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xxxxxClaire is a postmodern feminist. She believes very strongly in women supporting women, and often goes out of her way to help less fortunate women or girls whether directly or through charity. She has a very different approach to men; often behaving cold and distant towards them. She is more unforgiving and wary of men because of her personal experiences with the opposite sex, and often finds herself sick to the stomach after spending too much time in their company. Claire sometimes comes across as a snob because she presents herself as cynical and unbothered, despite her consistent charity work. When she is drinking, she comes across as sort of spoiled. When she is managing business, she adopts an entirely different personality: calculated, invested, and understanding.


xxxxxClaire is five feet and five inches tall, weighing 119 lbs. She has light brown eyes and blonde hair, and she always dresses up like she's got some place to go. She wears a lot of jewelry and usually has dresses made especially to suit her own size and style.


xxxxxClaire is known by many criminals for her affiliation with the black market. She is quite well known by people in the upper class for her night-club and her charity work. Doctors recognize her for paying for the treatment of many patients without question, and the orphanages recognize her for how often she dotes on their children. Claire has very carefully crafted how people see her in public. She learned the importance of her public image thanks to the fall from grace she experienced in her early life.


xxxxxClaire was born Claire Harding. Her family was a house of well-known socialites that had inherited a tobacco business from someone way up the family tree. When Claire was thirteen, her family arranged her marriage to the son of a slightly less powerful socialite family. They said it was just business, but it made Claire feel more like cattle than a girl. . Claire went to a private all-girls school. They taught her to curtsy, dance, and speak softly. They made her into what they thought was the perfect image of a woman. When Claire finished her schooling, her family finally realized that they were not going to have a male heir. Much to her delight, they broke off her engagement and started putting her through more practical classes such as business management and social sciences. . No sooner than she had finished her classes and her family had decided to start training her to take over the business, her father was sued for having employees in an unsafe work environment and misusing money invested by his stockholders. The family business went under almost overnight. More and more illegal activity was uncovered as the case against the family continued, and eventually Mr. Harding was arrested. . Claire and her mother looked for work, but no one who recognized them dared to hire them. They were forced to trade their mansion for a cheap apartment far from London where Claire worked the streets for quite some time. Her mother was practically catatonic. The shock was too much. Her hair grayed early. She never left bed. As far as Claire was concerned, she was long-dead before the stroke killed her. . One day, Claire found herself in the hospital. She came in for a regular check up to find that she lost a child; a child she never even knew she was carrying. She was at a complete loss for words. She didn't know whether it was a pity that she lost it or a relief. Claire went home and sat down in the floor trying to figure out what it was she felt. For days, she couldn't say. Eventually, she realized that she didn't feel anything. When rent was due and Claire had not been out working all month, she contacted her ex-fiance in the hopes that he would help. Once he knew who she was, he refused to answer his phone. Claire responded by visiting his parents at their house in the city. Claire threatened to expose their son for drug abuse, womanizing, and dating the daughter of a known criminal (that would be herself). It was not that they couldn't survive a scandal. It was just that she knew it would be easier for them to deal with her than with the lawyers and the public disgrace. They helped her to change her name, paid her off, and gave her a plane-ticket to America. . In America, Claire bought an old, unsuccessful, New York night club and "freshened it up". Because of the initial state of the building, it only attracted low-end and often illegally affiliated characters. Claire used that to her advantage, selling information for a little extra money on the side. Eventually, she was able to start importing and selling weapons on the side. Using her business sense and training, she got a profit out of it before she sold the club for more than double what she paid for it. She used the money to buy a better spot, fix it up, draw in some business, and flip it. Wash. Rinse. Repeat for six years. Four months ago, she bought a three floor hotel with a night club on the bottom floor. Almost as soon as she finished renovating the night club (now known as "Ophelia's") and got the business opened, the world was swept into the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, she allowed the club to be used as a temporary field hospital for the duration of the pandemic while keeping the upper levels of the Hotel off-limits to everyone but herself.




xxxxxClaire is very skilled in business management and accounting. She has training and experience in first-aid and CPR. She is a skilled liar, and can be very persuasive when she needs to be. Claire still practices her dancing. She is a genius in the social sciences. This is expressed by the fact that she visits hospitals and orphanages just to make sure people can see what a "nice" person she is, just in case her less than legal activities are ever discovered. Claire also happens to have a lovely singing voice. She sometimes sings at other clubs, but never her own (she thinks that wouldn't be very classy of her). Claire's hotel/night-club (Ophelia's) is worth a fortune alone. Her arms-dealing business is potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not quite a million, but dangerously close. Claire has connections in the criminal underworld of New York City. She is in contact with people that can make certain things "disappear". She also has connections with smugglers, drug dealers, and the black market. What do you need? A drink? A room? Cell Phone? Lung? She can get it all.



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  • Claire's character and history are based on a combination of the characters Lily Frankenstein (Penny Dreadful) and Barbara Kean (Gotham).
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Full Name
Codename Siren
Birthdate 05/20/1988
Birthplace London, England
Species Human
Affiliation Nonw
Alignment Neutral
Powers None
Occupation Hotel Owner/Night-Club Owner/Black Market Dealer/Illegal Arms Dealer/Informant
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Played By 13KaratStephen
RP Hooks
Care for a Drink - Claire keeps an eye on every patron at her club and will happily share what she sees, for the right price.
She Sounds like an Angel - Claire loves singing, and people love to hear her. Sometimes, they even pay her.
Good Girl - Claire is often found at hospitals and orphanages in her free time.

Of course, this is all just to make her cover as a philanthropist seem so much more believable... She is, however, very genuinely interested in helping her fellow businesswomen.

When There's a Will - Claire has heavy ties to black market dealers and smugglers and she's not afraid to use them.
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