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xxxxxJust another face in the crowd. Uh huh. Sure.


xxxxxBen was an ordinary kid for most of his life. Did okay in school, played some basketball, indulged in a bit of petty rule-breaking. His parents fretted that he'd have a rough life ahead of him if he didn't work hard, but he dismissed it as something he could worry about in his twenties.

He first learned about his power by accident; he and some friends were spending a Saturday afternoon running through some alleys, when at one point he backed up against a wall and kept right on going for another five feet. After the initial shock, he kept it to himself, figuring it was the sort of thing that would get you shipped off to a government lab for experiments. He experimented a bit to get a feel for what it could do, but really, what good is it? Phase into a convenience store and rob it? Good way to get caught on security camera.

He suspects that the MRA is more likely to lead to bad things for mutants than good, and plans to stay unregistered until it becomes an immediate issue. It hasn't happened yet - he made it into community college and a part-time job stocking shelves before the Act was passed, and he's still living at home - but none of that is going to hold up forever. He figures that the Brotherhood may not be as bad as everyone claims, and wouldn't mind meeting them so he can make up his own mind. If he ever learned about Xavier's school, he'd tend to consider them unrealistic idealists.


xxxxxBen can phase through solid objects. If his eyes go through, then he can see inside. If his whole body goes through, then his momentum carries him through toward the other side. When he stops applying the power, the repulsive force gradually regains strength, pushing him and the object away from each other with equal force; he won't get stuck underground, he can't shatter a loose object but he can give it a good solid shove.

While phased, he doesn't interact with the atmosphere either (so he can only maintain it as long as he can hold his breath), but he does interact with the electromagnetic spectrum (he's neither blind nor invisible, and powers affecting that spectrum could disrupt his own).

He's capable of bringing a couple others with him by maintaining skin contact, but he would have to try it in order to figure that out, and the extra mental effort would leave him somewhat fatigued on the other side.



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Ben Campbell
Codename None
Birthdate June 1, 1995
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Gray
Powers Phasing
Occupation Stockboy
Registration Status None
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