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Bugs. Bugs everywhere.

xxxxx Oh hey it's that creepy Russian kid that always does his homework and willingly sits in the front of the class, yet rarely actually seems to speak to anyone! ... Also he may have attacked people with a swarm of bees? There are rumours.


xxxxxIvan was born into an incredibly chaotic family of fourteen, as the second to youngest child of a Russian tourism bus driver father and a Polish mother who was a book publisher. Raised by his older siblings in an apartment most would deem too small for even half the amount of people living in it, he learned that he had to depend mostly on himself to get things done. But though attention from either parent or even from most siblings was sparse, he was happy just to /be/, quietly, taking to occupying himself with the many books that were lying around the apartment and Russian television whenever he was not at school or studying.

Four of his siblings had mutations of their own, two of which were considered occasionally quite volatile in nature, and so when he managed to make a few spiders compliantly scuttle into a corner at the age of 11, he initially didn't even think to mention it. It was simply not of great importance. It did help foster a love for insects and arachnids, which continued to grow from then on. It wasn't until he was 15 that his parents finally found out that he was a mutant at all, and even then it was only because he found a letter addressed to one of his rowdier mutant siblings requesting they visit Xavier's School. The sibling showed little interest, after which Ivan brought it to his father, humbly requesting the statistical likelyhood of him moving to America, instead.

Pretty likely, as it turned out, because his father took time off to personally visit the place with his son only a week after the request. It was the most he'd seen of Ivan in years, and it wasn't long before he realised how much more his son could thrive under different conditions. The decision came fairly easily, and Ivan has been enjoying his new life ever since, finally having been able to claim one for himself.


xxxxxSome people have the flashy powers. Explosions, forcefields, having the excuse to don a cape and fly! Ivan has bugs. Insects and arachnids, to be specific, because as he would tell you if he thought you'd care as much as you should, they're not nearly all bugs! But regardless, he has the ability to make creepy crawlies of all sorts listen to him through very a specific sort of empathy. He is able to 'link' his mind with either individual or groups of insects and arachnids, which allows him to tell them to move somewhere, beacon-style, or perform simple tasks. These tasks become increasingly more difficult when ordering around more than one individual, especially if said creatures are not inherently organised (like bees are), and larger numbers often means commands turn to suggestions. Moreover, the link is not one-way; Rudimentary feedback is sent back to Ivan's brain in the form of simple information about the status of his 'pets'. That said, this is not an aspect of his ability that he has chosen to explore very much, so it rarely garners him more than the occasional empathic blip of 'it is cold' or 'this wall is scratchy' or 'aaaaa I've just lost all of my legs'. This can occasionally be overwhelming when handling larger numbers, especially considering his mood affects them as much as theirs can potentially affect his.

He is dependent on whatever is around at the time, though he keeps a number of them in his dorm room (and, as many students have come to find out, hidden on himself). Amongst his named (and infinitely more valued) collection of crawlies is a cobalt blue tarantula, a Mexican redknee tarantula, a giant African millipede, a vinegaroon, and an emperor scorpion.

Excerpts from a notebook marked 'people' stuffed in a desk drawer.


  • Alison - One of the first people met at the school. Generous and nice. /TV star/. Has a terrifying friend.
  • Mister Jackson - Advisor at the school. Very colourful, very friendly. Involved in a lot of important things. But also helped with getting bees.
  • Kai - Friend! Also 'Foom', a dragon? It's all a bit confusing. Dangerous? No. Not until proven otherwise. Good brain for learning.
  • Kisha - Interesting. Speaks a funny sort of Russian. Makes things and is maybe nicer than initially assumed. Made a SAMOVAR!
  • Peter - Best friend. Would go to great lengths for. Adoptive DANGER BROTHER. Of safety. Would like to see kept out of trouble but he is a hero.
  • Rasa - Don't ever want to see sad. Sometimes stronger than anyone at the school. Want to keep it that way. My Rashka.
  • Shelby - Seems a bit in conflict with herself. More fragile than she shows. She is sort of like a sister.

Not sure

  • Faelan - Made unfortunate first impression which involved scaring him with Lena. And ending up in Chinatown as a result. Does not like The Invisible Man.
  • Iolaus - Friendly. Doctor, works with-- the doctor. Knows his way around a refrigerator.
  • Jim - Easy to communicate with. Turns his arm into a tree ??? Has spiders now. May try to visit to check up on.
  • Kris - Friendly, talkative, friend of Rasa's?
  • Sebastian - Trying to be less scared of. Possible friend, if nothing goes wrong again.
  • Shane - Trying to be less scared of. Possible friend. Easier to talk to in e-mail than life.
  • Mister Summers - Cares a lot, one of the better teachers.
  • Tatters - Intimidating. Looks interesting. But mostly intimidating. Saved Peter! This makes her A+ but also still intimidating.
  • Thea - ??? Have to talk with.
  • Miss Walters - Very direct. But sometimes that is needed.

Wouldn't remove a tick from

Ivan Dravovich
Birth name Ivan Dorofeevich Vorobyov (Иван Дорофеевич Воробьев)
Nickname Occasionally 'Bugs', 'Ivanovich'.
Birthdate The 2nd of January, 1997
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's School student
Alignment Neutral good until proven otherwise.
Powers Control over insects and arachnids.
RP Hooks
Listening +5 - If there's anything Ivan does well, it's being quiet and paying attention. Those who've talked to him long enough might actually hear him say something in return.
Xavier's Recluse - Though he does leave the grounds occasionally, the fact that all of his family lives in Russia and an overall lack of social outings means Ivan can be found around the school pretty much 95% of the time.
Not the bees!! - There's a rumour going around that Ivan has ATTACKED PEOPLE with wild abandon. And bees. Lies? TRUTH? He /is/ one of the quiet ones...

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