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xxxxxSebastian is manipulative, narcissistic, seductive, and vain. He adopts a Machiavellan attitude towards conflict, and he has a slightly melodramatic perspective. Sebastian knows what people want to hear, and he tries to tell them what they want to hear. His greatest flaw is that he often comes across as arrogant once he gets comfortable enough to speak his mind. His mouth has gotten him into trouble more than a couple of times. Sebastian has never belonged anywhere. His family was nomadic, and he never had a permanent home or real friends. Those experiences made him appreciate whatever he could find that was permanent. And it made him terrified of losing the things he had become comfortable with. He began investing in things that couldn't be taken from him, such as a large collection of books and music that he could store in the form of data on the internet. However, he soon learned that he did not appreciate his digital copies and files as much as his physical collections. Thus, he has a decent collection of books and a large collection of CDs that he protects almost as savagely as his hair. Meaning he doesn't allow a single soul on earth to touch them. Sebastian is very emotionally vulnerable, he is masochistic, and he has a large sexual appetite and severe abandonment issues. Because of this, he often reminds himself that completely trusting another is foolish and can only end badly. Typically, he severs ties with people once they are no longer useful to his survival, except for those he thinks may serve some purpose in the future. He hates the daylight, and prefers to live a nearly nocturnal life. The only reason he ever comes out in daytime is to work or have his face seen so people can be reminded what a "good boy" he is.


xxxxxSebastian is five feet and nine inches tall. He has strawberry-blonde hair with a low fade on both sides and the back. The top of his head is arranged in a clockwise spiral that is shortest at the back, left side and longest where it comes down to almost cover his right eye. Sebastian has very smooth, toned legs and practically no body hair. His hair never grows, neither do his nails; because, Sebastian's cells never die. He never ages. However, this skill seems as if it would make him powerful, but it really means that his body is more fragile than most since he would be incapable of regrowing hair or finger nails if they were lost. This means that even though he is immortal, he is not unkillable. His complexion is that of a very fair-skinned teenager. Specifically, a fifteen year-old. He wears a wide arrange of clothes, typically he wears tight jeans that show off his thick and well-toned legs along with loose fitting, decorated tee shirts. His build is a lot less toned from the waist up. He is thin with only a little bit of muscle along his abdomen, pectorals, and shoulders


xxxxxSebastian is, quite simply, a man who was born 50 years ago and yet somehow still has the mind of a sixteen year-old and body of a fifteen year-old. Obviously, in a world where one cannot survive without some form of identification, it didn't take long for him to be discovered. When locals realized he had not aged at all in the last couple dozen years, he became an object of much speculation, even finding his way into a few privately owned and local papers in Manhattan over the course of a few weeks. His fame didn't last long. If one hadn't glanced at the smaller Manhattan papers that just didn't have anything better to write about between March and May of 2018, they wouldn't have seen his face. If they didn't know someone in the area during his fifteen minutes of fame, they would not have heard his name at all. Still, eternal youth isn't something one can keep secret. Some people think he is a miracle. Others think he is a child of Satan. Others, still, know him to be a mutant. His face is still commonly known among his own neighborhood and people sometimes come to him asking about his "secret", some make jokes about him sharing the fountain of youth.


xxxxxSebastian was raised in an extended family of nomads. He was born in Scotland, but he spent most of his life in his father's native country, America.

Sebastian's family was not welcome anywhere they went, due to the fact that they were a band of con-artists, prostitutes, and thieves. His mother taught him the art of seduction as soon as he hit puberty, and he was taught to manipulate his peers as well as his seniors. They justified their wickedness with the fact that the world is a wicked place. Sebastian was taught to hate and to fear the world and hate humanity. He was lectured almost daily by his mother on how unfair and nasty the world is, and he grew up believing that good people simply did not exist. This teaching made Sebastian not only hate the world, but it made him hate himself for being a part of it.

When he was sixteen years old, he met a boy that made him feel special. The young man was a twenty-one year-old, dark haired Canadian-born Californian named Alex. He was the first person to show a real interest in the boy. And he was the reason Sebastian refused to go when his family said it was time to move on. Sebastian refused, but his family wouldn't take no for an answer. And so, Alex came with them. He followed Sebastian from California to Memphis. Then, he convinced the boy to sneak away in the night and come back to California.

Alex insisted on travelling by air. Sebastian was drugged in the flight and taken to a facility on the Canadian border where his body was preserved in an experiment on cryogenics. Alex was an employee of a secret organization of armageddon survivalists called The Apocolyeans. They were experimenting with cryogenic technology because they knew that in the time it would take for the radiation to subside and the earth to begin bearing fruit again any food stores they had would be depleted or ruined. Thus, they resorted to cryogenic sleep rather than basic survival. After all, they did not want to spend a dozen or more generations under the ground.

Sebastian had been targeted for their experiments because he displayed classical signs of an easily manipulated personality and his family were not the type of people to get the police involved. When they came looking for Alex, they would find out that he had given them a false name, a false adress, a false number... More or less, he was completely lost to them. Alex convinced Sebastian that he had been abandoned by his family. He told the boy that they would never come looking for him. And Sebastian knew he was probably right. In all honesty, his parents only searched for him because they needed him to help with the family business.

Sebastian was cryogenically frozen until a year ago. He was awakened by a mutant whose child had been taken for the purposes of the experiment. The mutant and Sebastian's captors alike were unaware that he had a mutation of his own that only awakened thanks to the cryogenic sleep. Sebastian never aged another day. He appeared completely normal, but he never aged. The next time he clipped his fingernails was the last. They never grew back. His teeth never decayed. His muscle tissue remained in exactly the same shape it was when he was frozen. But his body still required food to survive. At first, he was afraid that if he received a scar then it wouldn't heal, but since scars were healed by platelets this was not the case. He found this out when he accidentally scraped his elbow on concrete just a few months after being awoken. Over the past three years, he has been working odd jobs and stealing to survive. He found a quiet part of town and made a home in a studio apartment in a tiny apartment complex that really was not worth the rent. His neighborhood saw no side of him besides the side he wanted them to see. He was a perfectly normal golden-boy according to everyone around him.


xxxxxSebastian's abilities related to his X-Gene are listed below by tiers. Tier 1 is natural to him and expends no energy whatsoever. Each tier beyond that demands more control, requires more energy, and causes a headache and nausea that vary in severity based on the tier of the skill he used and the amount of time he spent using it.

Control Tier 1: Sebastian's X-Gene allows him to exist outside of time; however, this does not mean that he can manipulate time or travel through it. Time does not effect his body. He never ages.

Control Tier 2: He also has the ability to step outside of time. When he does this, he cannot effect the world. When he steps on a leaf in this state, for instance, it stays exactly where it was to begin with without being pressed under his weight. This is because the leaf is still bound in place by time and Sebastian is not.

Control Tier 3: He can take other things and other people with him, but only if he has direct contact with them at exactly the moment he decides to change his state.

Completely naked and alone, Sebastian can remain in the state for however long it takes him to pass out (as he will leave the state immediately upon losing consciousness). When he carries clothes, books, or anything else along, he can stay in it for eight hours before passing out. This time only recharges after he has had a decent day's worth of sleep. Note, it does not recharge every 24 hours or every time he takes a nap. It only recharges if he has 6-8 decent hours of sleep and rest. When he brings other people, that time becomes limited based on the amount he brings along. One other person will deplete his energy at four times the natural amount. Two other people decrease it nine times the natural amount, and three other people decrease it sixteen times the natural amount.

Based on how much energy he has expended, Sebastian will have a headache that is only relieved by rest and his body becomes fatigued. Once he has reached higher levels of control, this effect will not happen until he has expended half of his energy unless he attempts to take another person with him into the state. If he brings another person, he will immediately feel the headache and fatigue.


xxxxxSebastian is, more than anything, a talented liar. He even somehow manages to pass polygraphs without a problem. This is because he is so narcissistic that he actually believes the truth can be whatever he wants it to be. He also knows martial arts and is especially skilled at using a bo staff. Sebastian picks up on new skills quickly, and considers himself a Jack-of-all-trades. He is a more than decent cook and actually enjoys cooking for groups of people. He constantly learns new recipes and puts his own spin on them in attempts to further perfect them. Sebastian also has a skill he picked up from his years with his family. He learned to read people like essays or books. He can spend fifteen minutes with a person and immediately categorize them based on clothes, hygiene, and behavior. And he is rarely ever wrong.



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And everything in between

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  • Sebastian seems outwardly calm at most times, but he has severe anxiety that forces him to analyze and over analyze every situation, surprisingly he even over analyzes his own appearance since he knows that he can never change it.
  • Sebastian's history is based off of the song "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" by Cher, his personality is based off of the character "Dorian Gray" from the TV series "Penny Dreadful" and the book "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde.
  • Sebastian's power is an extension of his personality, giving him both the permanence that he craves and the isolation that he unintentionally causes for himself by refusing and avoiding emotional attachments.

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Sebastian (Bastian) Sledge
Codename Dorian Gray
Birthdate 08/09/1977
Birthplace Scotland
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Controlled Evil
Powers Time Manipulation
Occupation Full-Time Thief
Registration Status Not Registered
Played By 13KaratStephen
RP Hooks
Easy Targets - Sebastian is a thief, and he takes every opportunity to either hone his practice or put it to use, whether through force or manipulation.
Flirting - Sebastian is trained in the art of seduction, and he loves showing off. He is only interested in other males, but he doesn't shy away from flirting with females.
Jewelery - When Sebastian sees something shiny and expensive, he wants it. It is just that simple.
Teachers - Sebastian's powers have only recently begun to show themselves, and he is unable to control them. He often enters the state and is unsure of what muscle to flex to return to the natural world. He is desperate to learn how to control his abilities because spending hours in complete isolation at a time takes a heavy toll on his mental health.
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