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Slip and fall? I'm the one to call!

xxxxxOnce a successful lawyer and then a world-travelling adventurer, Jennifer has finally returned to the United States to resume her work at Xavier's School. She has attained moderate media popularity after having been branded a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants during the 2011 attack, however the resourceful lawyer represented herself and proved her innocence. She is also relatively well known for directly helping people, especially in Europe - rescuing them from fires, cave-ins and earth quake aftermaths.

xxxxxJennifer is impulsive and gregarious. Worse yet, she can get pretty flirtatious at times, although anyone hopeful of it leading anywhere will more than likely be disappointed. She-Hulk likes the dynamics of flirtations and her eyes have the audacity to wander where they shouldn't, but at the end of the day, she's coming home to cuddle with Sam.


xxxxxJennifer was born in the Bronx, in New York. As misfortune would have it, the future green-skinned mutant was born to a single mother – her father was a policeman who had perished on duty, leaving his widowed wife to care for her child alone. Her mother was a good-natured teacher, who, despite the difficulties of upbringing a daughter all on her own, admirably persevered and strived to teach young Jenny nothing but good values.

xxxxxThis manifested itself into an ambition to follow in her father's footsteps, something that her mother initially dismissed as naivety. But young Jenny's dream profession persisted through the years, and fights began to break out more frequently as Jennifer reached her teenage years. Eventually, one argument became so heated, that Jennifer lost her temper and their house lost a wall. It was clear as day to both of the girls - Jenny is a mutant. The mother and her daughter had decided that Jennifer will have to take occasional sick leaves and be home-schooled, on top of practising to control her temper and thus her powers.

xxxxxUnfortunately, despite their dedication and diligence, it took them only three years before Elaine, Jennifer's mother, received a call from the principal, who subsequently informed her that her daughter's been expelled after breaking multiple bones of a boy who teased her. Jennifer, on the other hand, claimed that he tried to sexually assault her, but the mutant was not listened to. The idea of becoming a lawyer solidified. Jennifer was going to become a lawyer and nothing would stop her. But that was going to happen elsewhere - both Elaine and her daughter moved to Los Angeles so that they could start their life anew.

xxxxx For a few years, things were going swimmingly well. The diligent power practice sessions with her mother may have taken longer than what they would have taken with a professional, but they worked out in the end, and the incident in New York did not repeat itself. Amusingly enough, Jennifer’s notoriously stormy personality and stalwart dedication to hammer cases into submission earned her a mischievously devised and strangely apt nickname – She-Hulk. Even her friends would occasionally call her that to tease her. Things were looking up, but they did not last. Late one night, Jennifer received a call from the very bully from New York, asking to represent her in court. Turns out, he is also a mutant, currently persecuted for what he claimed to be false accusation of murder.

xxxxxAgainst her better judgement, Jennifer arrived to New York to help the guy out. Justice has no bias or grudges. Problem is, the court proceedings occurred on the same day as the hit orchestrated by the Brotherhood of Mutants. Initially, Jennifer helped out in her human form, but soon she realised that alone would not cut it. Exposing herself as a mutant, she helped civilians, only to be branded a member of the Brotherhood afterwards. Witness accounts, hard evidence and her own self as her lawyer, Jennifer claimed her innocence. Frustrated and annoyed beyond belief, Jennifer was at wits' end. That is when Xavier approached her, offering her a place at his school. She accepted.

xxxxx But teaching was not enough. It was too passive. She needed to be out there, helping people. Saving those people during the attack seemed like the most meaningful thing she has ever done. After just a few months at Xavier's, Shulkie decided to travel to Europe. From there, she travelled towards Asia, helping everyone as much as she can. Having been absent for a whole year, she has now returned back to the United States, back to Xavier's school. No matter where her adventures took her, this was her home now.


xxxxxJennifer has the power to morph into a green-skinned, powerfully built woman. Her skin turns bright green, her lips and hair a shade of darker green, her locks inexplicably grow longer and fluffier, and her physical feats become phenomenal. In her human form, Jennifer exhibits absolutely no abilities whatsoever. She would, of course, show up as a mutant under any relevant test, yet she can only use her powers when she shifts into She-Hulk. She can stay in that shape for up to a day under normal stress and duress, but extensive use of that form will indirectly force her back to her human shape quicker. Lost energy has to be made up for with plentiful food or appropriate nutrients and hydration, such as protein drinks.

xxxxxThe most high-profile ability in her mutated form is super-strength. She can effortlessly lift people up, punch through concrete and steel walls and even lift a reasonably sized car. Since punching through walls would normally cause grievous harm to most, She-Hulk also comes equipped with increased durability and resistance to physical punishment. Her skin becomes tougher, and her overall insides attain greater density. Knife slashes will cause injuries equivalent to a cat scratch, while stabbing will require a little bit more force than usual, but is possible. Guns against her are effective, but don’t dig as deep into her flesh as it would into that of an ordinary human, at least the lower calibre weaponry. Most of their damage can be minimised if ‘prepared’ for it, much like a punch is not as effective if the target tenses the appropriate body part.

xxxxxFinally, her endurance is extraordinary, although it is proportionately lesser than the other two super-human traits, and in order to benefit from that, she has to pace herself. And here’s where energy management becomes exceptionally important – She-Hulk has multiple stages of power potency. Adrenaline facilitates the process, although she can also control it to a degree. With each stage, her strength and durability increase. Theoretically, there is no end to this chain, although her body strongly disagrees – there is a point at which her body will simply collapse and expire due to burning all of it up. Think of it as overclocking a computer component. The stronger and more durable She-Hulk makes herself, the quicker she runs out of steam, the sooner she’ll be forced to (voluntarily) revert to human form, the more exhausted she will be when she does morph back.

Classes taught by Jennifer Walters

Philosophy, Ethics, and Religion
  • Power and Social Responsibility
  • Law and Morality
Physical Education
  • Introduction to Fitness
  • Intermediate Fitness
  • Yoga as Meditation
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Self-Defense/Martial Arts (per request)
  • Danger Room Combat/Crisis Simulations

Social Circles


  • Her incredibly quick motorcycle Sam, short for Samael. It is a second generation Suzuki Hayabusa.
  • Her mother, Elaine Walters. Taught her to survive in the Bronx, taught her to control her powers, taught her anger management.
  • Charles Xavier unlocked her suppressed Neutral Good alignment. Inspired her to become a superhero.


  • Ryan Black. Being a big fan of rock, she listens to his music.
  • Claire is someone Jennifer got along with right from the start when the two met some time ago, and recently she's been reminded why - the older lawyer expertly toys with Jen's stalwart demeanour, all while hiding undue wisdom beneath.


  • Norman Osborn is a curious creature. She knows about his affliction, and predictably relates his strife to hers. She is under no illusion that the man has not committed any crime, but at the same time she wants to nurture what good there is in him.
  • Parley shoves his fingers in a lot of pies, and that's a scary thought when you have to stand side-by-side with such a person. Jennifer is all but certain there is more to him than just webs of intrigue, but he's not keen on making it easy to find.
  • Cage is generally liked for his noble intentions, but she feels like he romanticises heroism a little bit too much. Not to mention his reckless methodology is reminding her of herself, making any petulant act of his doubly annoying.
  • Trib is a nice guy, from what Jennifer can tell. She can't help but feel sorry for the guy because of what he had to endure, but she's also wary of what damage the dreaded fight ring might have left behind.


  • Brotherhood of Mutants? More like a brotherhood of self-righteous terrorists that are no less bigoted than the Friends of Humanity.
  • Friends of Humanity are tolerated slightly more than the above. At least they have the excuse of knee-jerking.

In-- Xavier's Kids

  • Faelan is an admirably responsible kid, but that's because he lets fear censor his actions. Kid needs a massive confidence boost.
  • Peter is a handful. Not only because his powers conflict Jennifer's teaching methods, but also because someone or something has crammed far too much naive idealism into his head.
  • Ivan is an odd one. Jennifer never quite understood the quiet ones, but that's because she was always at the opposite spectrum. He is quiet and reserved, but shows surprising potential in stressful situations. Well, some of them.
  • Shelby is quite possibly out of Jennifer's league. Still, Jennifer remains somewhat hopeful that the kid can be steered in the right direction. You never know!
  • Rasa is a curious case, not just because of hir mutation. Mainly, Jennifer respects the teen's toughness and wisdom, although she also thinks ze leaps to conclusions a bit too quickly; case in point, the mindless expedition to Oscorp.
  • Kai has an ability that shares burdens similar to hers, and that alone draws her to him. Having survived a great deal of nasty events, the kid proves the ageless adage that physical strength isn't the only kind. She's keeping a close eye on him still.
  • Kris probably has the most adorable manifestation of self-consciousness. She is physically strong and seems to want to do good for others. Stamp of approval.
  • Shane infuriates Jennifer something awful, but knowledge of his rough past helps keep her irritations closer to reason. He is somewhat of a project deep in a desk drawer somewhere, although that will have to wait until after suspension.

Colleagues in Xavier's

  • Mariot is apparently a recent addition to Xavier's, joined shortly before Jen's return. Jennifer respects her colleague's strength, although she thinks Mariot needs to be more comfortable with who she is.
  • Scott had taught her how to use smartphones, and that's the most important bit! He's also a great friend, especially in that he sometimes knows what Jennifer needs better than she does.
  • Kurt is still an unknown to Jennifer, although she now knows him well enough to be slightly more open towards him. He has good intentions, and at least he didn't spray anyone with a water pistol.
  • Jackson is is an all-around great guy, although Jennifer also believes his undying desire to do good may shroud his vision. It is a weakness she is ready to stop others from exploiting.
  • Mallory is the new librarian. Besides sporting a neat devilish look, she's polite, understanding and... well, British! Needs a lesson in spontaneity, stat.

Shulkie-hydrant.png Green-its-mine.jpg Human-shulkie.jpg

Jennifer Walters
Codename She-Hulk
Birthdate 1986-04-02
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's School
Alignment Neutral Good
Powers Super-strength, super-human durability and stamina
Occupation Teacher, Superhero
RP Hooks
Teacher - Jennifer used to teach Power and Social Responsibility, Law and Morality and a good number of physical education classes. Unfortunately, as valuable as her unorthodox approach was, it proved detrimental one time too many, and like all headstrong action stars from the 80s, she's been suspended for the summer.
Hero - You can't spell superhero without She-Hulk. Well, you can, but the point is that Jennifer is quite likely the most typical super-powered do-gooder you will find. She greatly cares for people, although she will often be found directly helping folks instead of actively fighting crime. She-Hulk is currently not a part of the X-Men.
Lawyer - It's been a long while since Jennifer has attended court as a lawyer. Currently, Jennifer is actually arranging for a return to the courtroom, given her recent suspension at Xavier's. Although not a predominantly biased lawyer in terms of what cases she picks up, she'll be more likely seen standing beside mutant defendants.
  • Jennifer had very briefly considered naming her motorcycle Juggernaut. After which she almost slapped herself for being ridiculous.
  • A lot of the time but not always, she wears stretchable underclothes that resemble the canon leotard, except it has short sleeves and extends into shorts and not a crotch-hugging V. A combination of this and this. Vaguely NSFW.
  • Consciously treats her other form as a separate personality purely to help distance herself from it.
  • A sufficiently negative emotional experience can make Jennifer lose her temper entirely, causing her to go on an indefinite rampage as She-Hulk, either until she exhausts herself to the point of expiration or a telepath (or a mutant that can otherwise 'switch off' her form) subdues her. Yet to happen.
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