From X-Men: rEvolution
Dramatis Personae

Micah, Sean

23 February 2015

"For the honor of my perfectly sculpted ass."


<NYC> Home - Greenwich Village

Nestled into the heart of the Village, Home is an unobtrusive place, with an unobtrusive name to match. A nondescript storefront opens up into an equally nondescript cafe, plain tiled floors, an assortment of veneered tables with plain wooden chairs or booths with cracking vinyl benches. What it /does/ have to recommend it is the food, hearty solid breakfast and brunch served twenty-four hours a day, with a wide variety of menu to cater to specialized diets as well. Well-known to locals and little frequented by tourists, its friendly serving staff tend to remember their regulars, giving the place a warm feel that lives up to its name.

There is little more welcoming on a cold day with snow and ice and slush lingering around than a warm restaurant that smells like Coffee and Breakfast Foods. Baked goods and syrup scent the air most pervasively, tempting enough for even the tiniest sweet tooth. Micah is taking up an entire booth-seat with himself and his winter gear: crutches, coat, hat, scarf, gloves, and messenger bag all piled into the corner with him sitting to the outside. He remains in his basic work gear: TARDIS blue polo over heather grey henley and khakis, though snow boots still adorn his feet. His hair is sticking out all at odd angles from being under, then pulled out of, the wool Jayne hat at the top of the outerwear pile. There is already a mug of mocha warming up the redhead's hands as he peruses the menu.

Dressed cutely and comfortably for snow, Sean has a silver poofy vest with a little turtle on it, overtop of a turtle neck blue shirt, and a pair of black skinny jeans tucked into snowy boots. Lugging around his messenger bag full of art supplies with its collection of buttons and ribbons, he peeks around the always popular place as he scoots around the people waiting for seats as is his wont. Seeing Micah, he gives a vigorous wave and a grin as he heads towards the bundle of cloth and crutches. "Hello hello there. You look warm and comfie there," leaning into the booth so Micah won't attempt to get up, he gives a little hug then flops into the other side of the booth. "I am arrived, and we finally seen each other again."

Spotting the waving movement in his periphery, Micah looks up and returns the wave with equal enthusiasm and a bright smile. He /does/ attempt to get up when Sean draws near, but aborts once the other man is close enough to receive hugs from a seated position. "Ohgosh, hi! I feel like we've been on opposite schedules forever an' a half. How're you, sugar?" He taps at a picture of a waffle on the menu. "It more'n worked out we were plannin' on comin' t'day. One of m'kids I was fittin' for a prosthesis got waffles on the brain an' was chattin' on 'em near an hour's time. M'tummy'd gone right past rumblin' an' growlin' into roarin' by the end of it."

Chuckling, Sean nods and slides his phone out of his pocket before it ends up being too uncomfortable and sets it on the table. "I know. The one time there was the gallery thing, and then the kid, which I saw with Jax that one day..." he looks like he is about to say something, then aborts it. "Aaand then I had the ski trip. And then the other ski trip. And then the commission, bleeerg." He nods enthusiastically about the waffles, and glances to the drinks and nods. "Right. So waffles and espresso, vegany both for me." He grins watching Micah for a moment with his elbows up on the table.

“Oh, I didn't know y'got t'meet Eri.” Micah's expression in all of this is a muddled, hard-to-read mess. Pleased and fond and a little tense and worried, at the very least. “We didn't get the chance t'go out with 'em too much.” He is /just/ in the process of lifting a hand to catch the waitress's attention again when she is already on her way over, having spotted Sean sitting down. “Oh, I'm so glad y'know what y'want. We can order super-quick that way.” Once the young brunette has had a chance to get through her greetings, he orders the mixed berry Belgian waffles to go with his coffee.

"Yeah, it was an experience." Sean bites his lip and just nods a bit, oh look distraction of waitress. "Vegan pumpkin waffles and espresso. And another cup of coffee. Oh and an orange juice." He nods as he puts it all out, then looks back to Micah, glad for the distraction to take away scary baby chatter. "But what otherwise? Everyone good? I know you guys had been doing lotsa decorating at your new place. How are your boys?"

Micah just nods at the Eri summary and doesn't discuss the sticky topic further for the time being, giving a soft 'thanks' to the waitress as she heads off to place the order with the kitchen. “More or less. There was that bombin' over the clinic a little bit ago. Jax an' Flicker both got a bit burned in, along with one of the paediatricians there. But Jax's shieldin' kept it from bein' as bad a thing as it might've. They're all healin' up well, thank goodness.” The question of the children earns a little more of a smile. “Ohgosh, have we managed not t'tell you? B's not identifyin' with 'boy' anymore. Ze's fine with any pronouns but male. Think ze's a lot...more comfortable now's ze's dressin' how ze likes an' bein' addressed in a way's feels more natural t'hir. Would y'believe the twins're turnin' eighteen next month?” Pausing to sip from his coffee, he comes back to the remaining child. “An' Spence's good. Been /delighted/ by all this snow. Snowmen, snowforts, snowfights, y'name it. Makes it a /little/ more tolerable t'see 'im enjoyin' it so much.” The mention of decorating widens his eyes considerably with its implications. “Oh/gosh/! We ain't had you over since Jax finished all 'is mosaics? It's amazin'. We're gonna hafta remedy that real soon.”

"Oh I'm sorry. Yeah no it had never really come up. I'll make sure to remember," Sean nods looking a little embarrassed about it. "And I'm glad everyone is healing up. I didn't know that that was the clinic that you guys had been associating with. I guess blissful ignorance you know?" As multiple beverages arrive he sips to taste before tossing in a buncha sugar. "And I hadn't been over no. I had been over near the beginning before everything, but that was really early on after you had finished it." He smiles and takes off his gloves to hold the mug comfortably, as he tucks a leg up under him for a more relaxed pose. "I've been good. No peeking or anything. Mind you, that's partially because you guys do... tend to have unfortunate things happen. As shown by him needing healing."

“Oh, no, please. There's no need t'apologise when there weren't no way for you t'know.” Micah pats at the air in front of him in a calming manner. “Just wanted t'make sure y'did know if y'ever run into hir.” Another swallow of coffee leaves him nodding mutely before he can answer. “Yeah, Mendel. S'the only clinic specialisin' in healthcare for people with special abilities 'round. S'pretty much a fortress, but...gets a little tightrope-y balancin' security with gettin' folks in quick for emergencies. Guy sneaked in pretendin' t'be bleedin' on the pavement.” He tsks softly at himself, head just-barely shaking. “Apologies, sugar. We done shoulda had you over by now. We'll hafta do a schedule comparison by e-mail an' make sure it happens. We do...tend t'attract some crises.” The last comes punctuated with a sigh and a movement of his hand to his pocket.

"I just kinda figure people who know what I can do assume I know things, and when I don't." Sean lets out a sigh, but nods at the calming hand gesture. "And some people are dickheads. Attacking a hospital is like the biggest dick move," he makes a grump face and stabs a fork at the table. "And it's fine, I'm sure that Angela told me that I had it on my schedule and I just totally flaked on it. You know how I get when I'm in the zone. Like Nothing else is there except what I see." He looks sheepish again, "She keeps telling me that with all the food I don't eat getting wasted, she's going to put pictures of starving kids on my fridge. I hope she doesn't."

“No, no. I wouldn't ever imagine you're spendin' all your time peekin' in on folks without askin'. That'd be kinda creepy, actually.” Micah nods solid agreement with the pronouncements against the bomber. “I /know/. You'd think if there was one off-limits place in the world, medical facilities'd be it.” His nose crinkles. “We gotta set you a timer on your phone or somethin' that's /super/ annoyin' when y'need food. Jax gets the same way, but often enough /I'm/ the timer. I can be pretty annoyin' when needed.” His grin turns lopsided, eyebrows giving a single playful bounce.

Making a face, Sean shakes his head. "Yeah, it's kinda neat to be able to, but like when you end up drawing someone on the toilet once, and it's like, Nope." He drains his espresso and slides it to the side of the table to pronounce it defeated, he lets out a little puff of grump in agreement about the hospitals. "I mean, didn't they used to avoid the guys on the battle field with the medical symbols? I mean it's just basic decency at that point." Looking at his phone, he raises an eyebrow looking to Micah. "I tried the Nyan cat song. And I tried the doom song. And I even tried putting angry German music and hiding the phone across the room. I ended up getting complaints from the neighbors on that one. I think it had gone off for an hour before someone banged on the door."

"Ohgosh. That actually happened?" There might be a little juvenile glint of laughter in Micah's eyes at that. "Used t'be. Medics an' chaplains, kinda special consideration." Incredulously, he stares down Sean's phone, too. "The phone is clearly inadequate. We need t'get you a seat cushion that shocks your b'hind or somethin'. Force you t'get up." The waitress, naturally, reappears with food as Micah is talking about electricity-to-buttocks. To her credit, she barely bats an eyelash, lips twitching briefly before she sets out the plates from her tray. "Thanks, hon," comes with a healthy dose of blush rising in his cheeks. Little time is wasted in getting large quantities of maple syrup onto his waffles.

"Oooh yeah it happened. You name it, I've drawn it." Sean shakes his head at that and gives Micah a bit of an Eye at the amusement. "Hey, I need my behind! No shocking it!" He looks to the waitress with puppy dog eyes a moment, blinking pitifully. "You wouldn't let him do that to me would you?" He flutters his eyelashes, then examines his waffles with an intent gaze, and nods his head. "I shall defeat these waffles, for the honor of my perfectly sculpted ass." He pours syrup on and starts to attack it with vigor.

The brunette's free hand goes up, palm out, head shaking and /clearly/ not getting involved in this one as she moves to another table to check on some coffee refills. "Ohgosh. Ohgosh, ohgosh." Micah sliiiides down in his seat a little, the blush catching like wildfire in its rush up his neck and into the shells of his ears. "You. Are evil," he proclaims firmly once the waitress has taken off, balling up a paper napkin and aiming it at Sean's shoulder. Digging into his own waffles gives him a chance to get himself together again.

Sean grins triumphantly as Micah suffers embarrassment, and puts a piece of waffle into his face hole. "No, I am mischievous. If I was evil, I would have done that thing from where Harry met Sally." He nods heroically and om nom noms. "Besides, I can do all kinds of terrible things. Like draw people in incriminating poses, and then let people assume that I foresaw it actually happening. See, much worse."

"Pfft. If y'did that, /you'd/ be the weirdoface 'stead'a me." Okay, the arch of one brow /might/ imply that Micah's letting his imagination take hold of that one. "See, you got the mind for this evil business, sir. I didn't know this about you. Takin' notes." His non-fork-wielding hand taps its index finger against his temple. The next bite of waffle gets a longer-slower chewing over than entirely necessary. "I...should prob'ly bring it up 'fore too long. But I really wanted t'catch up an' let ev'rybody get some food in first." The hand slips down into his pocket, fingers sliding over the smooth stone there. "I hate askin'. 'Specially since we kept missin' each other for so long. An' we keep doin' this. But. S'there any chance you'd be able t'handle another missin' person commission?"

"No, I'd be selling so many more vegan waffles if people thought it had that result. Or they'd think you were doing something below the table." Sean supplies a non-commital shrug on whichever thing people would assume, his plate already half empty. "Oh man, I shoulda ordered some tempeh bacon. Grrr," he pouts for a second, but consoles himself with more waffle. "And I told you, not evil. Mischeivous. I just know how to think like an evil person. Otherwise I'd never be able to anticipate what horrible things Angela would do to me for disobeying." As the smooth stone slides across the table, and the words of commission come up, he sighs and lets the fork fall with a clank against the plate. "It's been... a long time since we've seen each other last. If a person is missing that long, with the way your friends live... what do you think we'll see?" He has a sad look in his eyes as he circles his fingers over the smooth stone, not daring to touch it yet.

There is more eyebrow at this. So much more eyebrow. And a grin, if coupled with a hint more blush. "Can't say that'd be the /worst/ outcome ever. Y'know y'can always add a side t'your order? If it comes too late for you, could take it t'go. From the sound of it more food ain't a /bad/ thing for you." Micah's expression darkens, more sombre once there is business to attend. "This is...not one of our immediate group this time. S'a friend of mine. She got real deep into usin' her abilities in ways she weren't as used to? Dream-related things. I don't rightly /know/ what might've happened. Could've...accidentally stepped herself into a situation she couldn't get out of. Or just far away. Or managed t'lose track of reality or /time travel/ for all I know. Things've been...odd." His shoulders bunch and fall back looser. "Her roommate was willin' t'try havin' y'look, though. I know it's askin' a lot. If y'don't think... You don't /have/ t'do it. If it's too much. I'd understand. An' I told the roommate that I wasn't sure on the lookin' part, much less the outcome."

"I may need that bacon..." Sean waggles fingers for someone to come over and he puts in a triple order of it before he looks back to Micah and the stone. "I... I don't even know what would happen with that. Time, another reality." He frowns so hard at the stone, pushing at it with a pencil as if waiting for it to get up and bite him. "I think if I do try, I'm gonna need a sitter. I've never tried drawing someone who that could even be an Option for."

“I...I mean it seems that'd be vanishin'ly unlikely. Right? I just wanted t'give a clear picture of just how uncertain things are on this one.” Micah nods along with the sitter request. “I could sure do that. Or help find someone to if there's a more appropriate...person. I know first aid but I'm not sure if that's the That might be relevant?”

"If you can find someone willing to pull my head back together, or sit in my head while I do it. I honestly don't know what sorta thing would help. Either way, just something to make sure I don't go crazy, or into an obsessive loop," Sean frowns, not exactly sure himself. "Basically I just want to reduce risk in case something weird happens trying to see something that isn't, or might be."

"Mmn. My...person I know who's good at controllin' other people's heads ain't really in a place t'help just now." Micah chews at his lip, fork poking a bit of waffle around the syrup on his plate. "S'far as head...fixin'. Mmn." His lips twitch over to one side. "There's someone I might could hire who's done that kinda thing b'fore. Honestly couldn't say if he'd do it or not. S'pose I won't know 'til I ask." He reclaims the stone, tucking it back into his pocket so that it will stop staring Sean down, so to speak. "I'll hafta check into it an' get back to you."

Sean chews on his lip thinking at what Micah said, and when the fake bacon arrives, he starts chomping down on it. "Let me know when you have things in place. I just don't want to end up a mess ya know?" He lets out a sigh, knowing how selfish it sounds. "It's not like it comes with a manual or something."

"Ohgosh, honey. I ain't...sayin' you're not bein' reasonable. Even /considerin'/ doin' this is a big deal. I get that an' appreciate it so much. An' I don't want you doin' nothin' y'feel ain't safe." Micah looks up at Sean again, just searching his features for a moment. "Please don't feel like y'hafta do any of it. Regardless of what's goin' on. I just...had t'ask. If I can't get appropriate safeguards in place, I don't want you t'try."

"I know, I know," Sean says as he finishes off alllll the tempeh bacon, making it disappear along with the rest of the waffle. "Ask around, see if you find a head guy or girl who's comfortable with it. We can see about finding your friend for you." He lets out a little sigh, but shrugs. "Who knows, maybe having someone like that will make it easier for me anyway."

For awhile, Micah just nods quietly, toying with the remnants of his food. “I'll see what I can do an' let y'know. See if the abilities match-up covers the needs. Meanwhile, we /do/ need t'set up for you t'come visit an' see the house. So we'll be in touch right-quick either way.”

"Yeah, I would like to see the mosaic, and all the other things I heard about. Did Spencer get his rocketship? Or has he gone with something else?" Sean smiles, glad that the subject has shifted. "And I can always have a caterer show up with the food so you guys don't have to worry about food prep for the visit."

"Oh, yes. There's a rocket ship theme for the for the playground equipment. An' his entire bedroom is space themed. Jax painted it all up an' I built the furniture just for it." Micah's expression brightens, too, at the new thread of conversation. "I'm gonna be so sad if he ever feels like he's too grown for that kinda thing. An' /no/, y'better bet we'll get y'fed if y'come over. It's a /thing/. You're set."

Sean chuckles and leans back in the chair sipping his orange juice. "I'll be glad to see it in person then. Hrmm, I wonder if I could get my hands on one of those pieces of moon rock," he murmurs, almost as a joke. "Would be a lovely picture I could get." He taps away at his phone a moment, perhaps making a note to try and get one. "If I ever do I'll be sure that Spencer gets the original."

“I think there was an astronaut who made artwork out of ground up space suit that had moon dust on it? I saw an interview an age ago, so I might not be rememberin' right. But that could mean there's moon dust spread 'round out there t'access.” Micah chuckles a little at the thought of tracking down moon-bits to touch for art purposes. “Sure he'd love it.”