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The future belongs to the brave.
Codename None
Birthdate 1993-12-29
Species Mutant
Affiliation X-Men
Alignment Optimistic
Powers Blinkdog
Occupation Student
Registration Status Delta (3)

xxxxxA liberated Promethean labrat who enrolled at and graduated from Xavier's following his rescue, he's been a member of the X-Men since graduation and been present at every raid since his escape. His particular ability unfortunately puts him in the heat of the action on most of them, and he tends to come away with some of the most severe injuries. Which hasn't stopped him continuing to go. In his off-time, he's a biology student in his second year at Columbia, and lives with Hive and Dusk in apartment 403 at the Village Lofts. An inveterate nerd, he can be found frequenting game stores and local cons; is also fond of rock climbing and skateboarding when the weather is nice. His apartment hosts a weekly board/card Game Night on Tuesdays, and so long as you're not a bigot invitations are pretty easy to score. He also can be found regularly at the Brotherhood safehouse in the Lower East Side on Friday nights, as a participant in the shark twins' weekly Fight Club.


xxxxx5'11", athletic from plenty of regular training but lean rather than bulky. Flicker wouldn't be particularly eye-catching -- boy-next-door kind of looks that consistently merited a 'cute' rather than a 'gorgeous', neat straight dark hair, vivid green eyes, a neat khakis-and-polos type of non-fashion. An encounter with Foom during a lab rescue left him far more noticeable than prior, though -- the acid-etched scars the dragon left him with are slow to fade, covering half his face and most of his body with a splotched patchwork of unevenly pitted scarring that tends to draw more attention now than his warm bright smile ever did.


xxxxxWarm-hearted and gregarious, Flicker tends to have an easy smile and kind word for most people he encounters. A dogged optimist despite everything he's been through, he doesn't really have faith that the world will change so much as faith that hard work and good people can change it. People often mistake being good and optimistic for being naive and weak, but they'd be pretty stupid to underestimate him; he's fierce in defence of the people and values he cares about.

A devout Mormon (despite his family and church not particularly wanting him around since being outed as a mutant), the crowd of hippies and queers and liberals and godless heathens he's fallen in with since Prometheus might not seem like the most fitting environment for him, but they're his family and he wouldn't have it any other way.


xxxxxExtremely fast, very short-range teleportation. Flicker's teleporting can only jump at max as far as he is tall -- just under six feet per jump at the most. He is, however, capable of making a very high number of jumps in very rapid succession, a practice which earned him his nickname, as moving in this manner tends to blink in and out more rapidly than it's actually possible for most eyes to track, leaving a sort of ghostly effect in his wake that looks like a ghosting trail of Flicker-images. With physical contact, Flicker can bring people with him on his jumps, though this method of travel tends to be kind of nauseating for his passengers; it's also a good deal more taxing on him, about twice as draining with each extra person he's carrying. While he doesn't actually /require/ line of sight for jumping, he does need to know where he's jumping to -- his power has no safeguards against landing him in the middle of a wall or the ground and if he can't visualize his destination, jumping blind can be extremely hazardous. This leads to him often teaming up on raids with Hive, since a telepath's-eye-view of both the inside and outside of cages makes for a safer jump past closed doors. By long-ingrained habit, he tends not to jump blind if he can at all avoid it, a practice which has left a severe enough mental block it's nearly impossible for him to get around it.

Secondarily to teleportation, Flicker's reflexes are also quite significantly faster than most humans would be capable of, a thing that serves him well when blinking in and out at rapid speeds. He can much always win Paper-Scissors-Rock by dint of being able to choose and form his handshape fast enough nobody can tell he waited for them to throw first.

Unfortunately for him he's too honest to do so.

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