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Dramatis Personae

Kai, Nom




<XS> Kitchen

The kitchen staff at Xavier's tends well to the needs of its residents. Always cognizant of its students and faculty's dietary needs alike, the menu has a wide variety of choices, and the longtime cook works wonders in the kitchen. The pantry, too, is kept well stocked for those who want to come prepare themselves their own snacks. The shelf, fridge, and freezer space is ample, though if anyone wants to keep their own food there, they'd better make sure it's labeled clearly, and even that is no guarantee it'll last.

The mansion seems kind of quiet, this close to the end of the evening. Those students not yet in bed are busy with homework, or spending a few last minutes in the Rec Room before calling it a night. Which means the kitchen is deserted, and therefore good hunting grounds for those wanting a snack. And so Kai is here, barefoot and clad in a pair of navy shorts and an Xavier's t-shirt as he stands in front of one of the freezers, eyeing the selection of ice cream there. On the kitchen island, ice cream add-ons have already been liberated -- whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a jar of cherries await the young Korean teen's final decision. Which seems to be a weighty one that requires much consideration.

"Third snacktime!" This is the happy, effusive declaration from Nom as she sort of strolls into the kitchen. She's allowed three meals and a snacktime after every meal. This, then, is her last allowed snacktime for the day. It's her favorite, most precious time of the day, really. Right now, she's clad in black pajama pants with snowflakes on them, and a black 'Pretty Reckless' hoodie. She starts rattling through pots, pans, and ingredients of various sources. Tongue stuck between her teeth, she has to stretch her limbs abnormally to reach some of the measuring cups and things, but she does flash a toothysmile at Kai, and inform him,"Snack! Snacksnacksnacksnacksnacksnacksnacksnack!" Then she starts swishing and swaying her hips in that emphatic manner of hers,"Snack! Whatsnackyou?" Yes. That was a question.

Kai turns at the sound of someone else entering the kitchen, and he watches the girl as she enters, tipping his head to one side curiously. He seems uncertain as to how to respond to her, lifting one bare foot to rub it along one calf. He winces a bit at the rattling of the pots and pans, glancing at the door to the Great Hall before looking back at the girl. "I am having ice cream," he answers, pausing only slightly to work out the actual question. "In a sundae. They are very good." He chews his lip thoughtfully, dropping his foot to the floor. "Would you like one?"

The girl's mouth twists into an uncomfortably large smile, and then she points at her mouth. The lamprey-like thing opens suspiciously white. She points at it again. Nom's face returns to normal a moment later, and then she's declaring,"Sundae! Creme brule?" She points at her cooking-gear and tilts her head, waiting for a response. She then points at herself,"Nom!" Then she points at Kai and quirks her eyebrows up curiously,"Who!" She pauses, and informs him with a decisive tone,"Nom share!"

Kai blinks when that lamprey mouth is revealed, and there's a flicker of yellow around the edges of his pupils that fades almost immediately. When her face returns to normal, he exhales, and offers a small smile. "I do not know how to make that," he says of creme brulee, turning back to the freezer. "But I do know how to make a sundae. It is one of the first things I learned here." He extracts a container of Chunky Monkey, and sets it on the island. "I am Kai," he says in response to the introduction, mimicking the self-point. "You are new here, yes?"

The girl finally finds what she's looking for, and shoves the pots and pans back in, setting measuring cups on the counter. Some time of sugar and other spices begin to get mixed in careful amounts. The flicker of yellow though, draws an odd response from her. Her eyes fix on Kai's, her mouth opening slightly, an odd, rumbling sound escaping it. Then she shrugs, and says,"Nomshare! Kaishare! Kaigivesundae! Nomnew." Almost like some bizarre webslinger, her left arm splits open, and a rope of muscle shoots forward, pulling open the fridge door. It releases it, and then the tendril wips around to withdraw a plate covered in little bowls full of some custard-like substance. It is pulled over to where she mixes her toppings and she provides Kai with a thumbs-up, her arm returning to normal.

The rumbling sound from the girl results in an odd tension in Kai's frame, and he goes very still as he watches Nom carefully. When she shrugs, and agrees to sharing snacks, he relaxes slightly, and eases away from the counter. "This is a good pla - ah." His words are cut off as he approaches the cabinet with the bowls only to be cut off by the sudden appendage. Back to Kai-statue, he waits until the arm is safely withdrawn before he continues to the cupboard. "It is a good place," he repeats, opening the cupboard and beginning to clamber up on the counter to retrieve the bowls. "The teachers here are /very/ good."

The girl clearly has a lot to relearn about social convention. "Nommakesnack." She shakes her mixture of sugar and spices onto the ramekins (bowls), then roots around until she finds what she's looking for... A confectioner's blowtorch. Whether she's supposes to use it or not, she's soon toasting the sugar with a careful eye. With about six ramekins, she waves her hands, indicating Kai should pick once she's done. "Goodplace. Lots food." Her speech is slowing now... Less excited? More comfortable? "Sage Good. Micah Good. Glitter good. Shane good. B good. Rasa good. Baldy very good." Baldy... Professor Xavier? "Doctor nice. Kai like?"

Kai clambers back down, once he has the bowls secured, setting them on the counter until he's' back on the floor. "All of those people are very good," he agrees, wrinkling his nose. "I do not think I know who Glitter is, though. Mister Jackson is very sparkly, though." He digs in a drawer for spoons and an ice cream scoop. "Is that who you mean? He is a very nice teacher." Returning to the island, he watches the caramelization with great interest -- or possibly great caution. "The Professor is nice, too," he agrees, working the top off the ice cream. "I like it here very much."

She nods slowly at Kai,"Sorry talk dumb. Brain broke. Still fixing." That's downright eloquent, for her. "Glitter. Not meet. B papa! Wantmeet. Glitter sometimes just glitter." She reaches into one of her pajama pockets to show a bag of glitter, then crams it back in. She finishes her work with the blowtorch, eyeballs the things, then gives a thumbs-up. She slides TWO ramekins over towards Kai, then eyeballs her own hungry. She reaches for one of her own, and starts to bring it to her mouth... and then remembers something she was told. She sets the ramekin she was about to eat down and reaches for a spoon as well. Time to try this the right way. She decides to query Kai about himself,"Who Kai?" Okay. Broad question.

"You talk all right," Kai says, lifting a shoulder. "I can understand you, mostly." He apparently was not lying about his sundae-making prowess, as he quickly deposits two scoops in each bowl and follows them with sauce and whipped cream. He slides one bowl towards Nom even as she pushes creme brulee at him. "Oh!" he says, when she shows him the bag. "You meant actual glitter." He smiles a bit as he climbs up on a stool and perches there. "You will probably like Mister Jax," he decides. "Everyone does." He takes his spoon, and jabs it gently at the sugary crust in one ramekin. The proper method of eating it seems to elude him, and he pokes at it thoughtfully. The question breaks his concentration, and he frowns at Nom as he looks back up. "/I/ am Kai," he reminds her helpfully. "I do not think there is another in the school."

The girl takes her own spoon, breaking the crust of the creme brulee and shoving a mouthful in her mouth. The expression on name's face as she begins to chew, and soon swallow is nothing short of ecstasy. Indeed, the lines of her body seem somehow calmer, more sated. She takes another bite, showing Kai the proper method, then peers ate the ice cream. Her tongue, impossibly long, reaches out to clean her face, and then snakes out to snap up one scoop of ice cream in her bowl. Omnomnomnom, gulp. Her expression is once again beatific. This done, she clambers up onto a stool as well, legs crossed beneath her, and smiles over at Kai. She clarifies (or so she thinks), by pointing the spoon at Kai,"No. Who Kai!" She points a moment later with her spoon at the sundae,"Sundae good!"

Kai nods as Nom demonstrates the proper way to break into the custard, and he follows suit, tapping his spoon sharply against the sugary shell. He takes a small, careful spoonful, and places it in his mouth. His eyebrows lift as he closes his mouth and pulls the clean spoon from his mouth. "That is very good," he says when his mouth is clear. "Did you make all of it yourself?" He takes another, less careful spoonful, and shovels it into his mouth. He stares at Nom when she repeats her question, and lifts a shoulder. "I am just Kai," he says. "Mister Jackson brought me here from the bad doctors, and the Professor put me in classes." Which seems to be all that needs to be said, as he returns to his dessert, making short work of it. He beams at the compliment, and nods. "Oh, yes. Chunky Monkey is my favorite flavor. I think it makes the best sundaes." Reminded of his melting treat, he drags his sundae closer. "Did you come here from bad doctors, too?"

The girl has to really think on this for a moment. So she eats, a slow, steady pace. Still savoring every bite, but not pausing between them. If anything, she eyes the next bite greedily every time. "Kaithanks. Yesmake. Remembercooking. Notparents. Notname. Notspeak. Just listen. Listen so much. Remember hunger. Always hungry." Something she tells most people about, in fact! Nom takes a spoonful of ice cream now, and plays with the treat on her tongue. "Mmmm. Bad doctors... no... Words... difficult..." She reaches in her spare pocket, and finds a stack of laminated notecards and a black dry-erase marker. A series of almost stick-figure pictures spread over notecards follows. First: A girl standing there. A man vaguely resembling a police man fires a 'gun' with a large bullet lined up to the girl's head. Next: An amorphous black mass of tentacles and sharp-toothed mouths eating things, like animals, cars, etc. Third: That same mass in something resembling a sewer and a man with a shiny bald head in a cartoony wheelchair. Fourth: Then the picture of the girl is back (with a cape drawn on) flying to an old-timey schoolhouse. "Baldy give brain pills and girl pills. Brain come back. Think over hungry now. Rescue?"

"Listening is the best way to learn," Kai says, a spoonful of ice cream held almost to his mouth. "I listened much when I first came here. I did not even speak English." He shovels the ice cream into his mouth, and licks a bit of whipped cream from his upper lip. "Foom is always hungry," he says with genuine sympathy. "And when I am Kai again, I am /very/ hungry. I could not imagine being Kai and being hungry all the time." He leans over to regard the cards when they're revealed, and he studies each as it's presented. "The Professor is a very good man," he agrees, smiling encouragingly at Nom. "Do you know that he owns all of the land that this school is on? And he is not even important in the government."

"So hungry. Always. Everything food. Everything." She makes the 'I've never been fed, ever' face she uses so often. Then Nom is back to shoveling food. "Medicine make less hungry..." She giggles at something or other, then informs Kai,"Like clothes, makeup, glitter, food, boys, rock band!" She plays her air-guitar for a moment, then finishes her ice cream and burps. Loud. Then she turns to work on the rest of the ramekins. "Professor important! Important for Nom!" Still, bein told of the amount of land the Professor owns, she appears very impressed indeed. Mostly because she gathers from Kai's statement that this is impressive.

"I have been that hungry," Kai admits, swirling his spoon in his sundae. "It is not pleasant. I am glad that the Professor and Doctor McCoy were able to help you." He smiles when she giggles, and bobs his head. "I like music, and bugs, and the movies by Walt Disney," he says, shoveling more sundae on his spoon. "And boys," is a tiny addition, coming with a creep of color into his cheeks. The ice cream gets pushed into his mouth, effectively ending his confession. He swallows when Nom defends the Professor, and shakes his head. "I did not say he was not important," he says. "He is very important. He is just not a part of the government. But he still owns all this land." He nods slowly. "America is truly a great country."

She nods her face emphatically. "Nom boy once. Not like. Nom girl now. LOOK at boys more fun." She reaches out to pat the boy on the shoulder in a companionable manner. She finishes another ramekin, then idles with her spoon in her mouth... and accidentally bites off the end, chewing and swallowing. She doesn't notice until she goes for another bite from her snack, then frowns. "Who prettiest boy? Nom want stare." Lech. "Kai gots boy? Who!" Excitable, this one. "Not America! Professorville!" Yes. She truly believes that this is called 'Professorville'. Probably because she's got 'the ADD'.

"Rasa has done that," Kai nods at Nom's explanation. "It is an interesting thing to be able to do." The pat on his shoulder and the subsequent questions get a deeper flush, and the boy ducks his head almost to the countertop. "Oh. Um. There are many...." He trails off, staring at the floor as he considers. "Daiki is nice to look at," he says. "And the twins are a nice shade of blue. And Peter." He lifts his thin shoulders in a half-hearted shrug. "I do not know who is the prettiest, though." The question on whether /he/ has a boy gets him up, and pushing off the stool, his face flaming. " not," he stammers out, grabbing his bowl and heading for the sink.

The girl nods at Kai, emphatically,"Rasa! Nicefunsmart! Maybe Nom learn change like Rasa?" Seeing that her polite company is leaving, Nom opens a gaping maw just beneath her collarbone and begins to shovel the rest of her snack in. This allows her to continue eating while talking,"Nom will stare. Twins. B! Shane! Pretty! B huntwith." She smiles in that way of hers that's absolutely ecstatic. "You getboy soon." She seems confident. "Nom meet Daiki and Peter please."

"If you can learn it, it would be an interesting thing to be able to do," Kai repeats, rinsing his bowl in the sink and setting it inside. His face is still bright red, and his voice is a bit cracked-sounding. He turns to offer a farewell, staring for a moment at that new mouth, and the speed at which the girl eats. He shifts his weight, coloring again as Nom offers her confident prediction. "" He shakes his head, then, and lifts a hand as he heads hastily towards the door. "Good night." And then he's gone, the sound of bare feet slapping the floor marking his flight.