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A Typical Summer Week - Emails
Dramatis Personae

Ivan, Rasa


A few emails over the course of a week.



 DATE: Sat, June 22, 2013, 10:55am
 Oh, Ivan.
 Apparently,  the giant bugs destroyed City Hall.  I am so very upset
 about this. I don't know how to or who to talk to about this. :/

 DATE: Sun, June 23, 2013, 6:21am
 SUBJECT: Re: News
 I have looked at the news when I came home. Does anyone know why this
 I still do not know why I let myself be taken. I know I was not thinking
 clearly but why did they want me to come? Maybe I made Thea unhappy and
 this is why she did this? I am sorry, I only have questions and not
 answers. Is Shelby not there to
 talk to?

 DATE: Sun, June 23, 2013, 9:57am
 SUBJECT: Re: News
 Shelby moved to the city before we were released. I only see her now on
 weekends. Things have been bad.  There was no party.  There are just
 unhappy people.  I have't felt like talking.  I am mostly sleeping.  Did
 you see the other news thing? I think Peter derailed a train to help Jim
 stop some asshole from destroying the train.
 They say Thea is in custody. I don't know if anyone can talk to her. 
 Sorry about the disjointed thoughts.  I will be heading back to school
 soon. I will talk to Peter when I see him.  Hope he
 is not arrested too.
 Please do not worry about whether or not you made Thea upset.  It is not
 your fault. Even if your presence pacified her, it is not your
 responsibility to lose your free will to this person so that things don't
 explode.  Your free will and your mind are very special and important to
 me and I will fight everyone for your right to be you.  I really will.  I
 know you don't like the idea of me fighting, but some things are worth
 fighting for.  You are worth fighting for.  Please.  Don't.
 I am very angry at Jackson for suggesting you spend time with her. It is
 hard to be around him right now.  It's like being around my parents.  I
 know he meant well, but he was hurtful in ways I cannot explain.  Why
 would you tell a kidnapper they could have their victim back? Why would
 anyone do that?  I... I just can't understand.
 I am sorry.  I should not be angry.  There is just so much going on and
 I'm hurt, angry, and scared and nothing ever seems to get better.  It is
 difficult feeling like I cannot trust one of my teachers now.  I am
 supposed to be safe at the school, but
 how can I be if they just offer us up to angry, unsocialized terrorists?
 Your Rasa

 DATE: Mon, June 24, 2013, 6:32am
 SUBJECT: Re: News
 It is okay to be angry, but please do not be scared. Things will change
 because they always do. We will make them change into better things.
 What happened with Thea was very strange. I do not remember all of it and
 I am sorry I could not understand. I do not want to be back in that place
 where I do not feel like myself even if I did not know it. I am wondering
 if she can help me learn how to not get so overwhelmed. But this is some-
 thing I want to try to find out very carefully and with people there so
 that nothing bad will happen.
 I do not know if she had meant to kidnap me. I have not told people this
 but I had dreams of where I went and the wasp people before I went there.
 A few days before that. I did not know what they were then. I wanted to
 go even if I did not know why. Slowly that became more important and that
 is not good, I know that, but maybe I was just looking forward to family
 and... I do not know.
 I am sorry. I think part of it was my own mistake for not having enough
 control yet.
 I do not always agree with people, and I do not know if I agree with Mr.
 Jackson. But I do not think we should be angry or scared because people
 might want us to do a thing. We can ignore that part of them and still
 see the good parts because we can make our own decisions for us. I know
 it is difficult some times.
 I am looking forward to being back. I hope things will be better for you
 soon. Find a person to talk to. Maybe the new students
 do not yet know about you being amazing.

 DATE: Tues, June 25, 2013, 9:57am
 SUBJECT: Re: News
 I am sorry that I have not written in a while.  I had to take some time
 to process what you wrote.  
 I forget sometimes that I am not a child at the mercy of adults, who tell
 me what to do and shape my entire life.  I don't really feel like I am an
 adult yet, so it's really hard just to be able to sit still and let an
 adult's opinion on a really crucial topic go without believing it is some-
 thing that is /going/ to happen and I'm going to have to /fight/ to make
 it stop.
 I am sorry.  Feel like I am fighting everything.  Feel like I have been
 fighting with teachers, students, my friends and even myself.  It's hard,
 and I'm tired.  
 I spoke with Peter. It was him with the train. He sprained both of his
 ankles trying to kick the train ... to stop it.  He realizes how silly
 that was, after the fact, but I don't know if that means anything. Felt
 a bit like I was bullying him into being more careful. Felt bad about
 that, but he said it was good for him. Like I was raining on his funeral
 march or something.  I think he said he'd email you, but. I don't
 remember.  Maybe he already did?
 Why did I sign up for summer classes again? Ugh.
 More later,
 Your Rashka

 DATE: Wed, June 26, 2013, 5:59am
 SUBJECT: Re: News
 I think it is easy to forget we are people some times. Because we are in
 a school and the adults are supposed to be smarter than us and teach us
 things. But some times they do not know better, and it is important to
 Do not be sorry. I like that you fight things. People think I am very
 passive, and I do not know if I always am, but I like that you are not. 
 Rashka, I liked you when I first saw you even if I did not speak to you
 because you are smart. You do not accept it when something is the way you
 do not want it to be. But please do not make yourself too tired with
 fights that do not need to happen. I do not know how to hug a puddle if
 you are a tired puddle when I get back.
 Peter will learn. He will learn really slowly but he will learn. He wants
 to be a hero. Maybe he is already. But it means people have to remind
 him that not only other people need to be saved. Some times... a lot of
 the times he is also in danger with them. I hope he learns before it is
 too late.
 I miss you. If I was there I would ask to join all of your classes with
 Almost the whole family says hello and to wish you all of the best.

 DATE: Wed, June 26, 2013, 7:39am
 SUBJECT: Re: News
 You are allowed to have your own classes, Vanya, but I appreciate the
 thought.  And fear not, I will always find a way to hug you.  If I am
 too puddly, I will resolidify the moment you touch me so I can wrap
 myself around you and keep you close.
 I am going to start being a peer tutor now.  I promised Shane that I
 would help him get through his history class.  Then we're going to watch
 Dead Snow (or Død Snø as it possibly marketed where you are at).  I
 figure that if we're going to have to talk about nazis for a while, we
 might as well enjoy them as zombie nazis afterward.  It seemed to cheer
 him up.  Also, there's a new librarian.  She's red.  Her brother the
 chemistry instructor is gray.  Apparently, he's smoke-like. She's got a
 tail, but it's not as awesome as Kurt's so I'm keeping his.
 Not much else to say about school.  How is work?
 Who in the family is not saying hi to me?  Is this a thing they did on
 purpose, or is one person just being weird and not saying hi.  Sorry. 
 I am being paranoid because I don't want your family to hate me.  I'm
 much better with disinterest.  Please say it's disinterest?

 DATE: Thurs, June 27, 2013, 6:02am
 SUBJECT: Re: News
 It is called Операция Мёртвый снег here, which is very boring. Operation
 Dead Snow. Sometimes Russian titles will be puns but this one is not. 
 Maybe I will watch it with family too.
 Work is not difficult but very tiring. My arms and my shoulders hurt. 
 I leave very early to walk there and Lev picks me up very late. Some
 times the other people stop early and hide from the superior on the
 floor above the one I have been working to drink.
 They are very friendly.
 Rashka. They were only not saying hello because they were not here.
 Everything I have told them about you so far were good things and they
 want to meet you very badly. 
 I have not told them very much about your family, or when you were a
 boy. I hope you are not angry with me because I have not lied. I do
 not want to keep information from them but I do not think they will
 understand. Especially my parents and Zhenya,
 my oldest brother. I think I will tell them on the last day.
 Be well.

 DATE: Thurs, June 27, 2013, 1:59pm
 SUBJECT: Re: News
 Vanya, are you sneaking off and drinking with your coworkers, or are you
 doing all their work for them because you are the new kid?  I don't know
 if either of these is a good option.  I like beer and all, but drinking
 with adults is kind of o.O.
 You don't really need to tell them anything about me if you feel it will
 make them uncomfortable.  I realize you have a better relationship with
 your parents than I do and you want to share with them. My experience is
 more that of - the less my parents know, or the less people know of my
 parents, the better.  I am sorry for being insecure.  I hope you don't
 mind.  I am just not used to being liked, so when it happens, it is nice
 and special.
 Do you normally watch zombie horror movies with your family?
 I am heading into the city for the weekend. I have learned that we will
 be watching the fireworks from the roof of the loft apartments.  I hope
 they are glorious and well timed with wonderful music.
 We should figure out another time to skype.  I miss your face and your
 voice.  I miss the rest of you too, but I focus on the things that can
 come to me electronically.
 Is there anyone at the school you wish me to send greetings to?
 OH! Ducky says I can practice my telepathy on her.  She is curious as
 to what her birds sound like to other people.  We have only agreed to do
 it, so I will tell you more afterward.
 Much love,

 DATE: Fri, June 28, 2013, 6:16am
 SUBJECT: Re: News
 I am not drinking. They have offered but I did not accept. The superior
 knows and he will pay them less this month. They do not know this. So I
 work longer and get more money.
 You are liked very much. It is common in Russia here to be very quiet
 with the things you do not wish everyone to  know, but I do not like
 secrets with family or friends. So I do not plan to keep this one. But
 I will wait and try to time it correctly.
 My siblings watch a lot of movies. Many Russian movies and what is not
 Russian originally has voice over. There is some
 times  a lot of violence in these movies, but some times not. Maybe this
 Christmas we can watch Ирония судьбы, или С лёгким паром, or the Irony of
 Fate. It is very strange but with a lot of culture in it. It is very slow
 but it is tradition for a lot of Russian people to watch it every year
 with their family or partner.
 Send greetings to everyone. I miss sitting and eating lunch there. And
 classes. And taking care of my pets. And hearing everyone speak about
 things that are happening. Some times it was too much but I miss the
 observing of so many people. But if I was there I would probably just
 fall asleep leaning on you. I am tired.
 And late for work also. Yes we will Skype in the evening for me? I will
 ask if I can borrow the computer then because it is mostly busy but now
 I have to go. Enjoy the fireworks if they happen before I email again.

 DATE: Fri, June 28, 2013, 10:59am
 SUBJECT: Re: News
 The Fireworks aren't until the 4th of July, Ivan.  I will be available
 around 8pm your time for an hour or so.  Talk to you then.