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Enter the Dragon

xxxxxLittle is known about the mutant named Kai. Only that he was part of those lab rats rescued from Prometheus, where he was used as a large-scale weapon. Because he's a DRAGON.


The Host, he who calls himself Kai, was born a dozen or so years before Foom, into a pitiful existence. His life before is of no consequence. What he remembers - a father, a mother, two cruel older brothers - all these are nothing, and only sources of pain for Foom to nourish himself with.

Foom was born in blood in a field of golden wheat in a small farming province in North Korea. Afternoon sun beat down as Foom consumed the Host, and took out his desired vengeance on the tormentors. How Foom relished the smell of melting flesh, the screams of the gutted. But Foom was newborn, and doomed to make his first error by staying too long and slaying too many.

The Men came, as men do when there are magnificent dragons to prove their worth against. They brought their sticks of fire that shoot the biting flies, and Foom was treated to more smells and screams and the taste of char in the air. Then they brought down the thunder, and Foom withdrew, allowing the gloried host to meet the enemy.

Foom watched, as they took the Host, and put him in a room, where they put needles in his veins and gave Foom no portal to gain the world again. But Foom was patient, and watched. And one day, they forgot the needles, and Foom was born again. Many fell under his mercies, and Foom reveled in their glorious deaths until the thunder came down again, and Foom withdrew.

The Host was moved, then, to the Land of the Bear. Ice and snow have never been friend of Foom, and even the Host felt their chill wrath in our tiny cell. They /yoked/ Foom, here! Fastening a collar around the Host, they made Foom their slave, bringing him forth on waves of pain, and using the thunder to keep Foom quiet. And they scraped and cut and poked at Foom, like he was a common barnyard animal. It was intolerable.

But Foom waited and was patient, watching through the Host's eyes. He saw the way the other monkeys would remove the collars for sickness, and he waited. Eventually, Foom's chance came, and when they came one day to see to the Host's complaints of discomfort (aided by Foom), Foom was born again, rushing forth at the Host's call the moment the weight left our neck.

The thunder this time was sharp and painful, and came from needles flung from the fire sticks. Needles that pierced Foom's magnificent skin, and pushed him into withdrawal. This time, the Host was taken by those from the Land in the West. Foom and the Host never saw the sun on our next trip, but the needles were plenty, and Foom could only watch. And wait.

These monkeys seemed different than the ones in the Land of the Bear and the Glorious Homeland. More skilled, more competent. They kept Foom well withdrawn, bringing him forth on more controlled waves of pain and fear from a piece of metal they wedged in the Host's brain, and then they would ask /questions/ of him! The impertinence of it. They could not break Foom, and he waited, and learned what he could of his foes. And plotted his revenge on the monkey called Hendrickson.

Finally, the glorious moment of freedom came, and despite the needle they jammed into Foom, he managed to wrest the metal from the Host's brain, and take his revenge upon the stupid monkeys who kept him. Too long had it been since Foom smelled the flesh, or heard the screams. The battle was glorious, and the scar Foom carries is a badge of honor.

Now he is free, as dragons should be, and living like a refugee amongst the monkeys. Soon he will correct that.


TRANSFORMATION: Kai has the ability to transform himself into a dragon who identifies himself as Fin Fang Foom. Indeed, the primary trigger for this transformation is Kai shouting the dragon's name. Once 'summoned', the transformation is a rapid shift of tissue from mammalian into reptilian. The transformation seems to be largely voluntary, although most incidents thus far have involved great fear or pain stimuli beforehand. It remains to be seen if Kai can or will summon Foom without being in great peril.

DRAGON: Fin Fang Foom is a winged reptilian dragon measuring 20m long by 4m high and resembling classic Eastern dragons. Though he is winged, he cannot fly. Instead, he has thickly muscled legs and tail, which allows him to propel himself forward at a top speed of about 70 mph. He is also capable of expelling acid in three different methods: a 'breath weapon' ofacid gas, a brief, fast stream, or as part of his saliva. This acid will eat through anything, given enough time and sufficient amount. In gas form, this release is far more deadly, and can cause temporary blindness, severe sunburn-like conditions, and with enough exposure, actually melt flesh. This acid is easily neutralized with a simple base, although it acts very quickly.

He is dragon, and they also have claws. Foom uses his.

While thickly muscled, strong and fast, Foom is vulnerable to guns, knives/swords, and massive electrical blasts. If enough damage is done to the dragon form, it will revert, eventually, back into Kai. This transformation also is a regenerative process, as very few of Foom's wounds show up on Kai's body, and vice versa. A strong mental blast is also theoretically effective, shutting down the dominant Foom personality and triggering the transformation back to Kai.


Not Useless Monkeys

  • Ivan -- Quiet, for a monkey. Is very important to the Host. Enjoys the creatures of the Earth, in some way. Bears potential.
  • Peter -- Strange monkey, who jumps around more than most of them. His importance to the Host is aggravating, since he clearly does not reciprocate the feeling.
  • Jennifer -- Such power. Such control. And a monkey form that does not entirely repulse Foom..
  • Anole -- Exquisite. The brutish, clumsy monkey form graced with reptilian beauty. Foom wishes the Host would transfer his attentions to this worthier subject.

Monkeys Slated to Die

  • Hendrickson -- The first monkey to die will be this filth. Slowly, and with much blood and screaming.

Other Monkeys

  • Tatters -- Female monkey who gave Foom a scar so worthy of his glory that the Host even bears the mark. She might prove useful in days to come.
  • Hive -- Annoying brain monkey. We were part of him for too long.
  • Jackson -- Monkey who plays with light. Escaped Foom's misplaced mercies, and helped the Host to freedom. The Host likes his cookies. Offers sage counsel.
  • Ash -- Monkey who smells like the Earth, at least to Foom. Foom appreciates creatures of the earth.
  • Rogue -- Strange monkey. The Host pities her, which Foom does not understand. Pity is for the weak, and she bears power.
  • Logan -- There is something primal about this monkey. Foom approves.
  • Rasa -- Enigmatic monkey. Hir relationship with the one called Ivan causes the Host some small discomfort.
  • Megan -- Flying bug-monkey. The Host likes her cupcakes.
  • Kris -- So many facets to this monkey. At first, she was just a casual friend to the Host, but she has gained importance. She has a history of military service that could be of use to Foom
  • Kurt -- Blue monkey. Teleporter. Foom approves of his countenance.
  • Sophie -- Odd monkey. She fears the teleporter. Foom approves of this reaction. Oddly endeared of the Host.
  • Faelan -- Quiet and lacks confidence. This monkey runs and hides. Foom cannot disparage these instincts, as they are reptilian traits. In baser lines, that is.
  • Kisha -- Talks like the monkey doctors who prodded Foom. Foom must be wary of this one.
  • Bobby -- Snow monkey. Heh. That moniker amuses Foom. Ultimately useless.
  • Shane -- Fish are stupid, showy creatures. Even more so when they are also monkeys and rivals.
  • Sebastian -- The kind of fish-monkey Foom /should/ watch. Closely.
  • Ducky -- Amusing monkey. Talks to the creatures of the air, and asks difficult questions. Foom likes her.
  • Henry -- Old, crazy monkey who calls upon the Thunder. He seems fond of the Host, so Foom will forgive him this.
  • Nom -- Foom does not know if she even /is/ a monkey, but she is the oddest one so far.
  • Sage -- Odd, but helpful. Foom will watch her.
  • Mallory -- Her form is startling, but Foom approves of her and her ability to wield fire.

Kai3.jpg Kai2.png FinFangFoombyJeffSlemons.jpg

Codename None
Birthdate 1998-07-27
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's School
Alignment None
Occupation None
RP Hooks
Lab Rat - Kai is a refugee from the Prometheus labs, although he did not interact with other patients.
RP Hook - Explanation.
RP Hook - Explanation.
RP Hook - Explanation.
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