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Caution: Talks to Birds

xxxxxA recent transplant to New York City from a quiet Chicago Suburb, Ducky is pretty much homeless, but doesn't consider herself that unfortunate. She is often found wherever birds gather - parks, ponds, pigeon coups on rooftops where she shouldn't be. Recently she has become rather disillusioned with the rather lack-luster greeting of New York, and is starting to hear rumors about mutants her age vanishing. Rather than continue to risk it on the streets, she desperately wants to get to Xavier's... that's a safe place, right?

Now enrolled at Xavier's, Ducky is finally settling into some semblance of normalcy and getting back to school. She has aspirations of being involved in Environmental policy and advocacy, and hopes to go to university for a related field. Eventually, anyway. For now she needs to play catch-up with her high school education, while trying to make friends who don't necessarily have feathers. Although those are good, too.


xxxxxRaised by two white collar parents in a quiet Chicago Suburb, Megan has lead a rather sheltered life. Some time around 7th grade, she started showing an inclination to talk to birds as though they could understand her, and she them. At first it was just her pet lovebirds, but in time she was talking to any avian that would sit still long enough to greet. And increasing numbers of birds were following her around...

By her 16th Birthday, Megan's parents had become increasingly concerned for their daughter's sanity, and got rid of her beloved love birds. The afternoon of her birthday, she returned home to find men in white coats waiting for her - her parents were having her institutionalized. Rather than risk her freedom, the young mutant ran away, and has been running since.

Now, at 17, she has landed in New York City with little more than the clothes on her back. In an attempt to avoid detection - as she is now a runaway child - she has adopted the moniker Ducky.


Avian Communication At current, Ducky can communicate with all manner of avian life on earth, as long as she is near enough. She does not need to touch the birds, she just prefers to be close enough for it to be considered conversational distance. The communication is telepathic, and can be carried out entirely in Ducky's mind, but she prefers to voice her side aloud. Either as a side effect, or due to the curiosity of the birds, Ducky tends to gather a flock around her the longer she is outside and interacting with birds, they will start to gather around her.

Bright Birds If she is around them long enough, and in physical contact with them on a daily basis, the birds will gradually gain intelligence, ultimately reaching about the average intelligence of a 10-year-old human. They don't automatically have an education, but they will be better able to understand and communicate with her. To reach that level takes months of constant contact with Ducky, and the effect is so subtle that she doesn't even realize it is happening. While the build up is slow, the decrease is rapid - within one week of being out of constant contact with Ducky, the bird will return to average avian intelligence. If Ducky is out of sorts, or has not been around humans much, then this part of her power falters, and she herself tends to be a bit more bird-brained than average.

While the average bird won't be able to learn to speak English aloud, if there is a bird which is capable of mimicking human voice (such as parrots), then they would be able to speak English with the intelligence of a human (eventually).

And then some... Yet to be revealed.



City Friends

  • Horus - I like him. Caffeine quest! To Coney Island!.... some day. He's alright! We found him! He's home! Yay!
  • Corey - Nice guy - seems concerned about me.
  • Melinda - Yay! She helped me to get to Xavier's, and is really nice, and helpful.
  • Jackson - Very nice art teacher at Xavier's, also my advisor. Bright bright shiny shiny. He's also a friend of Horus's.
  • Micah - Mister Jackson's husband. Nice. Helped Horus speak! Yay!
  • Hive - Kind of a jerk-face at first. But he cares for Horus a lot, helped save him, made people let him out. So he's okay in my book.

School Friends

  • Rasa - Has touch telepathy, which is pretty awesome. Helpful, and kind, but occasionally sorta sad. Missing someone, too. Good friend, I trust hir. Has been in my brain-thoughts.
  • Kris - Nice girl. I keep running into her on campus. She likes my birds.
  • Kai - He is very quiet, but very kind, although he says he's dangerous, I'm not nervous being around him. He is curious about birds.
  • Lyric - Room mate. Friendly, bouncy, helps me out with my sign language homework. Mom's a teacher. Likes her music super loud. Costuming for birds?
  • Faelan - Former student, now in the Library? Still very jumpy. Has apparently been through stuff which have made him not very quick to trust, but I like him. Make stuff disappear - POOF!
  • Shane - Kinda gruff, but a good friend overall. Lovely fashion sense. Occasionally I get to go into the city, and he lets me crash with him. Well, his dad's let me crash there.
  • Sebastian - Super super smart! Like total genius. Knows what it is like to talk to animals that are not so bright. Offered help with chemistry, which I totally need.
  • Peter - Saved me from knifey-dudes on a rooftop. Jumpy, in a different way. Now classmate?
  • Jeremy - Signs, likes cookies. Impressed by my awesome snowy owl. Has to eat outside? Om nom nom darkness and cookies?


  • People who don't like birds. They're mean. Also people who make my friends upset.
  • Clear Skies Bird Sanctuary - Stupid people. Can't tell the difference between bird-birds and people-birds. Morons.

And everything in between

  • Ash - Nicer of the two guys on the rooftop that one time.
  • Murphy - Jerkwaffle. Doesn't like pigeons. Thought he was gonna chase me off the rooftop.
  • That tiny Asian girl who gave me the golden sponge...
XS Schedule
Summer Term, 2013
  • Geometry
  • Biology
  • AP US History
  • Expository Writing
  • Latin
  • The Ethics of Power
Fall Term, 2013
  • Pre-Calculus
  • AP Environmental Sciences
  • Psionic Self Defense
  • Creative Writing: Short Stories
  • American Sign Language
  • Human Sexuality

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Megan Teal
Codename Ducky
Birthdate August 15, 1996
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's School
Alignment Confused Good
Powers Avian Communication
Occupation Student
Registration Status Too young
RP Hooks
Birds - An almost compulsory need to greet and speak to every bird she meets. Even when it isn't exactly socially appropriate.
Playing Catchup - Having been homeless and on the run, Ducky is a full year behind in school. She's currently trying to catch up, but won't graduate on time.
Eager to Help - Ducky wants to be helpful, or wanted. She will offer her assistance, and that of any feathered friend she can convince to go along with her plan. She will happily help look for stuff, find out information, or even rescue ducklings caught in a storm drain when they couldn't get out. She's probably a bit too eager to help, to be honest, and that could get her in trouble.
Crazy Girl with Pigeon - She's a girl who carries a pigeon around either on her shoulder, head, or hands, apparently feeling that this is perfectly normal. Occasionally, she can be seen having conversations with the bird in question - a dappled gray and white bird. It goes everywhere with her, when allowed.
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