old boy, living in Albany, New York, with his parents, two brothers, one older, one younger, and his older sister. His father was a successful dentist, while his mother stayed at home, also running a life-tips blog. Clyde's life was peaceful, in a relatively-safe neighborhood compared to that of the big city, and they didn't know many mutants besides the few physical ones they'd see at the store from time to time. However, things changed one day. Clyde was riding his bicycle down the street, earbuds in, unable to hear for warnings. A drunk driver was speeding, and was unable to stop as he noticed Clyde, while Clyde was unable to hear nearby screams. The car impacted with Clyde, but not before something spectacular happened. His mind jumped out of his body in the stressful moment, transferring into that of a nearby female squirrel. The entire scenario was traumatic, causing the loss of his memories, but he quickly realized that the body was his own, due to memories of human experiences yet no memory of his own identity. Meanwhile, his body died shortly after the accident, before he could figure out his abilities, leaving him without any way to obtain a human body. He found where he had previously lived, and learned a little bit, but not much, just enough to fill in the blanks, of his identity. Soon, he realized that he could also manipulate soundwaves, including the animal's own vocal noises, to create voices, giving him a way to communicate. From this point on, he realized that any chance of returning to his old life was hopeless, and decided to head to the big city to find a new life. Taking the body of a bird, he left Albany, heading to Manhattan.

Clyde's first action, having quickly adapted to his situation no matter how much he disliked it, due to his need for survival, was to find a suitable long term body. After flying around the city, at a low height due to his fear, he found a small alley near the Russian district, where several stray cats lived. One of these strays was a young tom, about a year old, named Rasputin. He was a fluffy white cat, with beautiful blue eyes, and was one of the more dominant members of the alley strays, though still young and immature. Clyde took his body, suppressing his mind, but not his instincts, and took his name as well. The new Rasputin soon learned that he could understand the language of the cats, and could also communicate in it. He soon, using his human intellect, was the smartest of the alley cat gang, and though one of the youngest, became their leader. Although he slowly became comfortable, it still dawned on him that he would never actually be a human again. He slowly realized that his gender identity was useless, choosing to identify as Neutral gender solely due to this. Ze spent several years as their leader, until 2011. Ze learned, via chatter ze would pick up, that there was a group of mutants called the Brotherhood, rumored to be for the rights of mutants, of any type or ability, and would go to great, sometimes drastic measures to show their worth. Although ze most likely over-romanticized their true goals and power, Rasputin was determined to find them.

Using various animals as scouts, though this obviously had issues due to animal brains, Rasputin found a BoM recruiter after a few months of searching. Although the recruiter did not know that ze was not actually a cat, ze used hir sound manipulation to communicate with the recruiter, one of the first real times ze had communicated with humans since the incident. The recruiter was skeptical, but after several more months of doing various favors, Rasputin was able to prove hirself to him and was invited onto the island as a full member. To this day, Rasputin has strived to be as loyal as possible to the BoM, and though ze has hir struggle, it's hard to doubt that Rasputin is constantly trying and wouldn't even think of betraying them. Though, after the Liberty Island incident, ze has had more and more questions, though not unloyal, about what exactly they are trying to achieve.


xxxxxRasputin was born with the mutant ability to possess and dominate the minds of animals, taking their bodies for hirself. Rasputin can stay in a body indefinitely, though cannot suppress the animal's instinct. Weaker animals can get very sick, and if already ill enough, die once their body is left, due to the mind coming back all at once. However, animals that are more use to this or are stronger can go through it with tiny headaches. Likewise, swapping into an unfamiliar animal type will give Rasputin large headaches and will also be difficult to control due to Rasputin's unfamiliarity of the animal. Animals that Rasputin possesses must be within several feet of hir when ze tries to possess them, which takes anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes depending on whether or not Rasputin has possessed this type of animal before. Rasputin can both understand and communicate in the language of the animal, but loses this ability once ze swaps to a different species. Ze can only possess avians, reptilians, and mammals, but no limit within these groups. If a body dies while Rasputin is in it, Rasputin will also die.

Rasputin also has the ability of minor sound manipulation, being able to create voices out of sound waves, including the types animals make. These voices can sound like any voice Rasputin has heard before and can recall on the top of hir head. Ze can also throw voices by using the ability on sound waves in a close proximity, as well. Rasputin hopes that in the future ze will be able to make sound bursts, but this is very unlikely.

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  • Magneto - Closest thing to a father. Needs to be busted out as soon as he can actually be found, save the day.
  • Dusk - BATMAN <3. FREE AS A BIRD (AGAIN)! Or, atleast a bat.
  • Ion - Mi amigo, or something, friendliest dude I know.
  • Isak - Mr. Blue-Green is rather cynical. And doesn't appreciate a good horse theft. I should be able to turn him around.
  • Regan - Coolest, friendliest, but also most terrifying(?) boss ever.
  • Thea - Bug lady, awesome goals though. Or, they were. Died for our cause. Will be missed.


  • Micah - NERD <3. HUMANFRIEND <3.
  • Roach - Big, frightening, tragic. Might murder me some day. Hopefully not.
  • Shane - Sharky, grumpy, knows how to appeal to the stomach, POSSIBLY TELEPATHIC (probably not).
  • Sebastian - Sharky, RICH, can afford tacos, aka best person ever.
  • Alicia - ...I screwed up.
  • Doug - Thought he was nice! And because of him, Dusk's apartment was without security. What the fuck, dude.
  • Homeless Population of NYC - Eyes and ears! Other than the birds, that is.


Clyde Hendrickson
Codename Rasputin, The Cat Queen
Birthdate December 17th, 1994
Species Mutant
Affiliation Brotherhood, Alicia Hendrickson
Alignment Chaotic Fluffy
Powers Animal Possession, Minor Sound Manipulation, Animal Manipulation
Occupation Fluffball Terrorist.
RP Hooks
Terrorist - Rasputin's been in the Brotherhood for several years now. If you're a member or very close to them, you've probably seen hir around.
Social - Rasputin loves meeting new people, and will talk to anyone interesting ze sees out in public. And possibly terrify them as well.
Source of Information - If you need information, Rasputin is your cat. Ze has various information sources, and knows a lot of what goes around in the city.
Nature - Rasputin spends most of hir off-island time at various parks and other places teeming with nature. Perhaps you'll see hir at one of them sometime.
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