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"The situation is under control."

xxxxxBusiness tycoon. Engineer. Genius.

xxxxxCompletely insane.


xxxxxNorman Osborn was born to the wealthy Osborns, a well-to-do family from a long line of robber barons. Shortly after his birth, his mother was committed to an asylum--she had become convinced that she gave birth to twins, and that one of them was taken away from her. She died shortly thereafter (suspected suicide).

xxxxxNorman's father was an abusive alcoholic and a poor business-man. He soon squandered his inherited wealth on a series of terrible deals--and died soon after. Seizing hold of his father's feeble fortunes, Norman swore he would not die in obscurity, and used the remaining funds to put himself through college. After graduating, he began rebuilding his father's company--becoming one of the leading minds in military defense. He met and married his wife Emily, and had a child -- Harry Osborn. Approximately a year after Harry's birth, Emily died -- an event he never completely recovered from.

xxxxxNorman's later life is plagued by a series of macabre--but beneficial--coincidences. There are a number of unsolved disappearances that surround him during his high school years. After his wife's death, his business competitors would regularly either drop out, disappear or die under mysterious (and usually, grim) circumstances. At least one was found so brutally beaten that police assumed it had to be the work of an animal--which was surprising on account of the corpse being found on the 85th floor of a New York corner office. Police also identified teeth marks consistent with that of a canine's.

xxxxx In the realm of military-grade mutant countermeasures, Norman's one of the only players in town. He's gambling his entire business model on the idea that countering mutant powers is going to be the next big 'revolution' in military technology. Additionally, because of his close work with the military sector, he's undergone mutant testing to prove he isn't one--he 'passed'. The test's findings were immediately made public. It's common knowledge that Norman Osborn is *not* a mutant.

xxxxxHe is sometimes very insistent on reminding people of this.


xxxxxA metric crap-ton of money and immediate access to /all/ the best toys.



  • Shaw - Good business friend. Reminds Norman of himself! Which means that, eventually -- he's going to have to take him down.
  • Parley - Likes to run with lions. Norman respects that. Won't stop him from ending him, though.
  • Jackson - Can't quite figure him out, yet. Good PR, though.
  • Nox - Lovely woman! Lovely eyes.
  • Rasheed - Together, they'll accomplish marvelous things.
  • The Goblin - An associate of Mr. Osborn's. Very dangerous.
  • Masque - A mutant who works for the Goblin.
  • Max Dillon - A mutant hit-man who works for the Goblin.
  • Emma Frost - Good party organizer. Pretty eyes.
  • Mr. Shaw - A bad man who does bad things on behalf of Mr. Osborn. Also, bodyguard and valet.
  • Harry Osborn - Norman's somewhat estranged son. Possibly the only person in the world Norman Osborn cares about more than Oscorp -- or himself.


  • Alice - What a nosy little creature.
  • Peter - Feeding him to his associate is priority 1.
  • Tatters - Enjoys abusing Norman's toys.


  • Micah - Jackson's friend. Small businessman. Will probably not kill.

Norman osborn.jpg Norman2.JPG The goblin.jpeg

Norman Osborn
Codename 'Normie Norman'
Birthdate 1970-10-08
Species Human
Affiliation Oscorp
Alignment Take A Guess
Powers Richer Than God
Occupation Military Defense Contractor
RP Hooks
Prometheus Bound - Oscorp has dealings with Prometheus. He provides them with mutant countermeasures; they provide him with fresh data--and sometimes, test subjects.
Troubled Past - There's a dark secret behind Osborn's success. More than a few people have tried to put together the clues--and more than a few of them have disappeared. Care to try your luck?
Project Wideawake - Osborn's currently working to win a bid from the US government for a major mutant countermeasure initiative. Getting that bid is *essential* to the success of Oscorp. He will do anything to make sure he gets it.
Hobgoblins of the Mind - Bizarre rumors surround Osborn--according to some of his previous employees, the man has arguments with *himself*. Is he schizophrenic? Or just a little 'unhinged'? Want to find out?
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