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Hopefully Helpful Healer

xxxxxNewly arrived in New York, Kate was drawn to the city following the turmoil that has recently gripped the city. Now getting settled in to her new job as an ER Nurse at Bellevue, Kate hopes that she can do some good in a city that has seen so much bad.


xxxxxThe oldest of four children born to a comfortable family life in Norman, Oklahoma. Doing well in school, Kate came into a scholarship to the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma, City. Kate came into her mutation when she left for college, and it at least partially influenced her choice of major at university - as her two younger sisters left home for university in the following years, they too discovered mutations rather unexpectedly and late. Their little brother was apparently the cause of the delay, rounding out the mutant count at four for four in the family.

After graduating college with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Kate secured a job at an ER in Oklahoma City, working there throughout the course of the recent plague. Following that, however, she found herself drawn to New York, and a job opening that fit her skill set perfectly. Against her family's wishes, Kate packed up her life and moved to New York to start fresh where she felt she was needed.


xxxxxAt the most basic, Kate is a biokinetic healer.

xxxxxShe has a vague diagnostic sense of those around her, from a 'healthy,' 'in pain,' or 'close to death.' This can be refined if she is in prolonged contact with an individual, her diagnostic sense becomes more detailed, starting with symptoms, and over extended contact she will be able to trace the issues back to their source.

xxxxxOnce she has an idea of what is wrong, Kate can set about fixing it, with maintained skin to skin contact. More severe injuries can take more time and concentration to treat, but she can stabilize an injured person so that further life saving measures can be taken. Bullet wounds, internal damage, and broken bones can be fixed with time and concentration, though the process is exhausting to both Kate and the patient. Minor injuries can be healed quickly and without much issue. She has a mental block with non-human appearing mutants - she cannot heal wings, tails, talons, or horns at this time, but with study and effort, she could learn, but it would be a slow process.



  • Corey - Handsome, helpful, and healthy. Sweetheart, might ask him if things ever calmed down enough for us to see each other outside of "work." His friends seem to be constantly in need of healing.
  • Micah - Kind, caring, very worried right now. Victim of a different sort to the mess that has gone on lately. Seems nice enough.


  • The various and sundry people that keep injuring people bad enough that I'm needed. Seriously people. I knew NYC had some sketchy areas, but, wow.


  • Flicker - Injured in Lofts explosion. Polite, kind young man, who injured himself trying to save others. ((Restored eyesight, healed burns.))
  • Hive - Not well. Cares for those around him, possibly at detriment to himself. I hope things calm down enough that I can maybe help him before it is too late. Many voices, minor headache.
  • Jackson - Friend of Corey's who needed help. Didn't realize until after the fact that this was the same Jackson who is in the news so much. Seems like a genuinely compassionate, kind person - happy to help him. Apparently I can heal the tattoos right off of someone. ((Healed skin, more skin, internal damage.))
  • Rasa - Poor kid. Victim of kidnapping and mutilation. Dear lord, what is wrong with people around here? Helped with the physical loss, but I hope ze recovers from the trauma. ((Repaired lung, skin, and amputated leg))

Kate5.jpg Kate4.jpg [[Image:|x150px]]

Katerina Chryssa Floros
Codename None Yet
Birthdate July 15, 1990
Species Mutant
Affiliation Citizen
Alignment Helpful Good
Powers Biokinetic Healer
Occupation ER Nurse
Registration Status Delta (3)
RP Hooks
Are you okay? - Meddling, or helpful, depending on your outlook. Kate doesn't like to see people suffer.
New Girl in Town - Just arrived in New York. Still getting used to things.
Looking for Trouble - Not so much looking, but occasionally gets in over her head in a desire to help people.
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