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Life inspires art, sometimes the life may be farther away though.

xxxxxCurious and amiable, Sean likes to see the beauty of the world. He seeks to continue learning of his powers, but has no qualms about using his capabilities to gain wealth. He isn’t worried about his powers being discovered, as who would believe that art would show the world so far away.


xxxxxThe ski communities of Colorado all have their own particular personalities, and though it wasn’t Aspen, Crested Butte still had its associated beauty and relative increased median wage. Sean’s family had owned the ski resort at Mt. Crested Butte, and while it wasn’t as prestigious as Aspen, people from all over visited the place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and prime powder. The beautiful scenery always drew Sean out into it, and he enjoyed learning to draw and paint it over time. He had a talent for it, much more so than he had a head for business, something that his brothers and sisters were far better at. As he got older, his art skills increased, but it was an odd sort. He could draw something better without actually having it as a reference. From his room he could draw the mountains he loved, he could draw places and things and it would look almost as real as a photograph if he took the time.

xxxxxHis parents were fine supporting his talents in the art, sending him to special magnet programs for art, and eventually to MICA for his continued education in art. It was the best or worst, but it let him experience the world away from his parents, and let him see a world full of people devoted to the art. It was around this time that he began to truly notice what was going on with his art. He would draw the same place, but there would be differences. A book open laying on the bed instead of closed on the shelf. One time he had drawn his room and noticed that there was someone laying in his bed when he finished the image, and he hadn’t thought of that himself. Calling home he did his best to be subtle, but found out from his parents that his uncle had been staying in his room while he was away. Scared, but curious, he started to do different things, different places he had been, starting the art at different times.

xxxxxHis art was acclaimed for his skill, and the life aspects were just cooed over. Teachers and art critics would say that his works truly showed a snapshot of life, as if a moment in life had been frozen candidly, like a photographer would seek to. With graduation, he wanted to see about going for continued education and with some of his works already selling, he went for one up in a center of population. New York is a height of galleries and arts, and Columbia University had a good masters of fine arts program. Moving there he rather liked the place, but during the troublesome times, he fled back home. With things settled down, and life returning to normal, he has returned to the city to seek his fortune, and continue practicing his art, whether government practices its stupidity or not.


xxxxx Clairvoyant Art - If he knows a location, item or person well, he is able to generate an image of the current area in perfect detail. The image can show at maximum five yards of area around the specified individual/location at the current time he has begun the image. The more detail he provides in the art, the longer it takes to draw/paint/sculpt though the contents of the image are only what was available at the time he began, and limited based on material and size of the art. If he does not know a person/place/item he may be provided a possession of a person, a piece of the item, or something from the location itself to be able to provide the necessary link to be able to image the location. This normally can only provide visual information, not information to any other sense, though a sculpture would provide tactile information as well due to the three dimensional nature of the art. Obviously, a sketch is faster to produce than a sculpture, and a three inch square sketch would be quicker than a nine foot tall painting on canvas. He is limited by the tools available, and the scale of the image he is working in. It can show any angle of the scene and zoomed about as much as human sight can manage

xxxxxThe art generated must be created by hand and he is unable to convey this using any digital art form, though whether this is from lack of skill or being unable to move the power through it.


xxxxxArt - An excellent painter, illustrator and sculptor. When it comes to putting imagination to medium, they are excellent.

xxxxxLanguages - English (native) and French (Conversational)

xxxxxRandom Trivia - If it doesn't matter, he knows a lot about it. From the average velocity of an unladen swallow to the state bird of Louisiana, it just sorta comes to him.

xxxxxSnow transport - Good with snowmobiles, skis and snowboards



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Sean Bahron
Codename None
Birthdate March 24, 1987
Species Mutant
Affiliation Civilian
Alignment Neutral Good
Powers Clairvoyant Art
Occupation Artist
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